One more AVN ends, Tompkins doesn’t get ass kicked

Champagne and cork exploding from bottle

In what has become an annual event, one more AVN week has ended with professional troll Sean Tompkins boasting about not getting his face rearranged:

If you aren’t familiar with the situation, every December or around that time, Sean Matthew Tompkins, a paid Mark Spiegler troll who to this day uses the name Porn Wiki Leaks in the name of his gossip site that he uses to crash adult industry events, starts challenging multiple performers, fans and industry people to fight him right on the AEE trade show floor where there are police, security, cameras and witnesses. When no one takes him up on the offer as they aren’t interested in beating up a 50 year old man-child and ending up with a criminal history, he toots his own horn and marches back to his dead mom’s house in the San Antonio ghetto feeling pretty high and mighty.

One of the people he called out this year was female performer Bobbi Dylan who slapped him up and down Twitter some time ago for being a 50 year old gossip blogging fag. Now, Tompkins has been in trouble before for slapping  around his low self esteemed black wives but had he laid a hand on any performers he would have been physically kicked up and down the trade show floor by security and hauled off to jail in a meat wagon. He knows it, we know it, this is why nothing ever happens between him and any one else at that show.

Tompkins has been invited to fight parties in a proper gym setting with officials and rules and he simply laughs off the challengers as “pussies” as he is only interested in a fight where he can use weapons or bite, kick, scratch or where one or more parties go to jail and end up with a criminal record like the one he has. Matter of fact, we don’t believe he wants a fight at all.

And so Tompkins is popping the champagne today and feeling pretty tough because no one was irresponsible and childish enough to attack him in a public place. Go get em’, Sean. You da man.


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