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Morgan, “I’m Sick & Tired of the PC B.S.”

The following letter of expression was submitted to by adult actress Katie Morgan. After reading the piece, we will print reader responses, should you have them. >>>Adult press please note that we are asking that you do not reprint this piece in it’s entirety on your site. Feel free to use a couple of paragraphs or excerpts but then link back to this site. Thank you.


–Katie Morgan

I have been in the business for 3 years and have shot around two hundred movies. I have also and continue to host a show on KSEX [] and for over the past year I have been working with Dick Nasty running Nasty Modeling [].

We [N.M.] got the call the night before everyone else found out and I have not slept in two days. Two of our girls, and very close friends of mine, Merissa Arroyo and Jessica Dee were on the first generation contact list. I was the one who had to tell Merissa, she almost passed out. I was also there when Dick called Jessica; I have never heard anyone so upset in my life. Now I am VERY relieved to say that they both re-tested yesterday and BOTH of their results came back in negative this afternoon. They are both VERYrelieved and will complete their 60-day quarantine with the piece of mindthat they should be all right.

This has been UNBELIVABLY difficult time for EVERYONE involved. Thesegirls, and ALL the others on the primary contact list, and everyone who has been helping them through this, have been put through HELL. Why??? Because one incredibly selfish person decided to put them through it. I have put up with the PC bullshit for three years, that¹s what we do in this industry. We might not like or agree with everyone, but we all get along anyway because we are a VERY small family.

Well I’m sick and tired, of the PC B.S.! “Poor Darren” “our thoughts are with him” “what a horrible loss”

FUCK that PC BULLSHIT! Lets all blame Brazil, let’s blame our testing system, let’s blame fucking Canada for all I care.

Excuse me, but is there a reason no one is saying what a selfish fucking asshole Darren is?

There are two major ways that a heterosexual male gets HIV, number one, intravenous drug use, and number two homosexual encounters. There is also the possibility that an opened wound on the penis could lead to contracting the virus. I am NOT going to speculate which of these three options was the cause, however all of these possibilities are the result of a selfish act, he either worked with an open wound, selfish and irresponsible, or he did VERY bad things off camera.

The hell that ALL of us are going through right now is a direct result from one person having a good time when he shouldn’t have. He didn’t have one thought about anyone but himself when he was doing whatever it is he did to get in this situation. Now here we are pointing fingers in MANY different directions, but there is no need for ANY finger pointing. What happened is tragic and sad and it is going to cost all of us an enormous amount of heartache, time and money, and at least for now we don’t know if this has cost someone else their life!

I do NOT think that Darren James did ANYTHING malicious. In order to be malicious he would have had to think of someone OTHER than himself, and THEN not give a shit. Instead I think he was stupid and selfish and for someone who has been in this industry as long as he has, I think he was VERY arrogant for thinking that this wouldn¹t happen to him.

I DO feel sorry for him, only in as much as it’s really sad to see someone ruin their own life. I hope he can take what is left of his life and live it well. He, on the other hand may have ruined the lives of others who were not indulging in whatever risky activity he enjoyed. And he has put a screeching halt to the lives and livelihoods of this entire industry.

What has happened this time is already done and we will a wait and watch our world change around us, we have no other choice. I cannot hope harder (as I don’t pray) for those first generation girls who have not yet heard their results. My thoughts and my heart are with them as I have witnessed first hand what they are going through.

My thoughts are also with Darren James. I hope that now, he is thinking of others whose lives he put into jeopardy. I am also thinking of the future, I am thinking of any talent male or female who might take part in risky behavior of ANY type. To all of you, and you know who YOU are, next time you think you can make an extra buck, or have a little drunken fun, think of Darren James.

Is YOUR night of fun worth having the lives of other people on your conscience? Over the last few years we have been very fortunate. We have all had a fun, lucrative and relatively safe job. Now all of that is in question because of ONE person.

This situation will be controlled and eventually things will go back to semi-normal. I am so grateful that we have AIM, everyone should remember to thank them for the work that they are doing. With out AIM this situation would have certainly gone on and taken who knows how many lives. But all of us need to remember that this is the result of one person not stopping to think about the rest of us.

This will happen again, my only question is when it happens, will YOU be that ONE person who didn’t give a shit about the rest of us?

THINK people, only YOU can control YOU.

Katie sent this follow up statement a couple of hours later:


For those of you who misunderstood my letter, please accept my apologies.

The purpose of my letter was to remind ALL adult performers that their actions affect the rest of us. I was not blasting Darren personally in any way; he is simply the currant example of an on going problem, this was bound to happen sooner or later.

I DID NOT speculate exactly how he contracted HIV, however they are 99% sure that it DID happen in Brazil. It is possible that his immune system was weakened, and that he DID catch it on set doing his job. That still does not make it ok. He and others were warned BEFORE they went, and he made a conscious choice to go work wherethere was NOT standardized testing, and where there is a VERY high risk of HIV. He was fully aware of the risks, and went anyway.

I do think what has happened is horrible, and as I stated in my letter I DO feel very badly for Darren. I know many people who SHOOT in Brazil, but not one of the people I spoke to would EVER consider WORKING there. Brazil is a great location and there are many beautiful people to shoot, both male and female.

There is no excuse for active American talent to do scenes with anyone who is not part of our standardized testing.

My letter was directed to the performers who shoot out side the country, to the girls that think hooking on the side isok, to anyone having unprotected sex with untested persons of ANY gender.

My letter was not meant to be hurtful, the situation we are in now has already happened, and as I said in my letter, there is nothing that can be done to change it now. I don¹t think I am in anyway crucifying Darren, again I feel VERY badly for him.

I’m sure that we have ALL at one time or another done something dangerous to ourselves, and most of us have beenlucky enough to learn from our experiences with no long-term consequences. Darren was simply not lucky. This is probably the most awful way to learn a life lesson.

My letter was to everyone else to learn this lesson from him, instead of thinking “it wont happen to me”.



I have to agree with Katie on this one. It seems that Darren did things he shouldn’t of and now we all see the results of that.

EdwardStaplehands wrote:

Katie’s not the dummy you all thought she was, is she? Nice job Katie. You put a lot on the line speaking out like that. I have nothing but respect for you on that.

Jimmy69 wrote:

That’s pretty freakin’ cold of you. Thanks for all the warm fuzzies.

Lizzy Snyder wrote:

It’s about time someone spoke freely. I was beginning to think we were all going to group hug in a beaker full of STDs, while singing Kumbiya!

This dude fucked up. Plain and simple. At least according to what I read he didn’t get it from a bad surgery at a hospital or some straight sex on a Chatsworth set. He went to Brazil, shot some porn, came back with AIDS…do the math. In my opinion, his actions are criminal!



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