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Olson a Hypocrite? Stern Online Recap Inconclusive

If all this latest stuff were true, we’d rip Bree Olson’s epaulets off and strip her naked at AdultCyberMart, but, truth is, she’s getting us too many hits…

Meanwhile is running a story that Olson on her visit to Howard Stern’s show on October 28, 2010 allegedly said uncomplimentary things about Charlie Sheen. We find nothing here:

from, October 28, 2010 – Howard had the next contestant come in. Her name was Bree Olson. Howard said that he knows her. He said that this is tough competition. He said that she’s so innocent looking.

Howard said that she can’t possibly beat these two girls. Bree said that she goes to feature dance at clubs and she’ll end up having sex with all of the guys who get private dances. She said that she has impregnation fantasies and she lets them cum inside of her. She said that she knows her cycle though so she won’t do it if she thinks she could get pregnant. Bree said that the guys end up lining up for dance after dance. Howard asked if she’s a nymphomaniac. She said that she really is. She said there are some days she’ll have sex with 30 guys. She said she has gone to hotels looking for guys to have sex with before too.

Howard asked Bree about the guys she’s fucked at hotels and she said she asked the janitor to do her and he looked at her like she was drunk or something. She said this is all done when she’s sober though. Bree said the janitor wouldn’t come to her room but she kept following him around. She said she told him to come fix her TV and she got naked for him as soon as he came in the room. She said she had like 27 loads in her from the other guys who had been with her. She said she looks like the girl next door so the guys never expect this. She said that she just goes braless and wears a tank top and flops around.

Bree told Howard about the janitor and how he told her that he would remember her forever. She said that she did that guy after doing all of those other guys. She said that she will vibrate afterward and she keeps the loads inside of her for the night. Then she’ll shower in the morning. Bree said she uses her vibrator every night. She said she loves being degraded.

JD came in and told Howard that she went to the airport with cum on her face. Bree said that she had sex on set and the guy blew on her face and left it there when she went to the airport. Bree said she tweeted about that yesterday. She said that she also fucks the crew on the sets of her movies. Bree said she likes regular guys and not the guys who are all shaved down and stuff. Howard said she really likes men. Bree said she really does. Bree said she’ll give guys her phone number and she’ll invite them to her hotel room and sometimes they just don’t even show up.

Robin said she was speechless. Howard asked if she’ll fuck retarded guys. She said she hasn’t but she probably would. Bree said that her agent got a call from a deaf guy who wanted to do her. Bree said that they should give them a handicap discount if they can’t afford to be with her.

Howard had Sal come in again to talk dirty to Bree. She had something in her mouth and she said it was something called Kaboom that gives her harder orgasms. Howard told her to act like Sal is a hot guy during this. Sal then started in with her telling her to take it off. She wanted him to help. Sal told her to just take it off. Bree was talking in a baby voice as he did this. Sal wasn’t able to help getting the dress off. Howard said Bree looks really good. She said she lost 30 pounds. Sal and Bree spent a minute talking but they didn’t sound like they were talking to each other. Bree was doing the baby voice telling her ”daddy” to do stuff to her. Sal told her to gargle his piss. Howard cut them off saying that Sal ruins every one of these things. He said he was so gross.

Howard asked Bree if there’s anything she hasn’t done. She said she hasn’t done a DP yet. Howard asked what she pictures them doing together. Bree said that she’s been listening to Howard since she was like 11 or 12 and she remembers him pointing laser pointers at the girls and she always wanted to be one of them. Robin said she’s there now doing that.


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