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Office manager for Miami Companions prostitution ring to be sentenced in June

Here’s the entire back story:

from – An office manager who handled travel plans for Miami Companions call girls is scheduled to be sentenced next month for her role in the massive prostitution agency, according to a court filing today.

Michelle Matarazzo [pictured], also known as “Micky,” ran the phones and booked appointments for the escorts and johns. She’s scheduled to be sentenced on June 28 before U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Tarnow.

She faces 15-21 months in prison for her role in the operation. But under a cooperation agreement, the government had stated in court documents that it would consider a lighter sentence if Matarazzo provides substantial assistance in the case.

Matarazzo’s sentence follows the recent sentencing of Gregory Carr, the accused mastermind of Miami Companion. He was sentenced on May 12 to 14 months in prison for running the high-priced escort service, which charged up to $500 an hour for sex to roughly 30,000 clients nationwide.

The government pushed for a 27-month prison sentence for Carr, but the judge gave him about half that amount. Tarnow concluded that Carr, 44, was not a violent man, but deserved prison time for running an illegal operation that made millions and put women in potential danger.

“As far as I can tell he was not a thug, or a woman beater, or a man beater, or any kind of beater,” Tarnow said, noting he had never had a federal prostitution case where no violence was alleged. Still, he told Carr, “you created a situation where that could happen.”

At the sentencing hearing, Carr, a divorced father who now works as a courier in Florida, told the judge he is a changed man. He said the man who ran Miami Companions — Paul Cutlass, as he was referred to in the business — no longer exists.

“I had two identifies. That person died,” Carr said. “I know what I did was wrong.”

Carr’s live-in girlfriend, Fabiola Contreras, a former call girl who quit the business to date the boss, is also awaiting sentencing in the case. She pleaded guilty on May 12 to to helping hire illegal immigrants to work for Miami Companions. She faces up to 6 months in prison.

Carr and Contreras were among five people arrested last summer when federal agents busted the agency in metro Detroit. All five people entered into plea agreements, including Carr’s ex-wife Laurie Carr, who is still awaiting sentencing. She faces 12 months in prison.

Another defendant, Nayubet Swaso, a former porn star and call girl who was the operations manager at call centers in Panama and Costa Rica, was sentenced May 6. Swaso escaped a prison sentence when Tarnow concluded that prison was not the right place for Swaso, who had twice been abandoned as a child. Instead, Tarnow gave her two years of supervised release, and wished her luck.


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