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Pete Rose and his Girlfriend Kiana Kim on Howard Stern

from – Howard came back and said that Pete Rose was there with his hot girlfriend. He said that they apparently have sex multiple times a day. Howard said Pete is looking great. Howard asked how old he is. Pete said he’s 68 going on 15. Howard said hello to Pete’s girlfriend Kiana Kim too.

Howard said that this girl is something else. He said Pete really is a legend. He said that Kiana is a real woman. He said he had a lot of questions.

Howard asked Pete about the ball he signed for him. Pete signed 303 of them. Howard said he got one of them and put it in storage. Pete said he’s not sure what it’s worth but Howard was saying they’re selling for $10,000. Pete said they weren’t supposed to get out on the internet but they did. Howard said he’s going to use that for his retirement fund.

Howard said Pete was very honest in his book and he talked about the kind of money he lost gambling. Pete told Howard that they said that he was losing like half a million here and half a million there and they were exaggerating. Pete said that he doesn’t do any illegal gambling anymore. He said he had enough money that he could afford to do that though. He said he used to go to the races an bet.

Pete said he was making like a million a year and spending a couple grand on a bet wasn’t that big of a deal. He said it did lead to him getting kicked out of baseball though.

Howard said that they polled people and found out that 60 percent of people think he should be in the hall of fame. Pete said that 60 sounds kind of low to him. He said he figured it would be like 85 or 90 percent.

Pete said that what he did was wrong. He said betting on the games was just wrong. Pete said that he was betting on his own team to win though. He said that he was suspended 21 years ago so it’s been a long time now. Howard said it doesn’t see that big of a deal if he was betting on his own team to win.

Pete said some people do think he is the victim because they give people second and third chances these days. Howard asked Pete what he would be doing today if he was never kicked out. Pete said that he might be coaching. Pete said he brings a positive attitude to the situation and he understands the game of baseball so he could do that.

Howard said the last time he saw Pete he was married to his second wife. Pete said that one lasted too long. Howard said he had like two kids with that one. Howard said one of his kids was an actress. Pete said she was in a lot of stuff. Howard asked Pete if he’s done with kids. He said it must be enough now. Pete didn’t get a chance to answer.

Pete told Howard that one of Kiana’s favorite shows was Deal or No Deal and many of the girls on the show were in Playboy. Howard cut them off and asked Kiana how she met Pete. She said that she was at a car dealer shopping for a car and Pete came in. Howard said she must be a young girl. She said she’s 29 years old.

Howard was all over the place with the interview. He was asking to see her shoes, asking how tall she was and how much she weighed. She’s 5’6” tall and 115 pounds. Howard said that’s the right height and weight.

Howard asked Kiana what she does that she was shopping for a Mercedes. She owns a hair salon. Howard said he likes what he’s hearing so far. Howard asked Kiana about meeting Pete at the dealer and if she knew who he was. She said she had no idea who he was. Pete said she thought he played for the Redskins.

Pete said he asked Kiana if she and her girlfriend ever go to Vegas because he goes out there. He said they came out to visit and they went out to dinner and then went home.

Kiana told Howard that she had a store that wasn’t doing very well and Pete offered to make an appearance there to help out. Howard said of course he did. Howard said he would make appearances for her too. Kiana said that Pete took them out to dinner and he was very respectful. They went their own ways after dinner. She said that Pete is hilarious and he’s the most fun person to be around. Howard said he doesn’t think ”hilarious” when he thinks about Pete Rose. Kiana said he’s very funny.

Howard found out it took about a month for Pete to work his magic with Kiana. Kiana said he travels a lot so it took a while. Howard asked if he was hitting with a big bat. She said that he is.

Howard said that he was reading about Kiana doing Playboy. Pete introduced her to the right people to get her in there. She said that she had to do the casting appearances. Howard asked if she had ever been nude before. She said she hadn’t so that was new to her.

Howard read that Kiana and Pete have sex every day and it’s great sex. Howard asked if that is true that they have it every day. Kiana said they don’t see each other every day but they do it when they see each other. Howard said he read that Pete is ready to go just minutes after he finishes too. Howard said he can’t even do that. He said he must be using something to help. Pete claims he’s not. He said that he never drank or smoked so he doesn’t need anything to help. He said he just needs her to stand up and he’s ready to go.

Howard asked if Pete uses rubbers. Kiana said he doesn’t. Pete said they don’t need that. He said they have brains and they don’t need that. Howard asked where he finishes. Kiana said that Howard should see their back wall.

Howard asks where he finishes. He said he should save it and sell it. Pete said he’s trying to figure out a way to autograph it.

Howard asked Kiana if she would keep the baby if she got pregnant. She said she’s not sure about that but Pete said he thinks that she would keep it. Pete said that if it does happen Howard will be the first one they call and tell. Howard asked Pete if he wants to chase kids around. Pete said he chases the grand kids around.

Pete told Howard that they’re trying to get Kiana a career in a game show or something like that. He said she would like to do a Deal or No Deal kind of thing. They said that the show has been canceled as far as they know. Howard sounded shocked by that.

Howard read that Kiana had sex with Pete 3 times in one hour one night. Robin sounded impressed. She asked if people pass on talking to Pete to talk to Kiana. Pete said they’re not to that point yet.

Howard asked if Pete is Kiana’s first famous guy. She said that he is her first. Howard asked if her parents have met him. She said they have met him and they like him. Pete said he doesn’t think he looks his age and he certainly doesn’t act it. He said he’s still having fun.

Howard said he saw two great YouTube moments with Pete. He said in one clip he was in a WWE event and the crowd was cheering him on. He said Pete gets on the mic and tells the people of Boston that they’re idiots because they beat them. Then the crowd turns on him. Howard said he thought they were going to beat the shit out of him after that. They were booing him after he did that. Pete said he just hosted a Monday Night Raw show recently too. He said he has fun doing that.

Howard said he saw another moment he did when he was set up by Sacha Baron Cohen for ”Bruno” and he had Pete sitting on the Mexicans during the interview. Pete said that he was paid to do that interview. He said that he didn’t know who this guy was. He said they brought in the Mexicans to be seats. Pete said he was sitting on this Mexican and the guy was yelling out for water. Howard said that the Mexican guy was sitting there and Pete was rubbing his neck. Bruno told him to just step on his hand to keep him from raising it. Howard said that Pete went along with it and it was the funniest thing he ever saw. Howard said he thought Pete’s interview was even more funny than Paula Abdul’s was. Pete said he couldn’t believe the way they were treating the Mexicans. Howard said the last person that treated Mexicans like that was Marge Schott.

Howard said he heard that Pete has a Mexican couch in his house now. Pete said he got a picture of Babe Ruth sitting on a Mexican at Yankee Stadium one time.

Howard said that Kiana is in a Playboy Sexy 100 special edition and you can also check her out at She’s not naked on there but you can find upcoming appearances and stuff like that on the site.

Howard asked Pete about what he does for Kiana in bed. Pete said he never thinks about himself in bed. He does what he can for her. Howard asked if he can lick her to orgasm. Kiana said he can.

Howard asked Pete if he was pushed into baseball by his father. Pete said his father was into sports and he was lucky he got to be around that. He said he wasn’t a natural for baseball either. He said he was better at football. Pete said he didn’t like school though so he went with Baseball. He didn’t want to go to college and play football so he got into baseball so he could get out of high school and do that.

Howard asked Pete what was better, being in the World Series or having sex with Kiana. Pete said that if he was playing today it would be being in the World Series and then having sex after that game.

Howard asked Pete if he’s upset that his father never got to see him with this Kiana. Pete said that people say that he’s probably looking down on him now. Pete said that his mother never got to see him go into the Hall of Fame. He said that was one regret he had. He said his mother outlived his father by 30 years or so. He said he thinks that he should get into the hall of fame and he’s the one person who is always positive about baseball.

Howard asked if Pete Rose Jr. has met Kiana. Pete said he has. He said he’s great. Howard asked if he thinks that his son would want her. Pete said he doesn’t think that at all. Howard said he’d want to be with her if his father was dating someone like her.

Howard asked Pete if he thinks Derek Jeter will beat his batting record. Pete said he can’t think of a better guy to do it but he doesn’t think it will happen.

Howard asked Pete if he ever juiced. Pete said he never did. He said he took some diet pills when they were trying to get down to weight but that doesn’t enhance your game playing.

Howard asked Pete what he thinks about the guys getting all of these famous chicks. Pete said he never got them because they were playing in Cincinnati.

Howard asked Pete about Tiger Woods. Pete said he had Tiger on his own radio show once and he was a good guest. He was just a kid at the time. Pete said he doesn’t think that he has to explain to them what he did. He has to talk to his family and friends. Howard said he would never cheat on that hot chick. He said he can’t imagine why he had to do that.

Howard said he’s not sure if Tiger will get his sponsors back. Robin said all he has to do is start hitting that ball again and he’ll get them back.

Howard said Tiger must be making tremendous money with the endorsements. Howard said the guy is on his way to being a billionaire. He said if he’s sick of the wife then divorce her and move on. Howard told Pete that he had the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on there. Pete said he knew about that. Howard said he should have had Pete in there as a judge.

Howard gave Kiana some more plugs for her Playboy specialty issue. Howard said that Pete should propose to her now. Howard said they could marry them right there if he wanted. Pete said they have other agendas going on there.

Pete told Howard a story about going to Viet Nam with Joe DiMaggio and some other guys one time. He said that Joe wanted to take a shower while they were out in the jungle and he had to help him out and pour the water on him. He said the best way to describe him was as a penis with a man hanging off of him. He said that the guy was really big. He said Joe would say ”That’s not where it ends, that’s where it bends.” Pete said he was quite a man. Howard asked how he stuffed that thing inside of Marilyn Monroe. Pete said maybe that’s why he was only with her for 260 days. Pete was joking about how he used it as a bat to hit the Kennedy’s over the head too.

Howard said it was very nice of Pete to go over to Viet Nam. Pete said he can make the troops laugh. He said he’s waiting for people to ask him to go over to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Howard said he bets that Pete gave Joe a good shower too. He said that’s the most impressive thing he’s said he’s done.

Howard said that he’s happy for Pete and Kiana. Howard said every man wants a woman like Kiana in their life. He said that they never get it though. Howard gave Kiana some more plugs and said he had just checked out the magazine and she looks fabulous. He said she’s got beautiful breasts and perfect nipples.

Pete thanked his buddy Marty for getting him on the show. Pete asked if Howard would take a picture with Kiana. Howard said he’ll do a whole spread with her. He said he’d even shower her. Howard asked if she’s wearing underwear with that outfit. She said that she is. Howard said it was just a thong. They had a shot of it on the Howard TV monitors. Howard asked if she has any sisters that are as hot as her. Pete said she has a sister but he can’t imagine that she’s as hot as her.

Howard asked Pete if he would stay with Kiana if she gained 15 pounds. Pete said ”Hell no!” Howard said he appreciates them coming by today. He told Kiana that he’s going to beat off to her Playboy spread.

Pete asked Howard how he walks around without being besieged. Howard said people are pretty respectful. He said most people are turned off from him because he looks like trouble.

Howard said he wants them to do him a favor and tell George more about Joe DiMaggio’s cock since he’s gay. George just laughed. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


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