Nudie Pix of Amber Frey Surface on the Net

Amber Frey, the former mistress of alleged wife-killer Scott Peterson, is finally baring all – but not on the witness stand.

Nude photos of the 29-year-old massage therapist have surfaced on a porn Web site, provoking Frey’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, to threaten legal action.

“This is a disgusting attempt to exploit Amber,” Allred told us yesterday. “She’s been very brave in coming forth to testify, and this is the price she’s been forced to pay.”

David Hans Schmidt, who has brokered Playboy and Penthouse pictorials of Paula Jones, Tonya Harding, Darva Conger, Divine Brown and Suzen Johnson, yesterday posted 27 pictures of Frey on his site.

Frey posed for the shots several years ago after seeing an ad placed by a photographer in Fresno, Calif. Allred maintains that “Amber has never given anyone the right to sell, publish or give away” the photos.

Schmidt insists that he has a signed release, which he plans to post on the subscription-only site He admits that the photos – which show orthodontics-wearing Frey striking some awkward poses – aren’t the biggest turn-on.

“We offered to rip up the photos and cut Amber in on the money if she’d pose again,” he says. “Her lawyer said no.”

Schmidt had shopped the shots to Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione and Hustler’s Larry Flynt, but says neither would pay his asking price: $500,000.

Instead, Schmidt turned to Marvad Corp., a Seattle-based Internet porn company. He says he closed the deal to set up the site at Dennis Hoff’s Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada last month.



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