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Monica Mayhem and Tony Batman Now on final

Porn Valley- Monica Mayhem, is a pretty face in another place. Whereas Mayhem used to be heard on KSEX along with Tony Batman on Thursday nights out of Burbank, Mayhem and Batman move over to Chatsworth. On Wednesday nights they’ll be doing a show now for the new Internet TV station,,

The show airs 7pm to 9pm [PT].

Right after the show, Mayhem is heading for Mexico City to sign at the MAE [The Mexican Adult Expo].

“You got your passport and everything?” I ask her. “They’ve changed the rules you know.” Mayhem laughs, stating her papers are very much in order.

“It should be fun,” she says. Mayhem has never been to Mexico City before but has visited Cabo San Lucas and Rosarita.

“That was a little scary,” she said. “But the hotels in Mexico City are beautiful.”

“Just be careful you’re not kidnapped and sold into white slavery,” I warn her.

“Don’t say that!” she exclaims. “I’m really scared.” At the same time Mayhem says she’s got two security guards watching her beautiful butt.

“I’ll never walk around by myself.”

“Make sure they’re not Mexicans,” I advise her.

“They’re not- they’re part of our company,” she replies. “And Ron Jeremy’s coming down, too.”

Mayhem leaves at 4:30 in the morning which gives her little time for sleep after the Prime Time show.

Besides the customary interviews, Mayhem said the new show will feature clips of her and Batman going out on the town interviewing people at parties and other venues.

“It’s the whole inside look into the adult video industry,” she says. “There’ll be plenty of clips of us interviewing people at red carpet events and all the other crazy shit that goes on.”

Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander will also be guests on the show tonight.

“That should be pretty crazy,” says Mayhem.

“Audrey’s totally out of control,” I tell Mayhem.

“I know, both of them,” enthuses Mayhem. “They’re, like, can we do what we want on the show? Okay. I don’t know what’s going to happen but something exciting I guess with those two. They’re pretty freaky.”

Mayhem also mentions that she’ll start featuring again.

“I’ve taken a long break but I want to get back out there. And I’m also auctioning off my old PC with hundreds of pictures and videos. I was going to throw it out but someone suggested that I should auction it.”

Asked if she missed the world of high finance, Mayhem said not at all.

“I don’t miss that stress at all but I have been back to Australia to hang out with some of the guys I used to work with. And things have really changed in the financial industry. Everyone’s got shut down. It’s crazy. I could never go back to that anyway because everyone knows what I do.”

Besides porn, Mayhem has also been shooting for HBO and Cinemax.

“They’re bigger movies and a lot more acting,” she says. “I like acting and it’s kind of easy for me. It’s a nice change every now and then. I like to break things up and do other things besides shooting porn.”

One is music for which Mayhem is putting together a band.

“So far I have a drummer- she’s from England,” Mayhem goes on to say. “And then we’re auditioning two bass players next week. One girl is from Iceland and there’s a guy who’s played in a lot of big bands. That’s going to be great. I’m trying to put it altogether so that we can start making music, get it produced, make an album and go on tour. That’s what I want to do. I’m the singer. I’m still learning guitar but it’s kind of hard when you’re wearing nails to shoot all the time. You cannot play.”

Mayhem’s picked a tentative name for the band- PMS – but that’s subject to change.

“When you get the whole band together you get a feel for what it should be called,” she said. “I’m waiting to put it altogether. But that’s going to take up a lot of my time this year because I’m finally motivated to do it.”

I ask her how Batman is as a roommate.

“He’s very easy to live with,” she says. “He just sits in his little bat cave with the computer. He’s very quiet and I never even hear him come in. He’s really quiet – unlike most people I’ve lived with.”

We chatted a little bit about Anna Nicole Smith. Mayhem at one time was a wild, party girl but has toned her act down considerably.

“I used to be out of control,” she agrees. “Suddenly I woke up and went, whoa, what happened to my last three years? Then I put my head back on straight and got my business mind back. I’ve been working really hard.”

In exchanging notes, it dawns on me that I haven’t spoken to Mayhem in maybe six years. The last time we chatted is when she first came into the business and I interviewed her at Extreme Associates.

“Has it been that long?” she says. “That’s funny.”


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