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Pleasure Productions Contract Girl Tera Wray Visits KSEX- final

Porn Valley- Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Friday night. It was noted earlier in the show that Tyler Faith had been the first contract girl for the company.

Wray is from Kentucky and Wankus said girls from there are very hot.

“I think they in-breed,” mused Faith. According to Wray, she’s a mix of Cherokee Indian, Mexican and German. And before she got into porn she was a corporate trainer at Hooters. Wankus thought that Wray was one of the first girls from Hooters to actually have a nice rack. Wray had to laugh.

“I just got these!” Wray announced. “A month ago- they’re brand new.” Wray talked about how while at Hooters she’d rear several layers of bras to build herself up in the chest.

“Every time I’ve been there- nobody has tits,” Faith pointed out.

“And half the girls are ugly,” Wray added, obviously no time soon going back to Hooters. Wray also said Hooters was now trying to pretend that they’re a family restaurant even with the skimpy outfits

“There’s a lot of fucking kids that come into Hooters.”

“Come on- your ass and fucking tits are hanging out,” Wray added. Faith mentioned the fact that Hooters has an airline and Wray said they only fly like to Vegas and Columbus, Ohio.

Asked if she was the object of any sexual harassment from the customers because of the name, Wray laughed.

“I was, like, bring it on. I was fucking the managers.” Wray said she’d do it on the merchandise bar, in the bathrooms and freezer.

That prompted a story from Wankus who recalled a time when he worked for a radio station in Santa Barbara. Knowing that he was going to be fired by the manager, Wankus had sex with the news girl on his desk.

“He had one of those glass-top desks,” Wankus continued. “I came on the fuckin’ desk. There was all hand prints, ass prints and cum on his desk and we locked up. That was my closing goodbye.”

Wray also talked about how she always wanted to be a porn star before it was legal for her to be one.

“My dad was a big porn freak,” she explained. “He had an entire basement full of that shit. I was curious. I snuck around, popped one in- it was girl-girl scene right off the bat. I realized it made me feel really nice down there.” Wray was asked if her family caught on to what she was doing. She’d put it off on her brother.

According to Wray, she was a big freak in high school and was engaged at a young age to an older guy.

“My wild ways after so long he couldn’t handle it any more,” she said. Wray recalled an incident when he met her how she took her clothes off in front of his friends.

“There was like ten or fifteen of his friends,” said Wray who was 16. The guy was 21. Wray grew up in a small town and was asked if she had any black friends.

“A handful,” she replied. Faith said there was not one black person that lived in the town where she was from. And Wankus then wondered if Wray snuck around behind her fiance’s back. She claimed she was very loyal.

Noting that she was wearing “Flashdance” leg warmers, Wankus mentioned that some Eighties styles were coming back. “Ripped jeans are my whole life,” mentioned Wray.

With her tits being relatively new, Wray said she’s always wearing see-through shits and no bras.

And with the fact that she jumped right into a contract, it was noted that most girls go through a horrible mistake with an agent who works them 16 scenes a day with triple anal. Wray just worked with Jean Valjean and Wankus said he heard he was pretty cocky.

“I kind of block that stuff,” said Wray. “I’m a down to earth girl. I know how to block that shit out.” Asked how she made the connection from Hooters to Pleasure, Wray said her old roommate, a bartender, was waiting on some people who owned an adult store down the street. He took Wray over to meet the people.

She told them she wanted to get into porn.

“So you got into the car and sucked them off,” Wankus guessed, laughing.

“Actually I went to the office the next day and did that,” said Wray, not missing a beat. Wray subsequently made the connection to Pleasure through those guys.

“They took some pictures of me and e-mailed them to Frank [at Pleasure]. It was time for the novelty show in LA and he was, like, fly her to LA. Everybody loved me and I loved everybody else.”

Wray talked about how she grew up in the middle of Bumfuck, Egypy and how guys would take sheep to a cliff and fuck them knowing they’d back up. To which Wankus wanted to know if she ever sucked one of those dicks and it tasted funny to her.

“Have you been in a sheep? Naaaaaaaa.”

Wray also said something about moving to LA.

“Eventually,” she said. Wray was asked how she came up with her porn name and whether she was a Tera Patrick fan.

“Tera is my real name,” she said. “Wray is my best friend’s middle name.” Coincidentally, Faith took her niece’s middle name. Wankus figured Tera Patrick must hate the fact Wray grabbed the name.

“What’s she going to do about it?” Wray asked. Wankus didn’t think there was another Tera out there.

“I’m sure Evan Seinfeld gets on the phone right away- change your name bitch.” Wankus laughed that he still has the image of Seinfeld on the TV show Oz lying naked in a fetal position burned in his head. Wankus mentioned that he was also traumatized by seeing his soccer coach’s hairy balls hanging out of his shorts. Wray never played soccer but participated in softball, football and basketball.

“The Tera thing is not an issue yet, but I’m sure you’re going to get a call,” he added. “But actually they’re very nice people.”

Asked what her on-camera yeses and nos were, Wray said she’d be doing boy-girl, girl-girl and mini gangbangs, meaning menage a trois. She also gets approval on whom she works with. Wray noted that Nicki Hunter was her first girl-girl scene.

“I’m so upset to hear all the stuff [about Hunter],” Wray said, indicating she just found out.

“I had cancer, too,” she added. “I was 17. I had ovarian cancer. I had a tumor on my cervix, but I was lucky I didn’t have to have chemo. The guy used a laser. Usually chemo kills people.”

Wray said she was all good now but at AVN someone stole her purse with her cellphone that had Hunter’s number. That said, Wankus wanted to make it clear, unlike what was reported [on AVN], that KSEX and Smart SMS were donating all of their profits from a text message campaign to Hunter’s cause.

“We’re not making a penny- make sure this is clear,” he said. “We’re giving our entire portion.”

So far, Wray’s shot eight scenes and her first movies come out the beginning of March one of which is Nasty Auditions in which she works with Lee Stone.

“Old crooked dick- did he pick you up?” Wankus asked. Wray said Stone turned her upside down.

“He’s good for that. Just be happy he didn’t choke you out so you passed out.”

“He almost did,” said Wray. “I like to be choked a little bit. But I’m from Kentucky- nobody back home knows how to do it, obviously. He does.”

Asked if she did anal, Wray says she wasn’t for now.

“I’m trying to slowly get into it in my personal life,” she added. Wankus suggested Jaeger. Wray said she drinks that and mentioned that Lee Stone was a pretty cool guy to work with. She described how he came to the set on a huge Harley. Wankus was doing some play by play of Wray’s scene with Stone and said the cameraman was capturing a little too much of Lee’s balls for his satisfation.

“That’s a gay cameraman,” Faith observed.

“I want to see a guy for five seconds in a twenty minute scene,” Wankus added. Wray noted that she didn’t want to get cum in her eye during the scene and Wankus recalled a girl who got eye gonorrhea.

“A KSEX deejay- her last name’s like a country [Kylie Ireland?]- she couldn’t come in; she said she got popped in the eye a few days earlier. She got gonorrhea of the eye.”

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