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Otto Bauer Talks About Super Core-update

Porn Valley- There isn’t a Skeeter Kerkove or Bridgette Kerkove, movie these days that doesn’t feature the remarkable talents of Otto Bauer. But not only is Bauer, who was a nominee for Best New Male Talent this year, a tremendous porn performer, I got the feeling he’s about to get his due as a director, as well.

The other week Bauer showed me some rough cuts of a movie he shot in Switzerland last year. It’s titled Super Core. And as I’ve mentioned in a previous posting, there’s going to be a lot of noise over this movie. I spoke to Bauer recently about the project.

Bauer was approached in 2004 to go to the Berlin show to promote a movie he shot in the states. “They were really crap but they had been re-mixed in Europe by Venus New Media,” he explains. “They had just bought some odd scenes and fell in love with some projects I had done and they fell in love with Audrey Hollander [Bauer’s wife].”

Bauer and Hollander went to the Venus show in Berlin at the behest and did some life sex performances at the Private booth. “They were very impressed with this whole notion of doing life stuff.” Consequently Venus New Media called Bauer in December with the idea of coming to Switzerland. “We’re going to shoot live. We’ll have a few hundred people there live, on stage. You’ll direct this full production.” So Bauer went.

“At one time I had four sex scenes going on stage at once in front of a live audience,” Bauer notes. Three cameras were covering the event and one camera capturing the shooting of the shooting. Bauer says there was at least 17 hours worth of tape. “I’m currently waiting on the Germans to cut their version of this footage, send it to me and I’ll make it audience specific for the rest of the world.

In what sounds like a fairly elaborate deal, Bauer owns all but four countries. Bauer also explains that Sidney Niekerk at Cal Vista International is his intermediary through the Germans. “And they’ve [Cal Vista Int’l] have decided that they’d like to be part of distributing this Super Core project in the US.”

Bauer says he wants to take advantage of all the “wizened sales knowledge” which Niekerk has. “From the wise old days of porno and we’re going to market this in a huge campaign,” says Bauer. I tell Otto I believe this is the first time that someone from the business as ever used the word “wizened” in an interview. Bauer seems quite emotionally taken aback by that knowledge, noting that the project will add what he considers the hottest rock n’ roll music of the hottest bands signing right now.

“I’ve got license for the Hollywood Tattooed Millionaires,” Bauer states. “And several other bands that are really hot right now.”

The point of it all says Bauer is that Super Core is live sex with rock n’ roll. And there will be a follow-up shoot in the states. “That version will have a bands on stage with live sex and a live audience,” he states. “We’ll shoot the entire production on DV Pro if not HD. All of this will be intercut with live music and incredibly hardcore sex- by that I mean every scene has got to have double anal in it. At a minimum, and beyond. Cal Vista International is excited. I’m excited. I’ve got the best crew available. Skeeter Kerkove has agreed to shoot one of the cameras. I’m going to have three live cameras going constantly and have one journalistic-type fellow shooting the entire thing.”

Bauer figures the production will also be broadcast on big screen- live. “Perhaps over the Internet live,” he adds. “With the live audience.” In addition to Skeeter, Jim Powers will also be involved with the project and Bauer is looking for the third camera man as we speak. As his schedule breaks down with shoots coming up in Europe, Bauer figures that this will go down sometime in February.

Asked if the Swiss are as neutral as they appear, Bauer says yes. “In fact I had a healthy crowd. This was shot about 30-50 miles outside of Zurich in an isolated area. We had a huge stage that was built specifically for the production [shot indoors].”

With stage lighting and scene lighting, Bauer says the whole production is the show. “And the girls are all incredibly nasty.” Bauer says he’s got girls taking fists up their ass. “And the audience is so respectful.” As you might expect on those solemn fisting occasions.

In addition to Hollander, Bauer lends particular kudos to Renee Pornero who appears, as well, in Super Core. “I’m really proud of the job she did. You’ll notice as you see the production that there were two girls who got to wear latex gloves and those two girls were Audrey and Renee. And that’s because they were the two girls who did the fisting. The SERIOUS fisting. And I had all the girls wanting to wear them by the end of the shoot.”

Bauer also used Private International contract girl Nicki Ryder. “She did a great job for us.” Bauer also credits- and I don’t know if I have the name spelled right- Salma Denura. “She’s a big star in her own right in Europe,” says Bauer.

“See what happens to tuna fish when you let it sit out,” I tell Bauer, as I’m attempting Denura’s name. Bauer said the woman did puke all over his dick. “I gagged her so hard.” Also in the cast was Mistress Olivia Choice. “She did a good job. God, Jesus, I had ten girls.”

Bauer said he also has tons of behind the scenes footage of everyone arriving at the airport, including the talent meeting and the bus ride to the location. The location itself was next door to an upscale Swiss porn shop, he tells me. “And I mean upscale- they had day care centers in the porn shop with hired nannies. Sex in Europe is a helluva lot more fun than it is over here,” says Bauer. “When I shoot in America I feel like some weird, creepy guy. In Europe I feel like a natural sexed-up male which is what I am and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Along with the stage, says Bauer, there were concession sales that included T-shirts. “There was press coverage from several nationalities, several newspapers- it was cool. They actually showed some softcore shots in magazines in Switzerland, France and Germany. We got really got coverage over there. Venus New Media is putting a lot of effort behind the promotion as well as Cal Vista International. And I’m putting everything I got behind it. I’ve got a great editor. I’ve got great cutting edge music and great talent. This thing is just a blowout and I hope it’s well received.”

Bauer promises he’ll have an exclusive copy in my hands the first of March.


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