Monica Fosters “Sammy” is one dumb mother fucker

I am not going to say who “Sammy” is but all I can tell you is what you already know that whoever this Sammy idiot is really fucked us all and fucked up telling Monica anything about anything and only just threw gasoline on the fire.

If you listen to Monica’s latest sicko rant on youtube full of stupidness and bullshit lies you will know what I am talking about.

Her latest libeling slander attack is calling God Long a rapist with nothing to back it up. What and who will be next? This cunt needs to be hit in the mouth with a sledge hammer.

We have months ahead of crazy bullshit lies to come from this nutcases mouth because of “Sammy”.

Thanks ALOT, Sammy!!!!!

Monica is now never going to shut her fag fuck hole in her face and now just going to feel like she knows something about the inside of the porn industry and she is going to babble on more lies and libel and slander about us all.

Good job Sammy! ASSHOLE!

PS, Wonder how Sean feels about this? I am sure she will target him in her rants also cause of Sammys huge info leak to Monica.


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  1. Foster’s just jealous of God Long, I mean, did you see that black hottie he was with on web cam IN ADDITION to Heather, who somehow gets hotter every day? Dumpster doesn’t even log in on cam anymore because she can’t get any privates. I was in asianswingercouple’s room for just a few minutes the other night and there were over 600 horny guys there tipping away. God Long beat Foster at her own game (camming) so she’s pissed.

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