Oh, Lookie, Monica Foster The Fag Hag Has A Hardon For Another Crossover!

Well, well, well, another day, another homosexual white man that this black hooker is attracted to.

Alexandra Mayers@MonicaFosterI heard recently that #pornstar@ryandriller is a super nice guy. I’m not a fan only because he’s almost TOO handsom
She “heard” only because she hasn’t and won’t ever speak to anyone in porn face to face as she’s a porn laughing stock that’s been black balled. Who would even do an interview with her or associate with her when she turns on everyone she comes in contact with? She also hates gays and uses gay slurs to describe people in porn that she doesn’t like. What use does she have for this homosexual?
Foster’s attracted to what she can’t have. Before, it was Matthew Holder, now it is every homosexual white man she sees on the street or online. Ain’t gonna happen, sweetie. As you can see, these guys are attracted to white dick, not sloppy, old black pussy.
Maybe it’s in her genes to be attracted to gay men with her father being gay and all. Maybe she’s not attracted to these white gays and just pretends to be just to troll as hard as she can. Whatever the case, she’s got no chance with this one. She’s simply too old, too filled with drama and too motherfucking ugly. Misty Stone she is not.
Monica Foster

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