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Porn’s Ma Barker: Is Bianca Trump Out of Jail?

A thread about Bianca Trump aka Wendy Iwanow is resurrected on Trump went to jail in Washington state in 2006.

Dean Wormer writes: I think she’s still in the slammer. She was sentenced to three years and seven months back on November, 2006. That would put the end of her stay at around May 2010. Unless, of course, she gets/got early release.

Here’s a good background piece from on how Trump landed there:

Okay, all you pervs among our readership. Here’s a little something for you. That’s right, it’s time for OPP Porn! Thing is you may not be in the mood after reading this – unless you are really sick, and we do have to recognize the fact that some of you out there are indeed some sick bastards (as made ever so obvious by the fact that we got a mention on! Anyway, the person that has brought us to this is someone that has been around (no pun intended) for quite awhile. Wendy Iwanow was a tattoo artist who on November 7, 2003 celebrated her 31st birthday by getting nabbed by feds on a charge of forged checks as she was about to board a plane from Spokane, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona. She was traveling with the then-living Pastor Dick Butler, the founder and head of Aryan Nations, who had let her stay at his home for the week prior. It was bad enough that he ended up taking the trip to Phoenix, but it became even more embarrassing when news about Iwanow got around. That’s because people knew her in other circles, and tattoos were not the only time she was involved in the skin business. Well before she was marking up the skin of others, she was showing off her own, and a whole lot more. To a lot of men.

Men who shall we say appreciated the view and expressed their pleasure to her in many ways. On film. In short, Wendy Iwanow was better known to a lot of the sexually repressed associates of Aryan Nations as porn star Bianca Trump. For antifa, this was a great way to round out the year. For Aryan Nations, it was just another crappy day in a string of crappy days for them and their leader, who only lived a few months more after that.

Now before we begin this, we should say that as much as some out there would like to see some visual proof of her career, that might be a bit much, so if you are looking for that, ya have to just Google her. Her name, that is. Damnit, we are not going to get through this one without the puns, are we? Anyway, this is not the first time we had a porn star in the Rogues’ Gallery. That would be Sonny Landham, and we didn’t go seeking out any “proof” of his career! We will also try to stay away from the rumors about certain relationships that she is alleged to have. In short, we do not know if he and Dick Butler did the deed, nor is there any evidence that she actually had a gangbang with the Vinlander Social Club.

Well, let us start this from the beginning. As we noted, she was born Nov. 7, 1972 in Brooklyn, NY, the youngest of seven children, and was raised in the Bay Ridge section. She never had sex until she was married saying in an interview “Those were the morals I was raised with.” The fun part about that was she married at 18 to a guy that joined the Army and was stationed in Washington.

The marriage didn’t last long as she was separated after four months and divorced at 19. That adherence to the morals she was raised with pretty much went out the window just as fast. She needed money and had no work experience. She moved in with a stripper friend, and after seeing how much money she made, started doing that too. She was only going to dance a week, just enough to make the cash to go back home to Brooklyn, but three days into it, a Penthouse magazine scout asked her to pose for pictures.

That Penthouse layout led to others for Larry Flynt’s Hustler, High Society and other magazines. She did that for a year and soon the offers stopped. That’s when she did her first movie titled Two of a Kind. From 1991 to 1999 she would be seen in over 200 films. Many of them have featured her in interracial scenes and she has also worked with Ron Jeremy, who is Jewish. Because she is rather dark complexioned, she was once touted as the “Latin Goddess”. When she went WP, a lot of people in her new circles found all of this more than a bit uncomfortable when this bit of info came out!

Her first troubles with the law came around this time. In 1995, Iwanow was getting tired of the porn scene and she moved to Broward County, Florida and worked as an escort. The agency she worked for sent her to a client’s home, and after the deal, he paid her $200 in cash he stashed away in a stack of newspapers. Three months later, that client was the target of a home invasion, as three men forced their way in his house, beat him and his roommate and robbed him of $80. They had demanded that he pull out the money he kept under the newspapers, and that’s how it was reasoned that Iwanow was involved somehow. She and three ex-cons were arrested but she was found not guilty and with the prostitution charges dropped, she was free from any legal entanglements from the affair.

By 1999, she was phasing out her life in porn and starting her career as a tattoo artist. She bought a home in 2000 in the Northwood Hills section of West Palm Beach, Florida. She began to get into regular feuds with her African American next-door neighbors, a feud that shot into the stratosphere in January 2001, when an anonymous complaint was made to Palm Beach County Commissioners alleging that a woman named Bianca Trump was running a pornographic website out of her home without a business permit.

She was cleared of the charge because the images that she had on her porn site was sent to a server in Los Angeles, but by then she accused the neighbors of leaving religious pamphlets and statues on her car “A few times, they had Reverend [Thomas] Masters come out on Sunday morning, and they held a church service right in front of my house,” she said in an interview at the time. “They had, like, 40 people standing out there, screaming, doing all their Baptist, Holy Ghost-ing shit.” For the record, Rev. Masters, pastor of the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Riviera Beach and brother-in-law to Washington, D.C.’s former mayor Marion Barry, said that nothing of the sort ever happened, he was never involved in this affair, and is a little pissed that his name is even brought up in all of this.

It became a tit for tat thing between Iwanow and her neighbors, police responding to incidents approximately 141 times. One of those times was a home invasion. Men in ski-masks burst in her home during a cocktail party and robbed her guests of about $330. When the men sent Iwanow upstairs to get more money, according to police reports, she came down pumping a 12-gauge shotgun and chased the men out of the house and down the street. In October 2001 the feud culminated in a street brawl where Iwanow says she was attacked by 15 to 20 persons. The stories from both sides were so convoluted that no charges were filed. Angry, Iwanow sued the West Palm Beach Police Department, but after multiple failures on Iwanow’s part to appear in court, her suit was dismissed.

Two and a half weeks after the street fight, a judge granted Iwanow temporary restraining orders against her neighbors and their friend, but in July 2002 that friend was arrested for violating the order after Iwanow told police she verbally assaulted her. On August 14, 2002, it was Iwanow’s turn to get snatched up. A SWAT team arrived at her Palm Beach residence after reporting gunshots in her home.

Iwanow held the team at bay with that 12-gauge shotgun she used on the home invaders, a standoff lasting until the early morning of August 15. She was placed into custody for monitoring at a psychiatric hospital. In November 2002, the state attorney dropped the charges against the neighbor’s friend when Iwanow once again failed to appear in court. By that time, Iwanow had moved out of the house and the neighborhood.

The feud with her neighbors was not the only thing taking a toll on her. In November 2001, she filed for bankruptcy and also that year her silicone implants ruptured and had to be removed. According to Wikipedia, she stopped working as an escort in 2002. August 20, 2002, six days after the SWAT incident, she made her first appearance on Stormfront. Her first post was a picture. The second post read (and by the way, it’s unedited):

“To make a long story very short. My boyfriend and I bought a home unknowing that there where black people living right next door to us. Over the past 2 years all’s we do is fight with them. Last october it all came to a head in a huge free for all fight in the street.Between the State Attorney, The police, and everyone else….no one really cares. No one was arrested.

My ancesters grew up hiding who they where , even altering our last name when they came to america. I am only the 2nd generation here, but most of the family don’t speak of the good ol days.

I certainly have my own opinions and views about race and religion, but I have yet to ball them up into one clear purpose or understanding.

The end of the story is simple. My boyfriend is now my X (leaving that one alone, whole nother story). I was left here in this big house with the bad neighbors. Our friends are motual, so it’s akward to hang out with them now.

I was hoping to find my true Aryan King, but while I am here I am also reading threads to better understand myself through other peoples view.
Of couse, let me not forget, I need to figure out what to do about my neighbors….what does one do when they no longer feel safe? 2 Dobbies and a shotgun arnt cvering it.”

She only posted for a few days however. 21 posts later, her account was disabled. Why? Because it was just after someone cozied up to them and promptly gave all the information she got to us, and after looking at the model-perfect picture of Wendy Iwanow, they thought she was too good to be true and that she was another spy.

This all brings us to her 2003 arrest in Spokane. She and Dick Butler were on their way to Aryanfest which she spent last fall promoting, promising half-price tattoos at the event for all those who came out.

In February 2004, the feds failed to nail her on the forged checks charge, but it could not have ended well for her because she was a convicted felon when in February 2005 Spokane police arrested her as she hid in her mother’s basement for running a fake I.D. factory, using those IDs to steal thousands of dollars in merchandise and being a felon in possession of a handgun.

[Iwanow misspelled “license” and that’s how she got caught.]

She posted bond, but during her release, however, she and two other men kidnapped and beat up a man whom they say stole from her.

Police investigating the beating said the man was lucky to be alive. Iwanow pled guilty to second-degree assault, second-degree kidnapping and three counts of forgery, and On November 26, 2006 she was ordered to pay $602 restitution, and spend 43 months in prison.

In a few years will be out, and when that happens we will probably have something else to say about her, but we doubt it will be in the context of any work she will be doing with white supremacists, as she seems to be persona non grata with most of them. In fact, whatever we write, we doubt there will be much, but let’s see. She may not have given us her money shot just yet.


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