One more productive day for Monica Foster #MakeAmericaUnderachieveAgain

Well, another day goes by another day of bitching, moaning and making absolutely no money for Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster as she attended an anti Donald Trump rally with a few hundred other losers. Probably more like 30 losers as these things never gain any traction and are always smaller than made out to be.

So owing $166,600, she had a pretty productive week. No work at all, just protesting and taking road trips to watch the eclipse. Good to see she is motivated to pay back her debts and move out of mom’s.

And as you can see, she is right in her element with other ugly people. This woman thinks she’s beautiful for two reasons: Everyone around her is ugly and this is by design. She would never go to say, an AVN Awards red carpet event because she would be the ugly duckling in that crowd so she sits around alone and complains about porn all day. When she does get out she hangs out at protests with other whiny, underachieving, unattractive losers. The other reason: Her fan bois are all overweight, undersexed lonely men that find anything female attractive and so they flatter her and it goes to her head. She is nothing.

Protests accomplish absolutely nothing and the only people that have time for this shit are losers with no lives and no jobs. What attractive woman would waste a Sunday walking around with a bunch of other losers complaining about something they can’t change? None and that is exactly why this unattractive, lazy, giant nerd glasses wearing loser wasted her Sunday on this nonsense and why she will continue to underachieve in life. Oh, for the record, we did not reduce the size of the above photo as it emphasizes all the wrinkles she is getting on her soon to be turkey neck. Maybe next time she should edit her photos or resize them to hide her grandma neck wrinkles. Folks, being angry all the time is not good for your health and complexion.


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