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Palahniuk Book “Snuff” Stirs Up Old Sabrina Johnson Memories; Arrow Productions Has the DVD

Chuck Palahniuk’s latest book, “Snuff” is about a 600 Man Gangbang. And right off the bat, it’s obvious that Palahniuk threw a lot more research into this, than what Christina Faust did in her facile tome, “Money Shot” which is about a female porn star involved in murder and double cross.

The gang bang, involving a fading porn star named Cassie Wright, is seen through the eyes of several men participating in it. And one of them comments:

“In the year 2000, the actress Sabrina Johnson took on two thousand men, fucking until she hurt so bad the crew had to pack ice between her legs as she sucked off the remainder of the cast. After her royalty checks started to bounce, Johnson went public with the news that her record was bogus. At most she’d done five hundred sex acts, and instead of two thousand men, only thirty-nine had answered tha casting call.”

It took about five years after the fact, but Johnson eventually came forward and gave an account of her version of the December 1999 event held at Senter Stages in Chatsworth, and its primary organizer Danny Carelli of Fleshtone Productions. Cytherea’s former husband, Brian Kissinger, was also one of the organizers.

Kissinger is currently serving time, and, Carelli, aka Danny Lacata, according to rumor, was subsequently found dead in the trunk of a car. Interestingly, Carelli had initially booked Marylin Star for the gangbang, but Star got sidetracked with a federal investigation of herself and her Wall Street lover Anthony P. Pomonio, so Carelli had to come up with another warm body at the eleventh hour.

In 2004, Johnson, who was then living in Belgium, announced that Carelli still owed her $1,000.

“This was supposed to be payment for me doing a radio show in Chicago,” Johnson explained.

“The radio show had previously been mentioned to me, but I was later told that it was cancelled. Then, after the CES show in Vegas, we went to Chicago to do the second Jerry Springer Show. We did the show and on the day we were due to fly home, we returned to our hotel, only to be told that our hotel room had been booked for an extra day.

“We called Tony, who was our contact at the Springer show and asked what was going on. He told us that a guy called Tom Horst (he was suuposed to be the money man for the gangbang) had cancelled our tickets so we could do the radio show the next day. Bear in mind that we were finding this out two hours before we were due to fly home. When I spoke to Danny he promised me $1000 for the inconvenience, and as you now know I haven’t seen one cent of it.

Johnson termed tha gangbang a “nightmare.”

“Danny promised me all kinds of things, all of which never happened,” she said.

“For example, I was told that no-one would be allowed to work with me in the gangbang if they had a PCR/DNA test which was more than 21 days old. Just as an extra precaution, my husband was double checking all the tests. He found three tests which were outside the time limit. After that, Danny kept coming over with out of date tests asking if I would accept them.

“Also, I was told that no-one without an arm band would be able to get into the ring with me. On the second day somebody did. Luckily I recognised him from the day before, but he could have been anybody.

“Not only that, but on the first day my husband saw one of the fluff girls giving a guy that had come to watch, a blow job,” Johnson also recalls.

“No test, no ID nothing. For all she and I knew, he had just walked in off the street. Also, I was supposed to be paid in two installments. I was to get the first half of my money after the gangbang, which I did. The second half was to be paid immediately after CES. However, after CES on the evening we were to leave for Chicago for the second Springer show, Danny Carrelli and Tom Horst came to my hotel room.

“To cut a long story short,” continues Johnson, “they basically said that they did not want to give me the money until after the second Springer show. Tom Horst also said that as the money was to be paid in cash, he was worried about my security in carrying that amount of cash around with me.

“At this point he pulled out a gun. Whether this was to show that he could provide security or it was meant as a threat, I don’t know. Danny refused to give me the rest of the money until we were on the plane and had taken off. If Tom was worried about security, he did not come to the airport with us and Danny had the money stuffed in his boot.

“My thoughts and feelings on the gangbang now are that I wish I had never been a part of it,” Johnson said.

“I am sorry that I ever met Danny Carrelli or Tom Horst. The only professional people in the whole thing were the camera crew, who were fantastic, Jack Napier, Dee and Lawrence (we all called him Mambo) who were all equally great.

“The whole thing was a complete and utter sham. There were around 25 guys on the 1st day and about 14 on the second. If I had to guess I would say that legitimately I probably did about 500 guys (not different guys) I had stressed all along that I wanted to do it legitimately.

“I wanted to do 2000 in 24 hours. Danny said that it would be too hard on the camera crew, however, they all said that if I was willing to do it, they would be right there with me. In any case, we struggled with about 25 guys because Fleshtone didn’t pay Jim South his deposit in time for him to get the guys together.

“I think he had 7 days in which to get the guys. The whole thing was so badly organised by Fleshtone it’s not even funny. Not only this catalogue of errors, but I have a friend here in Belgium who subscribed to the web site in December and has never been able to see anything about the gangbang. They are ripping people off. People are paying their money in all good faith and getting fuck all back.

As for other bad experiences, I haven’t really had any others in America. Plenty in Europe but not over there. Mind you, the gangbang was bad enough.”

There was a lot of fallout and bad blood with business deals gone sour, but you can see the action for yourself with the DVD including behind the scenes that’s available from Arrow Productions,


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