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Paris Stole This DVD Says DA’s Office

In a photo that made world news, Paris Hilton is shown looking at a copy of her sex DVD. BUT according to what’s being reported now, Hilton faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing it.

Los Angeles- Camera-loving Paris Hilton could find herself posing for a mug shot.

The district attorney’s office in Beverly Hills is weighing whether to bring vandalism and petty-theft charges against the hotel heiress.

Hilton could face a year and a half in jail plus fines of $1,000 for each criminal count because of a hissy fit the “Simple Life” star allegedly threw last month at a Sunset Blvd. bodega that was selling her infamous sex tape, “One Night in Paris.”

Store worker Gerry Castro says things started out friendly.

“We took a picture together, but as soon as she saw that we were selling her videos and we had her on display, she was livid,” says Castro. “She was using profanity to the ultimate. She points to the poster and says, ‘What the [bleep], look at what the [bleep] they’re doing to me here. Don’t you know my young fans come here all the time?'”

Hilton allegedly ripped down a poster of herself, reached over the counter to grab a DVD and stormed out of the store without paying for it.

Surveillance video showing the incident will be featured exclusively on

Castro has since filed a complaint with Beverly Hills police.

According to some reports, Hilton actually gets a cut of the porn tape’s sales – which would mean she was stealing from herself.

Hilton’s rep had no immediate comment.

Celebrity Justice posts: “Celebrity Justice” has exclusively obtained surveillance video showing Paris Hilton’s alleged hissy fit at a West Hollywood newsstand. Now, the Los Angeles County sheriff wants Paris prosecuted for what the tape shows.

Gerry Castro, an employee at the Swing News newsstand, was there when Paris stopped by in mid-December. Castro told us that Paris went ballistic when she spotted her infamous X-rated video on sale there. “We took a picture together,” Castro recalled. “But as soon as she saw that we were selling her videos and we had her on display she was livid. She was using profanity to the ultimate.”

Castro continued, “She points to the poster and says ‘Look at what the **** they’re doing to me here. Don’t you know my young fans come here all the time?'”

The surveillance video seems to back up Castro’s story that Paris tried to rip up a poster. The video shows that when Paris goes to pay for several magazines, she can be seen reaching over the counter and grabbing what appears to be a DVD, which Castro told us was her “One Night in Paris” video.

According to Castro, “She threw her eighty cents change at me and took the video and said, ‘I’m taking this and I’m not buying it.'”

Sources have told “CJ” that the LA County sheriff’s department will refer the case to the Beverly Hills district attorney’s office this week, and recommend that the pretty heiress be charged with petty theft and vandalism.

Hollywood criminal defense attorney Steve Cron told us that, ultimately, the DA’s office will decide whether or not to file charges, but that if they do, the punishment could be tough, even though the potential charges are just misdemeanors. “Petty theft has a maximum sentence of six months in jail,” Cron observed. “Vandalism has a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a one thousand dollar fine.”

But Cron speculated that Paris wouldn’t be likely to be living “The Simple Life” behind bars. “They might bring her in with her lawyer and say ‘If you’re good for the next year we’re going to let this go. On the other hand, if there’s any problems from you we’re going to bring up this case as well as any new cases that come up during this time period.'”



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