Only gainfully employed people should be concerned with politics

We have a bunch of unemployed losers, one in particular that stalks this page and even created a copy site of this (More on that in another post) concerning themselves with this recently past U.S. Presidential Election and even becoming distraught over the results. The question is why when these people are out of the workforce, don’t pay taxes, don’t pay bills and have all day and night to “march,” “protest peacefully” and hold “sits in” and “cry ins” because they didn’t get what they want? The election does not effect these people and even with Mr. Trump in power they should still be able to continue sponging off the government until the day they die. There may be a possibility that they get their benefits taken away and actually have to work (And that scares the hell out of them) but they’re worthless for the most part and won’t get hired by anyone so not to worry, they can continue their golden times from the “golden obama years” and stay home all day sponging off tax payers and writing death threats at people they don’t like.

Folks, if you sat home on election day on your ass and did nothing about it (Tweeting out a picture of someone else’s “I Voted Pin” doesn’t count) then you have absolutely no place to complain. We know one such individual that couldn’t have voted because they reside in a state where they are not registered (Although many illegals voted so they may have found a way although not likely as they are a shut in that never leaves the house) yet they are bitching and moaning every single day. Again, do not worry, your government benefits likely will not be effected as you are unemployable and better off out of the workforce.

Moreover, Trump won because of people like you. Keep it up and he will stay in office until the year 2024.



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