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New Player Emerges in Paris Tape Drama

Porn Valley- The Paris Hilton videotape story has a new wrinkle. A website calling itself is now offering the tape and Howard Stern talked to its owner- who identifies himself as “Mike”- Thursday morning. Mike was calling from Europe and as the conversation unfolded, you could understand why that was.

Stern, who was provided a copy of the tape, said he went on the site, but the video he has in his possession was a clear one. “You could see her getting dressed. You could see her doing oral and all that stuff in a very clear way. You see her in bra and panties. You see her nude.” Stern was curious how Mike was able to sell the video. “I thought the guy who took it was her boyfriend and he can’t get the rights.” Mike was very vague as was all his responses. “The person who, the people who photographed this video are Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon,” he replied. “They held the camera and they are the actors and cameramen. No one else was involved.” Stern pressed the question how Mike got the rights. “You’ll have to permit me to answer certain questions with no comment,” Mikecontinued. “But I own the rights.”

Asked if this was all legal, Mike responded, “I own the rights, baby.” [Ed. note: Using the word “baby” pretty much justifies and authenticates any statement you make.]

Stern wanted to know from Mike if the Hilton family was threatening to sue him. “Not to the best of my knowledge,” said Mike. “But nonetheless, one way or another, I own the rights.” Stern then asked if he paid for the rights. “No comment,” Mike said.

“You had to pay a fee to the person who owned it,” said Stern. Mike reverted to his no comment statement. Asked if there were legal papers signed with lawyers present, Mike said, “I make the unequivocal statement that I own the rights.”

Stern rephrased the question as to whether Mike had a lawyer involved and he said no comment to that as well and repeated that he owns the rights. Stern was under the impression that Solomon and Hilton owned the tape. “When you say own the rights, you had to deal with them.” Mike said you could infer from that what you will and he was sticking by his guns.

Stern asked if he dealt with either Hilton or Solomon or both as the case may be. “It’s certainly fair to say that I’ve dealt with one of these two people and I won’t go further than that,” Mike said.

Stern was guessing that Mike got the rights somehow from Solomon. “I have no comment on that,” Mike answered. “Don’t you have to have the rights from both people?” Stern wanted to know. “Or is the law that you only need it from one person.” Mike said he wasn’t going to attempt to recite or interpret law. “I’m not even going to verify exactly how and from whom I got the rights but forgive me for being evasive.”

If this didn’t smell like a fish story by now, nothing would, but Stern persisted in his questioning. “This isn’t Congress,” Stern said.

“I own it, boys and girls,” Mike replied. [Ed note: Besides “baby,” “boys and girls” is also a legally-accepted emphasis to authenticate claims.]

In a question that was slightly re-phrased about having to deal with both parties involved in the making of the tape, Mike, again, repeated no comment. Asked what he was charging for the tape, Mike said $50 or 40 Euros. Stern said it sounded like a better deal if he bought it Euro. Mike told him to “check out his exchange rates, baby.”

Mike said he was out to make a hundred million on the deal. Asked if he had children, Mike again would offer no comment. On moral grounds, Mike was asked if he’d have qualms if his daughter was involved in a similar situation. Mike said the tape was all over the world before he acquired the rights. “It seems to me on that level of her own embarrassment that threshold was crossed when that original grainy two and a half minute video went out.” Stern said the tape Mike’s selling is far more graphic.

Dominic the lawyer weighed in by saying in certain states you need both parties to agree; and in others, you only need one. “But the way they all get around it, it’s usually sold through a third party,” Dominic said. “Someone buys it from- I think Solomon had to sell it- then they trade it through Europe and back here.” Mike admitted that he was calling from Europe. Dominic said Mike was probably in Amsterdam, however Mike claims he wasn’t. “I ain’t even in Holland.”

Dominic said in Europe you may not even have to have the consent of Solomon or Hilton except a third party who “claims” they own it. Mike’s claiming he can prove he owns the tape. Mike also admitted that the name Paris Hilton doesn’t appear on the website. “I think I could say the name Paris Hilton on my website. I don’t think there’s anything that prevents me from doing that.”

Stern suggested there was a good chance that Mike could be hearing from the Hilton family. “It would be my pleasure,” said Mike.



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