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More on the Brett Favre Penis Pics Story

from – He went deep and came up short.

Former Jet quarterback Brett Favre allegedly threw a Hail Mary pass to a comely young sideline reporter for the team — sending her an embarrassing slew of steamy propositions and lewd photos, according to a sports-news Web site.

The voice mails and MySpace messages — as well as three raunchy pictures of a man’s genitals — were posted in a cringe-inducing two-minute video on the sports blog Dead

The string of missives and voice mails was purportedly an attempt by the married grandfather to charm buxom brunette beauty Jennifer Sterger, who is currently a co- host of “The Daily Line,” a nightly sports roundup that airs on cable’s Versus network.

The gray-haired grid great sidestepped questions yesterday at a press confer ence in Minnesota, where he now plays for the Vikings, who will play the Jets Monday night. “I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets,” a stone- faced Favre, 40, said about the Deadspin report.

The gravelly voice caught on tape sounds remarkably like the quarterback propositioning Sterger, 26, a former Playboy pinup, in voice mails from 2008, when both were with Gang Green.

In one, Favre allegedly drones, “Just got done with practice. Got meetings here for a couple more hours, then I’m going back to the hotel to just chill.

“So send me a text. So I’ll be in the building for a couple of hours. But, uh, I know [unintelligible] came up and asked ya for your number or gave you my number. But I understand. Send me a text. I’d love to see you tonight. All right, talk to you later. Bye.”

Deadspin reported the Maxim model would not comment on the record about the messages, but told the site last winter that she joked to a Jet exec that she wouldn’t date someone as high-profile as Favre because she “might end up in a garbage can.”

Shortly after she made that comment, she received another voice mail from a deep-voiced desperado.

“So, in some garbage can, huh? That what you think I think of ya? Hmm, all right, I’m still trying. Just got done with practice. I’ll try the other phone. If you could make it, it’d be great. All right, later.”

A MySpace message to Sterger, purported to be from Favre, was first posted by Deadspin last summer. It was sent to Sterger by someone with the tag “Screaming Lord Byron.”

“I saw you in the tunnel at the game last week got your name from front-office person. I’m new to team with gray hair all the info I can give,” the message read. Sterger allegedly told Deadspin in August that she didn’t want her name attached to the tawdry tale and that Favre wasn’t her type. “I don’t roll that way. That way meaning old . . . or married,” according to an e-mail the blog reprinted.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, told The Post the almost too-hot-for-TV hostess had no comment yesterday, and denied she had provided the messages to the site.

The Post sent a detailed e-mail message to Favre’s agent outlining the allegations, and a message was left with his assistant, although the agent did not respond to the questions.


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