No other Industry Would Be Permitted to Say That Money is More Important Than Safety

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“Syphilisgate- I’d like to have someone explain how we got into this,” Rob Black was saying on his Monday afternoon show.

“A year ago we were all informed that we had this Mr. Marcus syphilis. They couldn’t test the strain, or check to see if anyone else caught the strain. The testing procedure found it. It was a fluke. Later we found out that Mr. Marcus had tried to work in a scene with Lylith Lavey [who eventually sued him].

“Everybody caught him, almost killed him and threw him out the business,” said Black.

“The paper [pictured] I just tweeted out to everybody [a syphilis note signed by Dr. Miao], I guess I just happened to find that paper, forged the information and a handwritten signature. I guess I made up that entire letter to garnish three minutes of fame.

“When we sent the note out yesterday- it was redacted- but people say would news media sources use it? It’s a document. It’s truth. Is Diane Duke going to say, no, the document isn’t real. If we can all say this letter is real, can we now start to unravel the mystery of bullshit? Do you think that’s possible?

“I’ve been asking this question for awhile – if our testing procedure is so good and we haven’t had on set transmission, how is it that Mr. Marcus can work weeks and weeks and weeks and spread his disease to countless talent and our industry goes, it doesn’t count.

“Christian Mann hugged him. You guys said he didn’t infect anybody, but he did. It was a huge cover-up. There’s a ton of people infected with syphilis which begs the question what if Mr. Marcus was HIV positive- you would have a slew of talent that are HIV positive.

“Which begs the next question, how many HIV positive performers have been swept under a rug? We know that John Stagliano hides his HIV status, then shouldn’t we argue about the lies that Christian Mann and Diane Duke tell the media? It’s baffling to think that this group stood arm in arm with Mr. Marcus to the point where Steve Hirsch was negotiating to give Mr. Marcus a job.

“And Mr. Marcus infected countless women with syphilis. We’re talking about something that stays in your blood, and it’s a scar that you carry with you. It’s like a brand inside your body- somebody infected me; I’m cured of it but it shows up in a test.

“That is something that is horrible and our industry turned a deaf ear to and still does. Nobody debates a condom and a test. If we had a safeguard, we wouldn’t have a note that Dr. Miao writes for talent. We’re putting money ahead of someone’s health. I’m not sure how our industry is still in those dark ages.

“Is money that important, Christian Mann and Diane Duke. It’s all about money? You guys couldn’t figure out a way to rally adult actors and promote condoms? Our industry fights and fights and we’re fighting ourselves to death. That’s what it’s become. You have laws in Los Angeles, you have some people that test, some won’t; some girls will work with condoms, some won’t. Condom movies won’t sell?

“Selling is more important than safety? No other industry would dare say that or be permitted to say that, but our industry gets away with it because no one speaks out that has a voice. If we did condoms and testing and applied them together, we’d increase our safety ten fold, but they [the industry leaders] go on to say it hurts sales. So the almighty dollar is more important than a 19 year old girl’s life.

“Can you imagine if McDonald’s got on TV for hearings and they were presented with the same thing saying if we did that, we would lose money. You would hear a collective pin drop in the committee hearing room. So killing people is alright?

“It only happens here because companies like Wicked, people don’t have a real conscience because it’s all about money. When you ask about testing and condoms their answer is people don’t like it. You can’t do that.

“We can argue all you want and I can be the village idiot, but at the end of the day if each one of us sat in a closed room, we’d all agree that condoms and testing was the healthiest and safest approach. Then the next question is why aren’t we doing it. That’s the issue.

“Christian Mann and Diane Duke have been lying to all of us, and no one’s being educated. Now we have HIV outbreaks, performers disappear, other people don’t exist, directors shoot during moratoriums- Kevin Moore shoots during a moratorium and Christian Mann runs everything. He tells his own directors not to shoot? How does this happen? Because we have no regulation. Without rules and any form of penalty on those rules, they are empty threats.

“We will always have people that will shoot during moratoriums,” Black went on to say.

“There are people that won’t test and be a part of the system. We have to set up a system that is regulatory and say here are the things and the penalties that will happen. We are at the point where our industry has lost that privilege and now we have to have state, local and federal officials to enforce that. We put profits above peoples’ lives and we pull out syphilis notes that say talent were infected by Mr. Marcus.

“We had lots of on set transmissions. If Mr. Marcus had HIV, you would have had a pandemic. You would have seen something that was frightening. Our industry dodged a bullet and the people that conducted that operation are still in charge. They’re going to lift the moratorium, and it will be business as usual, but no one wants to do the right thing as they keep pushing it and pushing it.

“People are going to wait until more lawsuits hit and Cal/OSHA investigations come. They figure let’s keep running it. People will still go to Cutting Edge Testing.

“It’s amazing. It’s all the same bullshit- no on set transmission of this, no onset transmission of that. You’ll get the argument- condoms have chafing [according to Nina Hartley]. Why we don’t have extra lube to make sure the condoms don’t get dry? How about we employ a lube guy if this is a sticking point for everybody. Let’s go with a lube guy who stands on the side with a lube mechanism [like a gas station attendant]..

“It’s an amazing business that no one questions anything and when you do, you’re labeled a kook and nobody answers questions straight. Nobody will. Mr. Marcus infected talent in the business. Why did you lie about Mr. Marcus infecting numerous talent with syphilis.

“They had to be treated and take medication and they have notes to present that they still have syphilis in their system. That is why you had so many talent dropped out and hid because people aren’t going to walk around on set with syphilis notes.

“Do all of you find that acceptable, that syphilis and the risk is acceptable? Syphilis is easy to get and infects a lot of people. I find that incredibly disturbing that we as an industry swept that under the rug, embraced Mr. Marcus and watched Christian Mann and Diane Duke tell everyone our testing procedures are awesome.

“But how did Mr. Marcus slip through the system, give it to a whole bunch of people and then tell everybody he didn’t infect anyone? This all might be the most fascinating shit I ever heard. It’s the magic syphilis theory.

“It’s mind boggling how anybody cannot have an explanation for this, that they thought this would go unchecked, and nobody would come out and say, hey, we got a problem here. We have this thing called syphilis. There’s a bunch of doctor notes floating around. You told us nobody got syphilis, what the fuck is going on?

“You have Diane Duke and Free Speech trying to lie and baffle with buffoonery and tricks and all these news organizations now have a documents. What’s up? You said nobody was infected and if you’re lying about this, what else are you lying about.

“If you went to great lengths to cover up, what else have you been covering up? Why are we told to believe what Christian Mann and Diane Duke, PASS they are saying then a year ago they flat out lied. They lied about Mr. Marcus and syphilis. There’s no other way to say it. They all covered up and they lied. And when they lie about this and the elaborateness of this, what are they lying about when they make an HIV performer quietly disappear?

“We’ll never know, and if I hadn’t been on radio you would never have known this stuff. Because they swept Sofia Delgado under the rug and she’s conveniently vanished. Her Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, all three are pals, but nobody knows where Delgado is but they know where Cam and Rod are.

“Oh, it doesn’t make any sense? But that’s the lies Free Speech, Christian Mann and Diane Duke tell us. Everything they tell us about rogue activity doesn’t make sense it’s all lies- it systematically protects their self interests. Nobody questions it.

“We put profits above peoples’ lives. Nobody questions it and nobody says it’s wrong. What they’ve covered up sends goose bumps through your body. This business is already the wild, wild west. Christian Mann’s own director shot through the moratorium. How many girls have vanished from porn? This is all craziness, but no one will debate condoms AND testing.

“Put together you have a safety factor that is extremely high. It’s an amazing statement for our business to say no one wants to see it, but our industry will put profits before health to cover up a huge incident where Mr. Marcus contracted syphilis- nobody seems to know how- and he passes that to how many performers. We won’t know because they hid it. I only know because one brave person came forward.

“Christian Mann, Diane Duke and the Doctor of Death, Dr. Miao, have covered up an incident that put you at risk,” Black went on to say.

“This lowers your immune system and increases your chance of being infected with HIV. That scar in your business now raises the risk to contract HIV.

“Why are we not wearing condoms and why are we not testing? It’s sane, logical, and we know it’s right. We play Russian Roulette every day but we don’t admit it. You need to get a grip and deal with that fact. No industry operates likes this. If Marcus had been wearing a condom none of these girls and guys would have had syphilis.

And, Nina Hartley, stop perpetuating the lie that people won’t test if we start using condoms. The people that fight the condom mandate use that argument. I don’t know one talent that will have sex with anyone that doesn’t test. Find me talent that will agree to fuck people with just condoms. But they do that in escorting?

“This is a lie perpetuated by Diane Duke, Christian Mann- there isn’t one talent that gives two shits about condoms because they know in their private lives no one’s spraying cum in their throat. And the only reason they let male talent do that is because they’re tested. So why is John Stagliano not doing a series where he fucks girls with condoms?

“Because he couldn’t get talent to do a scene with him. Condoms? Fuck you. You have HIV. So, Nina Hartley, explain to me what talent will fuck anybody without a test because they have a condom- and I’m going to let them spray a load on me. Are you people nuts?

Guys, Syphilisgate is here. Mr. Marcus spread syphilis throughout this business and talent was betrayed by this business and their own agents. Everybody lied to all the talent. They were told to shut their mouths and take their medicine.

“Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Marci Hirsch need to be brought to accountability and, talent, if you’re told you go condom and no one’s going to test, that’s a lie. Christian Mann will look at you and smile while his director shoots during moratoriums.

“Bill Margold, a voice of lunacy said it would be a badge of honor for a girl to have her jaw busted on a Belladonna set. He said it was a badge of honor that John Holmes went to Europe and spread his HIV talent and Bill Margold said that Mr. Marcus never infected a single person. That is a monster lie, and the fact, is, Mr. Marcus infected numerous people with syphilis. My question to the talent with notes, is that a similar badge of honor?”


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