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Nikki Benz Visits The Stern Show

from – Howard had Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz come in. He said that she’s the big prize in the contest they’re about to get into. Howard said she’s looking fabulous. He said she has big breasts. She said they’re a 34-DD. Howard said they must be enhanced. She said they are. Howard asked how her upbringing was. She said that they were great. Howard asked if she drinks a lot of milk. She said she doesn’t. Howard told her that she should speak to Robin after the show.

Howard asked Nikki if she’s a slut. She said she is but she’s a sexy, classy slut. She said she banged her summer school teacher when she was in school. Howard said he was ignored by his teachers. Nikki said she hated school so she fast tracked out of there. She said she graduated kind of early and only had one class the whole last year of high school up in Canada.

Howard asked Nikki how big her boobs were before she got the implants. She said they were a B-cup. She said her teacher would flirt with her when she was in class. She said that he would sit on her desk and look down her shirt. She said she was about 17 when this was going on. She said she lost her virginity at 14. Nikki told Howard that she took the subway to school and the teacher saw her buying a chocolate milk and offered to pay for it. She said she got the milk and he ended up hitting on her. He said that he started making out with her and that makes her horny.

Howard asked if she’s good in bed. She said she was learning back then. Nikki said that she didn’t cum that time but he did bang her. Howard said that it must have been exciting. She said that she did end up getting an A from him. He never told her not to tell anyone about it. She said that’s not something you brag about in school anyway. She said that he was just her summer school teacher so she never had to see him in school. Nikki said the guy kind of sucked in bed anyway so she was happy she didn’t have to see him again.

Howard asked Nikki about what it’s like getting to be Penthouse Pet of the Year. She said it’s great. She said she’s the first hard core porn star to become a Pet of the Year. She said that she ended up fucking one guy’s brains out on the set of a porno because she was so excited.

Howard asked Nikki what her favorite TV show is. She said that she’s a fan of Dexter and Entourage. Howard said she claims to have dated the star of one of her favorite HBO shows and asked if it was that Adrienne Grenier.

She said she can’t say who it was. She said she will say that after she banged the guy she wasn’t able to watch the show anymore. Howard asked how she got hooked up with the guy. She said a friend hooked her up.

Howard asked Nikki if she dances at clubs. She said she dos and she once felt a guy so close that she felt wetness on her leg. Howard asked if she’s ever taken a guy home from a strip club. She said no but she has taken guys home from night clubs. She said she once blew a guy at a bar because he was so hot. She said that no one saw them as far as she knows. She said the place was so packed that no one was paying attention.

Howard asked Nikki if she’s into girls. She said she does like them and she loves threesomes a lot. Howard said she must be a terrific girlfriend then. He asked if she brought another girl into the Entourage thing. She said she didn’t.

Howard asked Nikki to see her underwear. She said she had polka dots on them and the little breast cancer thing on them too.

Howard said Nikki was a very depressed person when she was young. She said in 2005 she went through some weird stuff. Howard asked what drove her to attempt suicide. Nikki said that she was very depressed and working for a really bad person. She said she wondered how she could commit suicide and there are forums dedicated to it. She said she went as far as looking it up but didn’t actually try it.

Howard asked what she was going to do. She said that it was going to be an overdose of pills. Howard said that would be such a waste with all of her gifts.

Howard read about this guy Rocco who she did some scenes with and she got so beat up her boobs were bruised. She said that it was a little too hard for her liking and he slapped her a little too hard. She said that he’s known for that. Howard asked if she would work with him again. She said no. Howard said he heard that he’s really good.

Howard asked Nikki if she orgasms on film. She said she has but it’s really hard to do for her. She needs a guy to pay attention to her.

Howard said he’s glad that Nikki came in to be part of this contest. He said that most guys will never get to date a Penthouse Pet or even be in the same room with one. He said that these guys are coming in and they’re going to let her vote on the winner. Howard said he hopes that her breasts don’t turn black and blue from letting the winner caress her. He said he loves that she’s so giving. Howard gave her a plug for a movie that she’s in that’s in 3D. He asked why it’s in 3D. She said that it’s an experience and she’s seen the clip and it’s amazing. She said there’s such depth to it that it’s just amazing.

Howard asked if Nikki’s ever done babysitter porn. She said she has. Howard said that’s his favorite. He said he wants to see it. Howard asked her about the porn and what she does in it. He said he wanted to know if he should watch it.

Howard asked Nikki if her parents know what she’s up to. She said she did tell her mom about the Penthouse thing but not about the porn. She said that she thinks the Penthouse thing is a little more mainstream. Howard asked if she will do anal and if she does an enema before. She said that she does that and you just let it all come out when you do the enema thing. She said she has done the colonic thing too. Howard told Nikki that Robin can do a really long hold with her colonics.

Howard said Nikki has her own stripper pole and you can get that from the Penthouse store. He asked her some more questions about what she likes to do with guys in a threesome. She said she likes to watch her boyfriend do another girl while she’s jerking off. She said she sucks on the girl’s tittie while her boyfriend is doing his thing. She said she will use a vibrator on herself while that’s going on too.

Howard asked Nikki about what kind of girl she’s attracted to. She said that she likes all kinds. She said she had her first at 18. Nikki told Howard that it was pretty awesome actually. She told Howard that she was almost assaulted by the girl and she liked it.

Howard said no one has ever done that to him. Howard said they were going to take a break and then get to this contest. He said they’ll hear from 3 men and the winner of the World’s Saddest Listener will be feeling Nikki up in the most intimate way. He said that she’s going to let the guy feel her up. He thanked her very much for that. He went to break a short time later.


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