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NEWS FLASH Mike South : You Can’t Give Someone AIDS By Tweeting Them

Mike South really is a fucking asshole.

If you go to his site he has a story about a male performer by the name of TJ Cummings. TJ came up HIV positive last December and Mike South is claiming that he’s trying to pick up girls on Twitter. I didn’t see anything in any of the tweets that said, “Let’s fuck.” It seems a stretch to assume that he’s trying to put his HIV positive penis in a girl when all he’s doing is flirting on Twitter.

My question is this: If an HIV positive person tweeting a girl in the business makes them guilty of trying to fuck them and possibly give them AIDS, what do you call what John Stagliano does?

For someone who likes to claim that they don’t answer to anybody and is an independent voice in the business, the people that Mike South chooses to slander or support is pretty telling. He’ll sweep under the rug or ignore allegations against Derek Hay and LATATA, Mark Randazza or Lydia Lee, but he’ll attack Tee Reel. He’ll go after TJ Cummings, but he won’t go after John Stagliano.

Mike South is a bully. He is a chickenshit punk who will go after a person without the means to defend themselves, but he won’t go after someone who will shove their foot up his hillbilly ass. He’ll invent a scenario where TJ Cummings is trying to infect people with HIV by tweeting, but he won’t say a thing about John Stagliano. When we were talking about Stagliano and his girlfriend Sheena Shaw and some tweets she made about their relationship, he dismissed it and said it was nothing more than a “lovers quarrel.” A lovers quarrel between an HIV positive man who was having sexual relations with an active performer in the industry, mind you. According to Mike South, this was no big deal. But TJ Cummings flirting on Twitter is evidence that he is trying to give girls AIDS.

TJ Cummings is a guy who was in the business for a long time as a performer and producer. Apparently, he isn’t allowed to communicate with anybody in the business now that he’s HIV positive. Mike South is telling the world that because TJ still talks to women in the industry he’s trying to infect them with his deadly disease. He even says that TJ has been telling people he’s not HIV positive. Of course, he produces no evidence to this claim. Just a screen shot of TJ tweeting a couple of girls. Nowhere in these tweets is he inviting girls over for a POZ party.

This is just another example of Mike South bullying people and trying to destroy their reputations. I ask that when you read anything from this man you consider the source. He creates theories and conspiracies based on anonymous sources. When you’re in the adult gossip game, you get anonymous emails about various people and topics all the time. If I ran with every crackpot story that I get, it would not only be beyond slanderous and libelous, it would be mean and hurtful.

When I go after someone, the purpose is not to espouse a theory or make something up. It’s not to invoke emotions based on lies. My goal is to get to the truth. I connect the dots and put a story together based on the truth and the facts as I know them. If I arrive at the truth and somebody gets offended at the way it’s presented, so be it. But I’ve never just sat here and made something up like Mike South does and has done for years.

Some people have a problem with the colorful way I will present a story. They don’t like the words I use to describe a situation. As someone said to me recently, I have no filter. The difference with my show and with our websites is that there is no filter. I’m gonna call it like it is. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend a problem doesn’t exist or create a problem that isn’t there. Not like other people like Mike South who will just straight up lie to further their agenda. We don’t do that here.

I have not yet seen any evidence that TJ Cummings wants to give people AIDS. If you’re gonna attack or accuse somebody of communicating with talent or of being careless with HIV, you better get your pitchforks and nooses and head over to Van Nuys to the offices of Evil Angel and grab John Stagliano. He communicates with everybody in the business, doesn’t inform girls of his HIV positive status and he has sex with talent who are part of the active performer pool. He’s done this for over a decade and I don’t see anyone lynching John Stagliano. I don’t see anyone calling for John Stagliano’s head on a platter.

So everybody put your nooses and pitchforks away and leave TJ Cummings alone. He’s got enough to deal with without a despicable piece of garbage like Mike South making up lies about him.

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