Racist hate monger Monica Foster threatens suicide over Twitter and nobody cares…

Racist hate blogger Monica Foster wrote what amounted to a novel earlier this week where she hinted at suicide. She posted a link to this pity party on Twitter for all 13,800* of her followers to see and got exactly zero (0) responses and a whole 2 retweets – one of which was by one of her alt accounts. She later deleted the tweet. The lack of responses could be in part because *the majority of her followers are fake (She doesn’t have 300 followers COMBINED on her other 2 main Twitter accounts) and it could also be because she has been threatening to kill herself for over 5 years and never does anything.

Where were all the people trying to talk her out of it? We suppose no one feels any sympathy for a piece of shit bigot that blames racism on all her failures in life and who accuses every enemy that she has of the most heinous thing possible – being a pedophile. Of course she has no proof of any of this which is why she is about to go nearly a half a million dollars in debt for her lies. You can’t go around shooting your fat mouth off and expecting there to be no consequences. The race card is getting real old and if you keep popping off and lying and calling every person that offends you a pedo with no proof, you’ll get sued many more times and go deeper into debt. Go ahead and shoot for $1 million in debt.

This piece of human excrement also threatened to leave Twitter – except for posting links there to her #fakenews stories from her hate blogs. Basically, she’s not quitting anything, just moving everything over to her hate sites. She will never leave social media because she has absolutely no life off of it. Maybe do what Pauly Harker did and delete your account and fuck off if you’re serious about it. You’re leaving Twitter like you left Streamate – She claims to not have cammed in a year but her Streamate profile says she logged in January 26. You are going nowhere and you know it.

We have already said that we won’t encourage her to kill herself. She will just call us racists and a hate site and will spin it like we are pushing her to harm herself. We just hope Judge Rob Bare brings the hammer down hard on her and forces her into a Mike South type situation where she has to surrender her sites and accounts and shut the fuck up. This is the only way she will ever come offline.

Will Ryder posted this about Foster on our blog:

I got dragged into this entire Monica Foster thing over the years with her endless blogs and video posts and now reading her insane rants is just another form of entertainment for me. It’s like watching Seinfeld but without the creativity, humor or intelligence. She may not be on the level of the writers of Seinfeld or even that of Not the Cosbys XXX for that matter, but Ms. Foster has shown a certain amount of talent, creativity and humor especially in those cartoon animations she has created so apparently she does pack some wit.

With all due respect to the great Mr. Ryder, we don’t think she’s that talented or creative. She hasn’t been able to make a decent living in over 10 years of trying to promote her art, music, cartoons and even her pussy. She needs to fuck off and try something else off of the internet and stop bothering people. As for suicide, won’t happen. She will die of a heart attack or stroke at some point in her mid 50’s probably somewhere in a Florida homeless shelter, alone, unmarried and childless. That’s the only way this nightmare will end for a lot of people.


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