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Now That All the Sexes Are Mixing It Together, Porn’s Honor System No Longer Works and Condoms Are Needed

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“Our business is only as good as a testing based on the honor system,” Rob Black said on his Monday afternoon show.

“But you don’t know what those straight performers are really doing outside the box. And that’s scary.”

Black used the Nica Noelle quote from the other day in which Noelle on Twitter said “And guess what? Plenty of male talent working in straight porn is secretly bi or even gay off camera. Cheers.”

“Our industry has always crossed that line,” Black agreed.

“We’ve been told a lot of old guard bullshit that gays were broken aberrations and horrible abominations of God. That’s how they were treated. It got stigmatized and demonized and that HIV hit the homosexual population quicker than the hetero population. The thing is that no one wants to admit they’re gay.

“The same holds for our business,” Black continued.

“Like Nica Noelle says – gay, bi they’re everywhere. Talent, every single one of you know what I’m talking about. There’s big name male talent that are fucking little Latin boys.” Black was referring to TS performer Foxxy [pictured].

“And the best of the TS performers, they talk like chicks and put on some makeup and these guys pretend that they’re chicks. When you put a penis in your mouth, it’s a fucking illusion. An illusion.

“Oh my God, and yet this is a population of our business where everyone’s giving everyone a disease. HIV doesn’t give a shit who it attacks. Super Gonorrhea from England it doesn’t matter who it attacks. Everybody laughed about it like Mark Kernes. There’s a girl out there who tested positive. She worked with multiple people in Europe. These are people that are brought over here by Derek Hay- talent fucks them all the time.

“We have super gonorrhea. It doesn’t matter if it’s gay or TS, it doesn’t matter if you take the old school philosophy of gays on one side, straight performers on the other, and we all close our eyes to guys who do TS stuff and gay stuff.

“Inherently every aspect of our business- like Femdom- let a girl beat you up- let a girl put a strap on, on…but for some reason those people have this line I’m not gay. You shove giant objects up your ass hole.

“I’ve played with my asshole and go do I like this?” Black admitted.

“Karen Stagliano played with my asshole- I told her ‘if you lick it, I’m down but I’m not into it.’

“The idea of putting a man’s penis in my mouth- I’m not into it- I don’t look at another guy. If Brad Pitt pulled his cock out and said ‘would you fuck the shit out of it?’ As awesome looking as he is, no!!!

“When I was in Brazil and we shot transsexuals I had no urge for that,” Black went on to say.

“It’s a guy. And if I was into a guy, I would find a guy, not a guy who was feminine that looked like a girl. I would find a girl. Wow, what a concept. If we have people who roll with those thought processes, they need to wear a condom. Brazil is rampant with HIV and you let a TS [like John Stagliano did] have unprotected sex with you?

“Anyone who can rationalize that based on makeup, rationalizes how our testing procedure works. John Stagliano goes I’m not gay, but you fucked a dude with makeup.

“You’re fooling yourself. And if you are so ashamed with your sexuality, who are you to lead our business against the government? You are a weak human being, plain and simple. And all these people are involved in our testing procedure- ‘test twice a month and don’t be gay and fuck trannies.

“Our business is run by closet Republicans,” declared Black.

“When Lily Labeau and Danny Wylde were hot and heavy, that was the prime example of crossover love. He would do privates, take loads in his mouth and Lily Labeau worked with all the A-talent.

“They worked with everybody. Rocco Reed gave everybody a shock of the lifetime when he signed a contract to have guys fuck him up his ass. Rocco did that in his private life while he dated Asa Akira and Chanel Preston. How is that any different from what we just went through? Rocco Reed, in between working as Superman, or with Kristina Rose, while testing negative, swallowed cum and got pumped up his asshole by HIV Johns.”

[Black speculated a what if Reed had tested positive for HIV.]

“After he infected Chanel Preston, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, John Stagliano would have all said you’re positive and they put a moratorium out. Then they would say the testing procedure works and ‘we quarantined everybody and now we’ll wait a couple of weeks with the best test and everybody goes back to work.’

“How the fuck do you say the testing policies work and all you do is test? We have a test-fail policy. If that’s what we have, fine but don’t say it’s anything more. There’s no prevention, no early detection, there ain’t shit, and if you fail, it’ll take everyone a week to figure it out and after that we’re all good.

“If everybody is fine with a test-fail then all we’re doing is playing Russian Roulette and every couple of months we’ll have a new disease.

“Any testing that comes up dirty again, it’s going to be swept under the rug so fast your head will spin,” Black predicted.

“When I tell you to go to TTS, you go there. Manwin owns Cutting Edge. Cutting Edge will destroy your body, mind and soul.”

Black again reminded everyone that Cameron Bay waited for her records while Cutting Edge sent her results to everyone but her.

Black said the only solution is mandatory testing and mandatory condoms.

“What we have now is not the answer. If that’s the answer [pass-fail] it’s not the answer. When the business was tiny, the trust factor was easy to contain. But Mr. Marcus violated the trust and had a disease and faked that he never had the disease while his penis raged with syphilis. And he proceeded to work with talent.

“When Mr. Marcus crossed the line, our business should have stood up and said this exposes our testing procedures as very loose and a big game. That should have been the point where everyone said nothing’s fine but nobody did.

“Then you had an Alex Gonz who had Hep C. The story is he was working and Free Speech knew about it the whole time. Then Cameron Bay comes down HIV positive and we figured out her boyfriend Rod Daily is HIV positive. We shut the business down for six days and claimed the testing procedure works. That’s how it happens.

“HIV is in the business, and now it’s part of our fabric- just like the gay business. For the gay side it’s not a big deal. John Stagliano will tell you it’s not a big deal to have HIV. For him and the gay community it’s not a big deal and some gay companies pride themselves on going bareback and using HIV talent.

“HIV is now in our business. I never heard of a motherfucker getting syphilis besides Al Capone. You never heard of syphilis until the Tuskegee experiment where the government infected black folk to watch them react to syphilis.

“There were reports of survivors who got reparations of money from that experiment. These were the only times I heard of syphilis, but now in the business with Mr. Marcus and Clover, awesome. Two syphilis cases in porn and before that I only heard it in the history books. That tells you something.

“Hepatitis C- I only heard stories from Pamela Anderson getting it talking about dirty needles, butt fucking and however that goes down. We never heard it in our business. Guess what? Alex Gonz is a stream of Hepatitis. Now there’s tons of people in the business with Hep C and Free Speech is hiding it and letting them work. Great.

“And now with the roll of the dice we got Cameron Bay with HIV. Her and Rod Daily worked on limited schedules and everything propagated around, and it all points there. With all this stuff going on, we now have syphilis, hepatitis and now HIV- it’s something in our business now and you’re all going to get a dose of it.

“Cameron Bay will back up my stories that when you are on medicine your viral load should be to the point where you pass all our procedures, but it doesn’t mean you can’t infect someone.

“You have people in this business taking viral load medicine and are working among you now. That’s what’s going on. There are gay performers, TS performers and straight performers that know somebody like that. It is frightening. When you have unprotected sex, you run the risk of catching a life threatening disease.”


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