READER MAIL: AdultFYI readers chime in on Monica Foster judgement

Our inbox has been flooded with readers that are excited that Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster took it up the ass this week. Here are some of their comments:

THANK GOD that racist witch was stopped! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



Maybe now she will learn not to pop off and lie about people and their families.


Sick of this bitch. So glad she got popped right in the mouth for her lies.


Thank you Randazza Legal! Finally someone stood up to that racist cyberbully and sent them a message!


Finally this is over! She accused me of rape about 10 years ago and ruined my life. KARMA!


Thank you Gene for exposing this FAKE Christian and thank you to the team of lawyers that brought her down. Justice has been served!


Who would hire her for ANYTHING after this knowing when things go bad for her, she will lie, cheat and do anything to defame people. This is one reason as a business owner, I do not hire black people! No integrity!


Her cowardice did her in. The fact that she refused to show up in the court room and never took this case seriously bit her in the ass. The judge ruled the right way.


When will an officer stop by to start collecting her things? If she has things of value, Randazza owns them now!


Great to see the bully brought down. Twitter has any integrity and we know they do not, they would ban her for life from their platform.


Seems her long laundry list of requirements that potential suitors must meet just got a bit shorter. What man would take on the responsibility of paying back debts that her fat mouth got her into. Good luck!


Since this will not silence her and it will take jail and criminal charges to do so, I am looking forward to seeing her hauled off to the slammer one day soon. Maybe we will get to see her on camera in an episode of Lockup! LOL!


She can kiss her webcamming goodbye unless she wants to use the funds to pay the legal debt. I see she logged on just last week. Well any privates she gets MUST go towards paying off her HUGE debts!


I wonder if her white knights will volunteer to pay part of her debt. YEAH RIGHT! The white knights will be exposed now as perverts that don’t care about her and only wanted to get in her pants!


What an absolute disgrace she is to her whole family. The rest of the family isn’t perfect but how do you go that far in debt just for saying stupid shit on the net? She’s a MORON!


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