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New Book Probes Life, Murder of Euro Performer Charlotte Angie

< img src=”×506.jpg/t/1680047288″ class=” ff-og-image-inserted “> MILAN, Italy– The January 2022 murder of Euro entertainer Charlotte Angie is the subject of a new nonfiction book in Italy, penned by a reporter that was directly involved in the search as well as ultimate capture of the confessed awesome

Angie’s killer David Fontana was the entertainer’s neighbor in an apartment in Rescaldina, near Milan. He had actually quickly been her romantic partner, and additionally worked together with her on her self-shot adult material.

Fontana is still on trial in Italy and a psychiatric record hearing is arranged for May 9.

The brand-new publication, labelled “Sulla Tua Pelle” (” On Your Skin”) by regional reporter Andrea Tortelli was recently released by Giunti Editore.

With “Sulla Tua Pelle,” Tortelli’s detailed journalistic investigation “has brought back name, voice and also dignity, not just to the sufferer of a brutal and terrible murder, however additionally to the girl that had lots of dreams and also of hopes for her future,” created a reviewer for Italy’s MOW magazine, which covers the neighborhood adult sector.

A Gruesome, Complicated Saga

As XBIZ reported, Carol Maltesi (Angie’s legal name) was a 26-year-old single mommy of a young boy and a salesman at the Parfois store at the Malpensa flight terminal, who decided throughout the pandemic to come to be a grown-up entertainer.

” Charlotte Angie” emerged initially on OnlyFans. To shoot her very first scenes, Angie teamed up with her 43-year-old neighbor, Fontana, a bank employee and at some time food blogger and now her confessed killer. Angie would promptly be found as fresh, new talent as well as strive European workshops.

Fontana had actually divided from his spouse in March 2021, due to his relationship with Angie. However that relationship purportedly did not last longer than a month, and Fontana explained it as open.

Throughout the summer season of 2021, soon after breaking short her love with Fontana, Angie made the decision to devote all her energy to her adult occupation and also to move far from Rescaldina and also commute between Verona, where her six-year-old kid lived, as well as Prague, where she intended to create her incipient job as an entertainer in the European grown-up sector.

” I could decline living without her,” Fontana informed the authorities during his confession. “She was the one that was everything to me.”

According to Fontana, Angie had actually accepted fire a BDSM sex video sometime in January 2022 and they had actually settled on the arrangement, including her being bound, her mouth being taped closed and also her head covered with a hood, perhaps a plastic bag.

Fontana told the authorities that after binding Angie, he took a hammer as well as started hitting her around her body and also on her protected head. He confessed that he then reduced her throat with a cooking area blade “to prevent making her endure.”

The following day Fontana took Angie’s vehicle to a regional store as well as bought a hatchet and a hacksaw. The complying with day, Fontana “returned to the target’s house, unknoted the body, freed it from the adhesive tape as well as started to tear it to pieces,” according to the Corriere Della Sera newspaper. As the days passed, Fontana bought a big freezer upper body online on Amazon to save the body parts as well as systematically cleansed the murder scene.

From January to March, Fontana made use of Angie’s phone to impersonate her on her social media accounts, as well as also paid her rental fee and expenses. Through those months, Fontana travelled around the North Italian countryside trying to find places and also methods to dispose of the body.

Authorities discovered the body components, including some with unique tattoos, on March 20, 2022, apparently the very same day Fontana finally got rid of them by throwing them down a cliff in Valcamonica

8 days later, Fontana went to the authorities to report Angie’s loss. He later on said that he wanted the body parts to be recognized, and that he had planned to return to his apartment or condo and dedicate suicide.

” Instead he collapsed at night, under the weight of his oppositions,” the Corriere Della Sera reported.

Bring back Self-respect to a Slain Sex Worker

Reporter Andrea Tortelli himself became part of the case around that time, when he engaged with the suspect by means of Whatsapp throughout the occasions causing Fontanta’s apprehension

According to cut publication’s Niccolò Fantini in his meeting with Tortelli, many of the mainstream Italian newspapers and television networks that covered Angie’s murder purported to be scandalized when the victim had been referred to as a “hard actress” in headlines.

” In my point of view,” Tortelli replied, “that denotes a male chauvinist or at least moralistic retrograde idea, as if there truly was something socially invalidating regarding the truth that a female chose to do that kind of job. Or offensive”

Editors of major electrical outlets, Fantini notes, selected to “particularly censor, possibly as a result of an extra of discreetness or individual well-thinking, the career that, in truth, Carol Maltesi had selected to end up being an independent female and be complimentary to follow her desires and also goals in life.”

Tortelli mentioned Angie’s very own words when she had whined about being stigmatized for her chosen profession.

” What came to my mind is that most importantly there is a lack of respect among us females as well as this as well is a form of psychological violence,” Angie wrote soon prior to her death, as quoted in Tortelli’s publication. “The other moms, the various other ladies, are always ready to evaluate you if you make decisions different from their own. Directly, I have been told that I can not do specific points as a female, that I’m not a great mother since I such as to travel– and I don’t refute that I take certain journeys without my son, or possibly because I take intriguing pictures. We prepare to judge the others if they make unique options, pointing the finger and making those ladies feel insufficient. I assume that, in order to deal with particular bias, we females need to be the initial to support ourselves.”


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