Neo-Nazis in Peterson Plot?

Police have a possible new witness in the Laci Peterson murder case: a jailbird who claims Scott Peterson talked to neo-Nazis about kidnapping his wife a month before she was slain.
The Fresno Bee reported yesterday that Cory Lee Carroll, 34, passed a lie detector test about his November encounter with Peterson – who is charged with killing his wife and unborn son last Christmas Eve.

Carroll’s lawyer contacted the authorities, who interviewed the inmate last week, the Bee reported. Prosecutors and lawyers for Scott Peterson declined to comment on the development, citing a gag order in the case.

By Carroll’s account, he ran into Peterson at a Fresno, Calif., strip club and went with him to a local bar and fast-food joint.

After learning that Carroll had a criminal record, Peterson asked if he knew anyone who could steal his wife’s car for an insurance scam, Carroll claims. For $300, Carroll said, he introduced Peterson to two men nicknamed Dirty and Skeeter, members of a neo-Nazi gang.

When he overheard something about a kidnapping, Carroll said he left. When he got back, Dirty and Skeeter were telling Peterson they would take care of something, Carroll said. Carroll was later busted on a parole violation and sent to jail.


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