Monica Fosters mom Joan Mayers emails in – SAD STORY

I opened my email today and got the shock of my life to find a email from the real Joan Mayers. This poor women has been living in terror because of her loud mouth stupid daughter and cant get her to shut the fuck up. Here is the letter:


Dear Gene,

This is Joan Mayers the mother of Alexandra Mayers and I wanted to email in and let you know that I have tried everything possible to get my daughter to walk away and stop her nonsense.

Alexandra wont listen to anyone and Alexandra has mental issues since her father raped her and has not been right since. You guys know she is not mentally stable and you picking on her is like kicking a retarded child.

I know the anger you all feel towards her and her attacks but please find it in your hearts to not take it out anymore on all of us. I didn’t raise her to be like this and she is uncontrollable.

See her father had anal fixations on males and females [including myself] and was confused for many years. He raped Alexandra and her sister when they were very young. He messed up there minds for life and I think that’s what made them drop out of school and turn to porn and hooking.

Her father has now come out and is now with only men and happy, but the mess he has left behind for me and my 2 daughters is heart breaking. I am not sure how this letter will help any, but I am begging you to please hold back a little when you want to come after the Mayer’s family as we have all had to live in fear because of attacks coming towards us due to Alexandra’s mouth.

If this gets posted publicly and you are reading this Monica I don’t want to talk to you about this letter or anything else you are doing. I’m old and just want to forget about all of this and get my daughters back.

Thanks, Joan Mayers



  1. Monica Foster has attacked EVERYONE who associates with me! She harassed the cast & crew of the film “Live Nude Girls” and she refused their request I’m keeping them out of it.

    She harassed my high school classmates.

    She harassed my friend Ivana and even posted about her in that shit website, Christian Michael Wians. Foster even harassed Ivana’s daughter.

    Foster harassed a National Guard man who hired me to direct a short film in hopes of getting me fired. When he didn’t do it, Foster harassed his employer that gets him gigs for ring announcer and she also harassed our sponsors by telling them that I was embezzling money.

    Foster not too long ago created a fake account attacking three women that I had made friends with on Twitter.

    Foster tries to ruin people’s lives in any way that she can. She’ll never get the cops involved because they’ll investigate all this other shit that I’ll bring up against Foster. Foster will NEVER go before a judge with me because she knows what shit I’ll bring up against her.

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