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Nearly 1,000 at Fleiss Fest

Porn Valley- Let the record state that the final location for the Heidi Fleiss party this past Friday was the Highlands Night Club in the Hollywood and Highland Entertainment Complex. And if there had been another day or two in the waiting, who knows how many more changes of locale there might have been. Nearly 900 people attended the event as it was, and Fleiss eventually made it to her own party and stayed maybe a total of 10 minutes. I spoke to Jeff Mullen, president of All Media Play who organized the event.

It was at 4:30 Friday afternoon that Mullen realized he needed to make another locale switch after having already made two different announcements. XES was the original site for the party and later had to be changed to The Henry Fonda Theater. “The Henry Fonda Theater called and said they can’t take the chance on this party anymore,” stated Mullen. “That was their prerogative.”

What to do. What to do. Mullen already had a 1,000 RSVP’s including 200 porn performers coming and needed to get a hold of people, pronto. “We had no place to go and no way to get the word out in time for everybody.”

Aside from getting out some hurry-up e-mails, Mullen had people manning phones. “We called everybody in our data base that we could get to,” Mullen said. “But, physically, making phone calls is very different. We called as many as we could and, luckily, the community is so small, that everybody talks to everybody, and this girl talks to ten other girlfriends. Plus we had people in front of the former places passing out the new address.”

The fact that Fleiss’ name is an automatic calling card and was attached to the affair didn’t escape attention of the cops. It practically made Mullen the man under the microscope as far as the police were concerned. “The police were very kind to me,” Mullen notes. “They really were. Actually very charming, in fact.”

But the fact that there are porn parties practically every other week that don’t have to change locations only told Mullen that maybe he was doing his job a little too well. “I made the mistake of hyping this one a little too much,” Mullen admits. “One of my clients, Phoenix Releasing, has a new DVD called Secrets of the Hollywood Madam starring Heidi Fleiss as the host. I thought what a perfect figure head to attach this party- Heidi will come down with some of her friends and host it. I don’t care if she does anything. She shows up- five minutes- she goes home. It’s a great way of getting it out.”

And in his releases to the adult press, Mullen, tongue-in-cheek, said nudity was encouraged, knowing full well that it doesn’t fly in Hollywood. “You can’t have that in Hollywood or any place for that matter,” said Mullen. “But I liked to hype the event and I hyped it so much that the police department was completely aware of what was going on. They asked me to come down to the station twice.

“The truth is that I understand that the LAPD and the vice squad in particular have a difficult job to do,” Mullen continued. “I can respect that even though we might not always agree on what is morally right and wrong through each other’s eyes.”

Mullen pointed out that Captain Downey of the Wilcox/Hollywood division was very nice and cordial to him. “He spent a good deal of time making sure that as a businessman, I understood what types of violations the police must act on,” says Mullen. “So with that in mind, it was really important that we threw a party that was packed with adult industry personnel and one that didn’t cause any problems for the department, the community or the nightclub. I think we did a great job of having fun and showed that as an industry we are able to respect the laws as written and live to see another day.”

Rumor had it that Fleiss didn’t attend her own gathering, but Mullen says that was not the case. “She came in at 1:20 AM. She came in for ten minutes. She didn’t come downstairs to the VIP area. She stayed upstairs, saw how packed it was and split. But I never saw her.” Truth be told, Mullen said, if he were Fleiss, he probably wouldn’t have shown up. “After it got switched so many times, I would have said fuck this and stayed at home.”

With a visual count of heads coming through the door, Mullen said the party brought in 865 bodies. “That’s performers, people in the industry and a few regular Joes that could pass through. I’m sure a lot of regular Joes. And there were tons and tons of journalists.

“There were camera crews from Showtime and HBO,” Mullen went on to say. “We would have had a lot more in the original location but when I tried to swap them out to the Henry Fonda Theater that was fine. But again swapping out on five o’clock on a Friday, it wasn’t happening. A ton of crews pulled. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, they all pulled.”

The party got under way around 9:30. “And people started piling in right away,” says Mullen. “I’d say by 11 o’clock, eleven thirty, the place was jammed. It was absolutely jammed. “We’d go through a thousand dollars worth of drink tickets in two seconds. Then another thousand. Boom, gone. It was insane.

“The bottom line is that the first order of business, everybody had a good time,” says Mullen. “Of primary importance is the fact that the sponsors will get great exposure over the next few months in the photos that will circulate. A lot of the logos will be shown on these photos, and with their mention, that’s key to the sponsors.” Of the sponsors, Mullen said Phoenix Releasing was very topical because they have two titles that were directly affected by the party. Besides the Fleiss movie, Shane with her new Shane TV was also at the party. “And she was wonderful,” Mullen said.

“For Smash Pictures you had Bishop’s Blind Sex Dates,” Mullen pointed out. “He was there with a crew from Family Business and Seymore Butts was also there. They taped everything.” Sex Z Pictures, likewise, was also one of the sponsors.

As the night progressed, Mullen took precautions to see that the girls didn’t get out of hand. “I didn’t see a lot of the wildness going on but I later saw it in the photos.” There were two media areas, according to Mullen. “One was in the veranda overlooking the outside of the club as people were walking in. That was very tasteful and respectable. Then there was the media downstairs off the dance floor. That was a little bit more wild.” All things considered, it was a pretty good night, said Mullen. “If anyone knew the headaches in accommodating nearly a thousand people.”

If there were complaints, said Mullen, they came from people who swore that no one was passing out flyers outside the Fonda Theater alerting every one to the location switch. I gave one of the sub-promoters a thousand flyers, but I don’t know if the people passed out the flyers we paid the money to. But the key is that everyone had a good time and the sponsors definitely got their money’s worth.

“Some people still have a major problem with the adult industry,” Mullen went on to say. “But Friday night’s party was a great measuring stick in which to base other events in the future. I thank the LAPD for not shutting this party down because I truly believe that everybody was there to have a great and legal time.”


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