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Nikki Benz Rips Halloween Party

Porn Valley- Back from a couple of dancing gigs that took her out of town, Nikki Benz was on KSEX Wednesday night hosting her once a month program.

“It’s been a busy month for me- I’ve been on the go,” declared Benz, noting that after the show she was flying to Connecticut. Batman said after the show he was running to Hollywood for the XFanz Burlesque party where Dave Navarro was playing. And opening for Navarro was Kurt Lockwood’s band.

“With or without the strap-on?” Benz asked. Batman wasn’t sure. Last month Benz mentioned that she was at the Everything to Do with Sex Show in Toronto.

“It was crazy and a lot of my Toronto fans came out to support me,” she noted. “And I hosted a few contests on stage.” Some guy named Arrow called in to offer a short report of the show.

“Overall it was a really good show and Nikki was the main reason why I went there,” he said. According to Benz, the funniest part of the show for her was people from her high school running into her asking for her autograph. Benz also mentioned that she went to see Borat.

“I was so excited to see it because there’s been such a huge hype around this movie,” she said. “It was funny but I was a little disappointed because I think my expectations were so high for it but it was definitely funny.” Benz announced Shy Love as possibly being on the show later but that Love was flying in from New York.

“Her and I feature danced last week in Chicago at the Admiral Theatre,” announced Benz. “It was my first deal with a girl because I only do solo acts. It was so much fun. Her and I got into all sorts of trouble.” Benz didn’t want to let any cats out of the bag, preferring Love to tell the stories. Benz noted that she and Love also hosted a Halloween party which was “a disaster”.

“It was a bitch to get there,” stated Benz. “We get there. There’s about 300 people trying to get in. The club’s over-capacity. I finally get to the front doors after ten minutes. They won’t let Shy in because she got there first. You know how Shy gets. She’s fuckin’ furious. She’s livid.” Benz said she got to the door wearing a skimpy GI Joe outfit.”I’m freezing- it’s fucking cold, night time,” Benz continued. “I get to the front door. I get the bouncer’s attention- dude, I need to get in. I’m the host. I’m hosting this party. He looks at me- the host is already inside. So I go Nikki Benz and Shy Love are already inside? I’m, like, oh my God, this guy’s a fucking asshole.”

Benz said luckily another bouncer recognized her and let her in. Benz said she was only able to bring in four people including Love and Shy’s people couldn’t get in.

“She was really pissed off- ‘I’m not going to host this party without my friends’- she just left.” Benz said the club was Area and it was a disaster area.

“It’s a brand new club but I didn’t like the way they treated us,” said Benz. “We were the hosts. They got to use our image and our names to promote the party and we had such a hard time getting in. They need to treat their hosts better.”

Benz said if they were listening, “Fuck you- I’ll never come to your club again or promote it, you bastards.”

Benz again brought up the fact that she was going to Walcott, Connecticut to appear at Rock Star, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. After that she was going to Golddiggers in Kansas City, December 7-9; then on to Solid Platinum in Lexington, Kentucky, December 14-16. Benz said she would also be dancing in LA at the Spearmint Downtown Rhino in December.

She also mentioned her surprise at being nominated in the new Most Valuable Starlet category. Recapping her month, Benz added that she and Tyler Faith shot two scenes together last month, one for Hustler and one for Metro.”The scene we shot for Hustler was really super cool,” said Benz. “We had futuristic makeup on. Our hair was done, like, Angelina Jolie’s in Gone in Sixty Seconds. And we had lasers on us and smoke machines. It was very hot, a very industrial-looking scene.” Asked what she did, Benz said she fucked Faith.

“And she fucked me- we just did it all. She’s hot.” For the Metro scene, Vanessa Lane was also included in a threeway.”It was a good scene- Tyler was submissive- and Vanessa and I dominated her. At one point we stuffed underwear in her mouth. Tyler’s a sweetheart. Her and I always have fun- we just talk shit about everybody and have a great time and get paid for it.”

Batman reported that he did a scene as well for Lynn Lemay’s company, a feature titled Malibu Moms.

“Bud Lee shot it and it was my very first sexual role- I actually went and did some porn star stuff,” Batman said, noting that he was a bit nervous because he was shooting around strangers. Batman also mentioned that XFanz was invited to film a day on the set.

“Those were, like, personal friends, so I’m, like, oh you guys are covering this. Today I will be pulling out my penis. It felt really, really, weird.”

“Are you going to be a porn star now?” Benz asked him. Batman said no that he doesn’t want to be thought of that way and explained that he’s seen enough of the female talent and directors abuse male talent and didn’t want to find himself in that situation.


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