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Press announcement of the week: Nick Manning Reveals His Magnum Opus “Droppiiin’ Loads”

Ya gotta read this thing….

Chatsworth, Ca – Once in a generation a man appears, arising from seemingly common roots, with something undeniably magical about him to share with the world.

This revolutionary is known by his unique qualities, possessing a certain nobility of disposition, an unyielding spirit combined with an unbreakable will to share his vision, and above all enviable virility – allowing him to literally create his own myth while living it.

From Jesus Christ to Jim Morrison, from Mohammed to Mohammed Ali, these past emanations of this great spirit have shared their extraordinary wisdom, their vision of universal truth, in their own special way by using their talents to create lasting art.

For our generation that man is Nick Manning, and his stainless wisdom is the message of love, conveyed in carnal states that vacillate between euphoria and delirium and conclude with both participants and viewers entering into an enlightened state, like a rain of pure nectar falling over us all, while his catchphrase rings in the naked air, an inarguable and timeless truth – “droppin’ loads!”

Like a prophet returned from the mystical journeys through the darkness of his own soul, or Moses coming down from the mountain with his ten commandments, Nick Manning has returned to share the origins of his spiritual quest with all who would listen, and humbling taking his place in the pantheon of prophets, poets, saints, and sinners who have come before him.

“Filming Nick in action has been nothing short of a spiritual experience, like watching a Shaman perform an exorcism” explains Sin City’s Head of Production and Marketing Devan Cypher.

“I swear at times when he was really worked up his manhood transformed into a golden fiery hawk and he spoke in tongues. At one point we had to stop filming because he literally levitated six inches off the ground and began bleeding from the wounds of the stigmata.”

Despite the heavy toll filming this supernatural experience has taken on all those involved, including one lighting guy spontaneously bursting into flames and having to be baptized by Nick, it’s all been worth capturing, just so Sin City could share it with his ever growing legion of loyal fans.

“Nick journeyed into the heart of darkness with this first release,” offers Sin City General Manager Jared Sturman. “It’s an impressive display of force rarely seen these days and a fantastic start to the series. We’re proud to be able to offer this level of product to our fans. Nick Manning is hardcore.”

The first volume, which features the trademarked catch phrase fans have come to know and love in it’s proper setting, will also show an intimate look at the man, the myth, and the legend, with retrospective footage and interviews cut in from his mainstream documentary.

“We incorporated plenty of POV shots to help the viewer feel like they are right in the action with these amazing girls,” explains Nick. “I also went back and hand picked girls from my documentary to shoot scenes with, giving the project a unique look at the past as well as the present as we cut between both periods. I feel it really enhances the viewing experience and I’m sure fans will too.”

‘Droppin’ Loads’ Volume One stars sexy award winning Penthouse Pet Dyanna Lauren along with adult goddesses Sarah Jessie, Charley Chase, Tanya James, and Audrianna Angel, taking the fucking of their lives from the master himself. Manning’s perennial grin and laid back manner turn faster than the weather once he’s got these sexy starlets stripped down and ready for hard cock deep in their tight pink holes. Like a sexual act of God he channels his erotic delirium into his scenes, ravishing his lovers until they can’t take anymore and weaving a tapestry of filth and degradation with his words that culminates with his beloved mantra.

“I’m proud of what we’ve captured,” Nick confides. “There is nothing like this out there. We are breaking new ground. I honestly believe the fans are going to be blown away on every level.”

For more details on Nick Manning’s impending new ‘Dropping Loads’ series or all things Sin City visit us online at

For sales please contact to[email protected] or call Sin City toll free is 1800-748-6366.


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