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Montana Fishburne Lying, Lying, Lying ?

from – It didn’t take long for the Montana Fishburne sex tape scandal to go from one of a wayward teenage daughter hellbent on success to that of an alleged boyfriend-controlled prostitute going down the usual path taken to porn stardom.

But in an interview with Black Voices, Montana Fishburne claims that the recent allegations of her being arrested for prostitution are untrue. She admits to being arrested, but she insisted that it was for trespassing. However, Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by also note that, in addition to a charge of loitering, Montana Fishburne was arrested for prostitution.

Although the interview was primarily about her sex tapes, when Black Voices asked if it were true that she had been arrested for hooking (prostitution), Montana Fishburne replied: “No, I have a trespassing conviction but not hooking. I have a trespassing charge from November, that’s what it was for. Trespassing.”

After posting a series of videos on Wednesday of a purported friend — and alleged fellow prostitute — of Fishburne’s openly discussing the 19-year-old’s introduction into a life of prostitution (and, subsequently, the porn industry), later posted court documents that revealed the proceedings of conviction and sentencing of Montana Fishburne.

To the extent of the her conviction, Montana Fishburne’s admission to a trespassing conviction is true. Her charges were amended and she pleaded nolo contendre to violating code 602(K), which is defined, according to, as willfully committing a trespass, a misdemeanor.

But as to the question of her arrest for prostitution, the court records appear to show otherwise. She was not arrested for trespassing at all. In fact, her court appearance was ordered after her arrest on the charges of violation of sections 647(B) — which was listed as “count 01” — and 653.22(A) — “count 02” — of the California Penal Code.

According to, the offense of California Penal Code 647(B) is defined as a disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor and someone who is commits the violation is anyone: “Who solicits or who agrees to engage in or who engages in any act of prostitution.”

It is a crime of “specific intent” and “‘prostitution’ includes any lewd act between persons for money or other consideration.”

California Penal Code 653.22(A) states in its first line: “It is unlawful for any person to loiter in any public place with the intent to commit prostitution.” The code goes on to outline the parameters of the offense.

It would appear that Montana Fishburne may be obfuscating the truth, because it is true that she was convicted of trespassing. However, she was not arrested for trespassing. Clearly, court records indicate she was arrested for prostitution and loitering with the intent to commit prostitution.

The sentencing further belies that the actual offense was trespassing. In lieu of jail time, the judge sentenced Montana Fishburne to 104 hours towards the California beautification project, 15 days of community service, an AIDS test, STD education, and two years probation. Although working toward the California beautification project and community service seems to fit the crime of trespassing, being ordered to undergo AIDS testing and STD education would appear to be somewhat non-germane — if it were only misdemeanor trespass.

Montana Fishburne, the daughter of much-acclaimed stage and screen actor Laurence Fishburne, shocked the entertainment world on July 30 when she announced — through Vivid Entertainment, an adult movie company — that she had embarked on a path — one where she would star in a “thrill sex” tape video — that she hoped would bring her quick success.

On August 2, it was revealed by that she had previously made a sex tape with porn star and producer Brian Pumper. On August 4, the same investigative website posted videos revealing that Montana Fishburne had allegedly been engaged in a life of prostitution for the past year. Later that same day, posted the L. A. Superior Court documents attesting to Fishburne’s arrest for prostitution.

Montana Fishburne’s assertions that she was convicted of trespassing are true. Her insistence that she was arrested for trespassing appears to be otherwise. It is also unclear how much more of the interview with Black Voices falls into the realm of truth.


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