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Police Bust of Club Chameleon Follows on Heels of KSEX Interview

Porn Valley- Wankus interviewed Milo Fencl the owner of the Club Chameleon swingers club in Phoenix on his KSEX show last Friday night. The club is located at 3102 N. 29th Avenue, and Keri Windsor’s brother is also the general manager there. Wankus lauded the club for its operation. “You guys have an incredible club and it feels like a regular dance club,” he said. “If you feel like taking it to another level with someone or a group of someones, you can go into the back area where there’s all these clean and private rooms. I really was very impressed with Club Chameleon.”

Milo said seven years was put into the place to establish it. “As the name insinuates, we’re always changing just like a chameleon does. So we’re always trying to improve it for our members. Wankus noted because of the kind of club Milo runs, the club has been experiencing legal problems in Phoenix with people trying to shut it down. Milo was happy to report that the powers-that-be decided to drop one of the charges against them. “We hope that that’s moving us into the right direction for sexual freedom in the Phoenix area as well as the state of Arizona,” he said. “This is all over the country. There comes a point where you just have to draw a line in the sand and stand up for what you believe”

According to Milo an attempt has been made to make swingers clubs in the city of Phoenix illegal. “We called ourselves what we were and ended up fighting it out in court,” he said. “We’ve never danced around the fact that we are what we are. We don’t try to go under the guise that we’re something else, that we’re a topless bar or anything like that.”.

Wankus noted that in Los Angeles, L.A. Couples, a swingers establishment has patrons paying in advance for a “party pack” to sidestep legal issues. Milo said those issues are danced around in various wats throughout the country.

“It’s a shame that people have to be so hypocritical and dance around issues to get what they want when the reality is if these places were not successful and were as bad as some of these government agencies seem to think they are, I would think they would die their own death,” Milo continued. “But the fact is, they are popular and people are not afraid to go because they do feel safe there.” Wankus said Milo at 57 gets to have sex with some really adorable young girls. “You’re tagging some real hot girls.” Asked if he’s tagged Keri Windsor, Milo answered in the affirmative. “My webmaster says to me these gals wouldn’t be doing you if you weren’t who you are. I said, so? You’re point?”

No sooner did Milo have his interview with Wankus did the cops raid Club Chameleon the following night.

According to the Arizona Republic, Phoenix police raided the club again Saturday and arrested the manager in an ongoing dispute over whether swingers have a constitutional right to openly engage in sex at the establishment.

“Uniformed officers had to ask people to stop fornicating after they entered the room,” said Assistant City Attorney Jimmy Hays, describing activities at Club Chameleon. “They found patent sex acts, open and obvious, occurring on the premises.”

“This is nothing but naked harassment,” complained Nick Hentoff, an attorney for club owner Milo Fencl.

Last week, after city prosecutors dropped charges against Fencl from a raid last year, Hentoff filed a $500,000 claim against the city charging malicious prosecution and false arrest.

Then, on Saturday night, police arrested Kyle J. Crawford, 33, a manager of the club at 3102 N. 29th Ave., on a misdemeanor charge of operating a business where live sex acts occur. No swingers were arrested because, under public indecency laws, sexual activity is only illegal if it offends those observing it. Club members sign sworn statements advocating the conduct.

Hentoff said the city squanders tax dollars and police time assaulting small businesses to enforce an unconstitutional ordinance that carries the same penalty as a leash-law violation.

Hays said the weekend vice squad operation had been planned for weeks in response to complaints and was not in retaliation for Fencl’s civil claim.

Sgt. Lauri Williams, a Phoenix police spokeswoman, said more than 150 patrons were at Club Chameleon when investigators arrived. They gave officers a standing ovation for their professionalism during the sweep, she added.

Phoenix social clubs have been at war with the city since the ordinance was adopted five years ago. Owners claim the clubs are private, participants are consenting adults and the law violates First Amendment rights to free expression. After raids last year, Fencl and several others sent a $15 million demand letter to the city, followed by a federal lawsuit.

The city contends that the clubs are business enterprises and that open fornication is a danger to public health and morals.

Elements of the dispute have been adjudicated in Phoenix Municipal Court, Maricopa County Superior Court, the state Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Hays said Fencl was convicted once and is fighting efforts by city prosecutors to have him jailed for violating probation. The city’s legal efforts have been upheld in every venue so far, he added, and a recent dismissal of charges against Fencl had nothing to do with the merits of the ordinance. Prosecutors now have six boxes of records for the misdemeanor violations and have spent untold tax dollars on the case.

“These people are absolutely relentless,” Hays added. “The case is over. We have all the legal ammunition we need. Every argument they’ve made, they’ve lost.”




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