“No one touches the prima donna until the tournament!” Monica Foster articles should come to a temporary end here on AdultFYI.com!

With Monica Foster‘s court date looming for March, she’s been so affected by the articles here that she has basically gone into hiding, making her Twitter feeds private and having logged onto web cam just once since New Years Day as of this writing. This site has basically shut what little income she has, off. That is unless she is hooking under the radar in which case, some deranged john will probably off her before she faces the judge. She should be given a reprieve until March unless she resumes popping off at her fag hole again. At that point, the articles will continue.

For all intents and purposes, Foster’s life is over as of March 9 at which time we may even be able to seize her sites and write articles directly on them. She is potentially HIV+ and destitute and has been abandoned by family and former boyfriend Matty Holder. She is now 38 years old which is dead in prostitute years. Happy days are coming but for now, she should be forced to wait it out with very little attention paid to her. AdultFYI.com associates should pay very close attention to her, however.


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