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New Feud Rages at Dane

Porn Valley- The drama at Dane Productions continues. In recent weeks the company has had to stave off e-mails going around the business from a Stan Burrdick claiming that Dane was going out of business the end of March. Company owner Ed Cohen has denied any validity to the Burrdick e-mail, that the company, though it was having its difficulties, was continuing to operate.

But that’s apparently not the end of it. Cohen now seems to be doing battle with Drew Rosenfeld, a former editor for the company. As I’m getting the story, Rosenfeld had rented office space over at Dane. But there was a flood in the building last year and, according to Bob Blisten the company vice president, Rosenfeld is charging that the company is ripping him off. Blisten is saying there’s been no attempt to rip Rosenfeld off but concedes that the flood ruined a lot of Rosenfeld’s rented equipment. Rosenfeld had no renter’s insurance, according to Blisten. Blisten said the flood occurred last October.

But, according to an e-mail Rosenfeld sent the company, Rosenfeld is claiming the company owes him a remaining balance on his last invoice and that he be re-imbursed for damages to his equipment due to the flood. Rosenfeld comes up with a total of $450. In his e-mail, Rosenfeld tells Cohen that he’s “not playing games” that if he doesn’t receive payment before this Friday, he was going to the adult press to “expose how Dane conducts business with its vendors”.

Rosenfeld also threatens to go to Dane’s insurance company, exposing the company’s so-called “fraud claim”. Blisten wonders what fraud claim Rosenfeld’s talking about.

Cohen then fired off a response to Rosenfeld that reads thusly: “Drew, This is in response to your fax and the deductions made. For I Like To Watch, you assured me that you would review and finish up the movie. This was not done as the error was found in the authoring check disk. The charge was $200.00 to correct. Regarding the DVCam tape stock, I have never paid any editor an additional fee for tape stock. This should be included in the Editing price.

For the AVN Trailer: Your work was great, but I paid for your room and you appeared twice for five minutes each. Also, we were told Hart stayed with you contrary to my instructions.

For the water damage: You sub-leased from Dane and the rent covered rent and not Insurance. The rent was not paid for several months and contrary to your notes, you cannot deduct from a signed lease your so called charges.

You as a tenant are totally responsible for your Inventory and what outside Equipment or Product that is in your leased area. No one carries Insurance for someone else. The Insurance did not even cover losses 100%. I never gave them your statement of losses. This is your problem. But in retrospect, you are 100% totally responsible for Dane property that was stored in your leased area.

Before you moved, I told you to leave everything that belongs to Dane at Dane. You did not. You mailed me two movies of Mini DV Cassettes (Nineteen 52 and Virgin Stories 20), plus later another scene. The Chromes were never turned in. Why would you turn in the Chromes without the tapes. This does not make sense. I have two movies I cannot release because of you.

In conclusion, past rent is due per your lease. What was lost due to the flood of Dane , you are responsible for. Finally, without the Chromes I cannot release the movies. Your choice is as follows: Pay Dane the total cost and now they are your movies or find the Chromes.

You have opened up a can of worms that Dane will address legally. All monies and Product must be at Dane by March 15, 2005, or all necessary action will be taken to protect Dane Productions. Also, be informed the FBI has been contacted regarding the e-mail sent to the Industry and Dane will not be responsible for what the FBI does.

Regarding your email of today, these threats are very unprofessional and uncalled for, especially after what Dane has done for you. If you pursue this, Dane will take all necessary legal action to protect its name and Integrity. Your email is a direct defamation of character against Dane, its employees and me. Sincerely, Ed Cohen.”

According to Blisten, Rosenfeld then fired off the following reponse: “Ed, Go fuck yourself….I owe you nothing. I find it amazing how you manufacture up all these charges I owe you. I know nothing about the FBI or what the fuck you’re talking about.

I assure you Ed I will be going to the press to let them know how Ed Cohen runs his broken company. You got it wrong Ed – you did nothing for me, it was I who tried to make your pathetic company something again. I paid you every month in services if not cash for my rent. The only reason I asked you for the insurance money is because your big sales manager/Bob told me you would cover my loss. I guess he missjudged [sic] your character. You are a user Ed, you offer nothing to anyone. All you’ve ever done is take. I worked hard for you for a year and what I get in return from you is what everyone told me to watch out for. I have a right to my opinion and I will make it known to the press. Fuck you and your lawsuit. Jackass. Do not contact me again.”

Blisten says Rosenfeld’s charges are a bunch of baloney. “But it’s still very aggravating to go through this,” he says. In addition, Blisten said he’s got something like five people working on the Burrdick mystery e-mail and who might have sent it. The list of suspects grows.



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