Prostitute Monica Foster reveals Panda

Monica Foster has finally revealed a picture of what her dog, Panda, looked like. After reading her blogs, it makes one come to the realization that this poor animal was neglected by her! By just looking at this picture, you can see that this poor animal wasn’t happy with its owner. How often did Panda go hungry? How often did Panda go without his vaccinations? How often did Foster avoid taking him to the park and play with other dogs? What abuse did Panda have to endure from Monica Foster? Peanut butter on the pussy trick?

This poor innocent creature is in Heaven and has no memory of his tormentor/owner. Over the years, we have all witnessed that Monica Foster is an alcoholic and drug addict who has an uncontrollable anger issue. Also, Foster is a coward who is scared to confront people in person, unless it’s in mediation, so how often did Foster take her rage out on Panda?

Let’s not forget, that Monica Foster used to post on Christian Michael Wians and made threats to kill people’s pets! Monica Foster is an animal abuser as much as she is a threat to children!


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    • Foster wants another mediation confrontation because we all know that she can’t stand before a judge as she knows that she can’t prove shit!

    • WTF are you going to serve me with, you tard? We all know that you’re too cowardly to stand before a judge and I have the court document to prove it. What, you want another court mediation conference? I’m surprised that you don’t want to admit that I got you served with a CEASE AND DESIST & DEMAND LETTERS at that court mediation.

      You want to go back to court mediation so that you can play victim and tell the mediator that you fear for your life of me and you can’t prove jack shit which is why you fucked up one year ago next month by not appearing before the judge at that TPO hearing, you moron?! Hey Foster, when are you going to get the cops involved? It’s funny how me and so many others are stalking you and other BS that you lie about, yet you won’t get the cops involved! That’s right, you do yet you can’t prove it like you did with serenity haze!

  1. Did Panda Mayers die or was it given to the pound because she couldn’t afford to feed the thing? Maybe she just didn’t feed it and it croaked.

    • Maybe she sold him so that she can buy a pack of cigarettes and boxed wine! With this picture, that dog didn’t have good grooming from her. That kind of dog needs special grooming or it’s fur gets all nappy and it actually hurts the animal.

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