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Peter Acworth Has Fired Back At British Prime Minister David Cameron

I read an article yesterday. Let me explain something to you. I want you to put this in perspective. This was from a company owner who sits on the board of Free Speech Coalition and sets policy for the industry.


“’s (Peter) Acworth Issues Video Response to British Porn Ban.”

I want you to listen to this. Peter Acworth is from Great Britain. He lives in America where he made his fortune with

From the article:

“ founder Peter Acworth has fired back at British Prime Minister David Cameron for his proposed ban on internet pornography in a video message that went live on this weekend. Cameron has proposed that adult sites be blocked by default, and that certain types of porn — including BDSM porn — be made illegal.”

“In the video, Acworth, a British national, cites multiple reasons the Cameron plan is flawed. One of his key points is that the effective ban on explicit images is an effective ban on sexual education.”

I really don’t give a fuck about Acworth’s opinions. But what you’re not reading is Peter Acworth has fired back at British Prime Minister David Cameron. He made a video letter to the PM. And he has fired back.

After Peter Acworth describes all the things that England is doing wrong, the story ends with:

“This isn’t the first time Acworth has tried to reach out to Cameron. In July, the CEO penned an open letter to the UK Prime Minister, both on his blog and Behind Kink,’s in-house news site…”

“To date, there has been no response by Prime Minister David Cameron.”

OK guys. Do you realize that British Prime Minister David Cameron is basically their President Obama? Or for those of you who hate our president, he is their George Bush. Those of you who didn’t like Bush, let’s go to your other blowjob Republican wet dream. He is their Ronald Reagan.

You have the owner Peter Acworth, a British national who lives in America sitting in a warehouse doing blow and firing off guns. And what he has done is he has written blogs and produced a video letter that he put on his blog and he has fired back at the President of Britain.

When he says fired back that means the President of Britain said, “Hey Peter Acworth! You should be closed down scumbag!” and Peter Acworth said, ” Hey! Cammy baby! Go fuck yourself you bellend!”

The fact that Acworth himself would do op/ed pieces to the President of Britain is retarded and ridiculous. But forget that. The fact that AVN would be equally retarded and ridiculous and at the end of their article would state:

“To date, there has been no response by Prime Minister David Cameron.”

Can you believe that AVN would even write that?

Can you imagine if you read, “Rob Black Productions and founder Rob Black has fired back at President Barack Obama for his proposed ban on internet porn in a video message on Obama has proposed that adult sites be blocked by default, and that certain types of porn – including Rob Black Porn – be made illegal.”

In my video, I’m gonna tell everybody why President Obama’s plan is flawed and we’re cool and tons of other countries love porn. And I’m gonna tell you Mr. Obama, Mr. President, why you’re fundamentally flawed and that’s my opinion. Now whaddya say to THAT, Prez?

Then you all find out that this ain’t the first time Rob Black has reached out to the President of the United States, and in July the CEO Rob Black penned an open letter to the President of the United States and he has posted it on his blog. And you can watch this video on YouTube and to THIS DATE, there has never been a response by President Barack Obama.

Now if I wrote that and you all read it you would all be on the floor pissing yourself and saying that you could not believe Rob Black is so fucking delusional that he’s sending video clips to the President of the United States and demanding that he get answers. And the fact that he has his friends at AVN writing articles where they’re saying, “Hey man, to this date, Rob Black still hasn’t gotten his response from the Prez. What’s up bitch?”

You would all burn AVN down, you would burn my building down, I would be laughed out of every place I went, and not just me, if Axel Braun did that, if Larry Flynt did that, if Porno Dan did that, if anyone besides Peter Acworth, John Stagliano or Diane Duke. If those three are writing letters to the President and doing videos and demanding they have answers and having AVN write,”To this this date, President Obama hasn’t said one word.” To even have the audacity to print that the Prime Minister of Great Britain had no response is so pathetically embarrassing.

You guys realize that Larry Flynt wouldn’t even do that? Demanding, “Hey Prez! I, Larry Flynt am DEMANDING… Are you out of your fucking minds? Are you people insane? And have CNN reporting that “We’re still waiting on a response from the President of the United States.”

And then you have a picture of Peter Acworth looking like someone just killed his dog. He looks like he’s crying in this picture.

Are all of you so pathetically broke and so pathetically lazy and have no ambition and you can’t manufacture anything yourselves and the only thing you can do is hope that will hire you and beat the shit out of you all night and hopefully they don’t put you at risk to contract HIV and punch you in the tits?

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t get it. This is a guy who was busted with cocaine and firing off weapons in a place of business. The police were called and he didn’t let them in. It was in the news last year. The same guy who is involved with Cameron Bay and Cal/OSHA investigations. They are a bastion of corruption.

And Peter Acworth is demanding responses from the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

You would think that after the drug bust, people would’ve said, “Hey Acworth, step back, dial it down a bit, chill a little.” After HIVgate with Cameron Bay, you would think somebody would’ve said, “Yo bro, dial it back.”


Who’s with Peter Acworth when Peter goes, think about it, this is what this asshole did, “Today, we’re going to do this video to the Prime Minister and say he is a very bad man. And then, I will await his response. This will be the fourth time I’ve been in contact with the Prime Minister to invoke some form of action and of course he will respond to me this time.”

As crazy as it sounds, that basically is what Peter Acworth, AVN and whoever the fuck is hanging out with this idiot are saying.

He’s another stalker like Bill Margold.

A stalker who sits on the board of Free Speech Coalition.

Follow Rob Black @RealRobBlack Email: [email protected]


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