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Part-time pornstars: Johnny and Jenni Coxx

from – “Don’t be so willing,” Steve instructs Jenni. “You have to pretend you’re being forced into giving him a blow job.”

Jenni Coxxx (not her real name) is shy, even for a 19-year-old who is new to porn. The petite blonde who spent her early years in Hungary has no trouble posing for erotic photos, but as soon as the camera starts rolling she feels uncomfortable acting. She giggles as her boyfriend and costar, Johnny Coxxx, practices carrying her into the backroom. She’s more nervous about being blindfolded and on Johny’s shoulder than the impending sex scene.

“Go ahead and lose the bra,” Steve says.

Jenni walks out of the room then returns wearing tiny shorts and a white tank top which she keeps adjusting to cover her nipples. She wrestles and laughs with Johnny while Steve sets up the lighting equipment.

The couple are a last-minute replacement for a “brutal blowjob” scene Steve planned to film that night with another amateur actress who didn’t show up.

Jenni is now on her knees, peeking out from a white stocking fashioned into a blindfold. Johnny stands in front of her with his gym shorts around his ankle socks and his graphic t-shirt pulled up to his gold necklace. Despite Johnny’s small frame, he’s packing a pornstar-sized dick.

I’m pressed against the wall gripping the light stand. The room is almost completely empty save for a rolled up blow-up mattress and two moving boxes. Atop one is a Traci Lords calendar from her later years, after it was discovered that she shot many of her early sex scenes when she was just 16.

Steve alternates between shooting the couple with a hand-held camera and taking still photos. This constant start and stopping is making it difficult for Johnny to achieve a full erection. His troubles are only worsened by the fact that he doesn’t feel comfortable manually stimulating himself between shots while Steve circles with a camera and I jot notes silently.

Even without a semi-erection Johnny’s dick is large enough for Jennie to gag on. Her eyes water and her mascara runs. She’s no longer having trouble pretending she’s uncomfortable. Steve coaches Johnny on how to act like more of an asshole and feeds him lines like, “I hope you suck your boyfriend’s dick better than you do mine.”

At one point, Johnny slaps Jenni’s cheek with his dick. They both laugh, then Jenni warns that if he takes his role too far she’ll bite.

“Alright,” Steve finally says. “All we need now is the money shot.”

“I don’t know if that’s happening tonight,” Johnny says.

“Well, I mean, let’s not make this into another three-day shoot,” Steve says. “Y’all know I can’t pay you until I get the pop shot so we’ll leave y’all alone and you do whatever you have to do so we don’t have to set this all up again tomorrow.”

Steve and I wait in the living room. He has worked with the couple before. Their first shoot was for his Clips4sale site, Jenni smoked the THC knockoff K2 before giving Johnny a blow job. The couple had to return three times before the shot was complete.

I met Jenni and Johnny at a Girls Gone Wild party at Platinum Showgirls. They were one of several young couples who arrived early and sat quietly by the soda bar waiting. It didn’t take long before Jenni was recruited to go on stage and strip. I spoke to them both briefly after the show. When asked if they were worried about what their parents would think, both shrugged. Johnny said that he and Jenni were actually interested in starting to sell sex videos of themselves online. I gave them Steve’s number.

Steve lines up and shoots work for webcam and amateur porn actresses. The hardest part of his job is keeping actresses; most quit within half a year. Some get into the business thinking it’s a fun way to make easy money. Other believe it will help them become Playboy Playmates. Trouble starts when they realize that having sex on camera is still work, or they get a disapproving boyfriend, or their family finds out. Two of Steve’s previous models I’ve interviewed, Tasha Knox and Staci Love, have since quit the business despite their insistence that they were in it for the long haul.

Johnny and Jenni walk out of the bedroom and lounge on the foldout bed that’s set up for another scene.

“Don’t think it’s happening tonight,” Johnny says.

“Well, just relax for a little while and we’ll see what happens,” Steve says.

Jenni straightens her clothes, then playfully punches Johnny.

“I was actually starting to get pissed at you,” she says. “Next time I get to be the dominant one.”

“You can’t,” Steve says, grinning. “He’s too ticklish. It wouldn’t work.”

“No,” Johnny says. “I only get that way when I’m baked.”

The couple met eight months ago in high school, which they graduated from this summer. Jenni recently moved in with Johnny and his mother, who disapproves of their job choice. Girls Gone Wild was Jenni’s first time being filmed nude for mass consumption. They have since shot three scenes with Steve and have dabbled in webcam work.

Johnny, the more outspoken of the two, isn’t phased by the fact that most of the people he flirts with online are men. He even laughs about how one guy paid him to dangle his feet in front of the camera for 20 minutes. Steve has been working with Jenni on flirting with potential customers. She has a problem with giving one-word responses to clients she’s trying to tempt. The other day she lost a customer because she laughed when she saw the webcam picture of this large man sprawled out naked, stroking himself. Although I’d just watched the couple perform together, when I question them on their motives for getting into porn, they are tight-lipped and shy.

“The money is nice,” Jenni says, “and it’s fun, too.”

“I don’t know what our goals are,” Johnny says. “Just make extra money so we can move out on our own.”

“Are you worried this will negatively impact your future careers?” I ask.

They shake their heads.

“So you don’t think it will affect you at all?”

“Probably not,” Jenni says.

“There’s already enough porn out there that no one is going to care if we do it, too,” Johnny says.

“How long do you think you’ll stick with it?” I ask.

“Until we get tired of it,” Johnny says.

I’ve always held the belief that if you’re going to do porn, you had better go all in and treat it like a serious business, but this philosophy is based on the assumption that dabbling in porn will permanently handicap your ability to land a high-paying job.

For Jenni and Johnny, porn seems to be no different than any other part-time gig. Although Jenni has a Playboy bunny navel ring, she has no serious delusions about becoming a Playmate (she was going to do a test shoot once for Playboy but she skipped the session to take a test). In fact, her only goal in porn is to do a shower scene.

For now the couple only plans to do solo shoots or to work with each other. Jenni agrees that they can shoot threesomes with other women so long as the other model isn’t as hot as she is. Steve says he has already lined up a double blow-job scene for the couple and another new model, Tiffany Haze. Other than that, the most extreme thing they plan to do in porn is anal, which they already do in their personal lives.

“Will you keep shooting porn if you break up?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” Johnny says, glancing at the silent Jenni. “We haven’t thought about that.”

It would be easy to dismiss this young couple as naive, but perhaps they are merely ambassadors of a generation that grew up with internet porn and the unending stream of celebrity sex tapes. By the time they start applying for office jobs maybe it won’t be uncommon to see “webcam” or “amateur porn modeling” listed under work experience.

You can watch explicit content of the couple and see the scene I sat in on at


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