President Trump keeps winning!

Within his first month as being President, Donald Trump has gotten at least 1500 illegal immigrants arrested that were involved with pedophillia and sex trafficking. Compare that to the past decade in which Foster has posted numerous YouTube vids and blogs regarding pedophillia and sex trafficking and how EVERYONE that she writes about is involved with illegal activity and stalking people, how many people has Monica Foster ever gotten arrested? Not one!

Despite all of her bullshit, Foster has never taken her idiotic evidence to the FBI nor the police, even though she keeps claiming that she does yet she can’t prove it! Yet she keeps calling our wonderful new President a fraud!

Hey Foster, whatever happened to Jennifer O’Kane? You acted like she had something really going when she went off and falsely accused Dennis Hoff of raping her without a condom! Not only did nothing happen, but she went on a hiatus.



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