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Porn Valley – There was so much with the gonorrhea story that we didn’t get into the particulars of Teri Weigel’s visit with Amber and Ginger Lynn on KSEX Monday night.

Amber noted that Weigel, unlike a lot of Playmates, actually looks like her pictures when you meet her in person. “Teri is as beautiful.” Weigel, according to Amber, was a Playmate in April, ’86. Ginger said her boyfriend at the time was a photographer and was shooting Weigel. “He kept talking about her, how beautiful she was and how hot she was.” Ginger said she saw Weigel’s pics in Playboy and was so insanely jealous of her.

“Then I met her. She didn’t say hi to me. I hated her for 15 years. I carried this resentment for all those years. Then I get to meet Teri and hang out with her. Now I totally adore her and love her.”

Weigel remembered the incident as occurring during a boxcover shoot involving Savannah. “She never showed up, so there was conflict going on that day.” Weigel remembered saying hello to Ginger. Weigel also remembered the emotional conflicts she had to deal with coming into the porn business. “Even though I was a Playmate you guys were untouchable.” Weigel said she’d dance at clubs and here how Ginger and Amber had packed houses before her. “I just kept making the sure bigger, bigger and bigger.”

Referring to the Savannah incident, Weigel, who Amber said will remember minor incidents, said it was nothing personal against Ginger, that she was really upset over that situation. “We had problems with Savannah twice, and it was a trade off between Vivid and Leisuretime. She didn’t show up for the shoot. I did my part for them. So they were done. I was trying to get Stevie Hirsch on the phone, like, get her down to do this so I can get paid. And that was what was going on.”

Weigel said it was actually the third time that Savannah had flaked on that shoot. “She was hanging out with some rocker. I even called the rocker, where the hell is she? Some big star. I called him up. Like get her down to the studio! I want my damn money. This is the third time the chick flaked on me.”

On the other hand, Ginger said she and Amber put Weigel on the Playmate pedestal. “There was a huge intimidation factor. You were major competition. Not only were you beautiful, sexy, hot, sensual- all of these things- intelligent, articulate, but you were in Playboy.” Amber also noted that Weigel is one of the biggest animal lovers you’ll ever meet. “She’s got nine dogs. They’re her children.”

Weigel got a little bit into the Jewel De’Nyle shoot which involved the gonorrhea drama. “When that test came up I didn’t quite understand it. She was like trying to throw us a curve with it. ‘Everything’s fine and we’re just not going to use the toys and she’s going to lick us.’ How do you get around it. Because once it started it was, like, you couldn’t see who was who because there were two girls that looked exactly alike. And the one that was the positive one…it was kind of scary.”

It was noted that Weigel will give handjobs during her shows. “In Miami you have to do it a certain way. What I do is through their pants. I undo their pants and they have the boxer shorts so it’s kind of funny. I unzip the pants, I strap on the gloves…” Weigel offered a demonstration. Asked if she brings guys off in her shows, Weigel said she only does it for a couple of minutes. “Not usually. Then it becomes the law.” Weigel said she’ll also give blowjobs during her shows. Ginger was very complimentary of Weigel’s “cock-sucking, kissing, pussy-licking lips” she’s ever seen. “I love your lips. That’s what made me fall in love with you when I first met you.”

Asked if she ever got any STD’s, Weigel said she was clean. “I’m real picky.” Noting the Marc Wallice scare, Weigel said she got out of the business in ’95 basically due to back problems. Weigel said she loves Dr. Riggs but is having problems getting tests through him. Amber noted that Riggs’ clinic burned down. “It’s questionable as to who had it done. There’s only one lab who does tests.” It was noted that Dr. Riggs is currently being sued for giving shots in the butt to people. “It burned away part of the fat tissue in peoples’ asses so their butts were caving in where the shots were given.”



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