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Pason On Her Divorce

Porn Valley- After a month’s worth of drama-hewn HIV stories, news about a porn divorce is almost welcome gossip. That being said, Pason, was a guest on The Wanker Show, Monday night, to answer questions about her split with Kris Slayer. Wankus also let it be known that he’s jacked off a number of times to Pason’s image.

“Seriously, you have a body that doesn’t quit; an adorable face. You are really so sexy,” Wankus told her. Pason said she’s been shooting a lot of content for her site.

“I’m shooting even more for the next few weeks. I just got a new webmaster so there’s going to be a lot of changes to it.”

By changes, Pason said she’s been updating but is using single girl material for now. Wankus asked if there was a reason for that, if there was a new man in her life who wants her to chill out on the boy-girl. To that Pason responded with a laugh. Just a personal decision,” she said. “I was only shooting with one person and I’m not shooting with him any more. I got divorced.”

Wankus then ran an excerpt of a Slater interview which was taped for Tuesday night’s Ginger Lynn show. Slater said he hadn’t done any “psycho” stuff but admitted that he had been calling Pason several times a day.

“I first e-mailed her a lot and wrote her a lot of letters,” he told Lynn. “I tried so many different small things [including posting on the KSEX message forum ] – nothing really psychotic- to get her back. She wants to live in Vegas. She wants to pursue her professional dancing and ballet. She just doesn’t see me with that for some reason which I haven’t figured out yet. But I live her to death. She’s about a year and a half older than me, and I’m happy for her if that’s what she wants to do.”

Pason said she loves Slater but that there’s other things that she wants for the time being. Wankus noted that Slater had been on Chef Jeff’s show a couple of weeks ago, and, at Jeff’s instigation, went off on Pason. Pason said she had received a lot of e-mails and phone calls regarding that. Wankus then read comments from Slater stating that while he loves, Pason she cheated on him with Dick Smothers, Jr., “a 40 year-old guy who only has his name going for him.” Slater also went on to say that Pason is now seeing some 35 year old-guy from Cirque Du Soleil and that he feels Pason left him for guys that could get her somewhere more than he could and that it hurts him.

Pason says she and Smothers are friends.

“We went and hung out. There’s other people I went and hung out with.” Pason explained that when she began “hanging out” with Smothers, she and Slater were already separated. Pason claims there was no relationship with Smothers. Wankus then pressed the issue with the Cirque du Soleil guy who apparently was keeping time with Pason all weekend.

Pason explained that he’s a performer and when he was in town, they hung out. Attempting to pry something out of her, Pason was hardly forthcoming with details other to say that they were seeing one another. “He’s 5’3″, 120 pounds,” she said. “He looks like an artist just chiseled him out. He was a gymnast in high school.”

Pason said she was also back in all her dance classes and was teaching Pilates again. “They’re kicking my ass every day.” According to the way Pason put it, the situation with her and Slater was just one of those things but it was time to move on. “I love him- it’s just something that wasn’t working,” she said.

During the moratorium, Pason said she also started working at a place called Club Sapphire [in Las Vegas] on Saturdays and Saturday nights as an in-house feature. “It’s actually a great club. It’s an enormous club.” She also has plans to go on the road feature dancing. “I’ve been trying to do that since January.” Pason credits Cherokee for helping her out there. Pason noted that her costumes run her a grand to $1500 apiece. “I put a huge investment in it.”

On another issue involving Slater, Wankus said he got a call from a listener who told him that, although the Slater era had come to an end, Pason had gone so far as to call sets to find out who Slater was working with, that she had done so recently on a Van Damage shoot. Pason admitted she had.

“Because of the recent HIV outbreak, we felt that we would wait, get tested and only work together,” Pason went on to say. “Then people started calling me and saying I saw Kris Slater on a set. I thought you two were only supposed to work together. I was told he was doing scenes. I’m not cheating with anyone. I’m not doing anything right now and I told him that I wasn’t going to put my life at risk, that he needed to be straight with me. Then I’m finding out that he’s fucking other people non-condom when all this is going on.”


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