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Reina Leone and Joe Friday

Porn Valley- Reina Leone who appears in Meat Pushin’ 2 for Evolution Erotica, [where she does her first anal she told us] was a guest of Selena Silver, this week on KSEX,

Silver is doing a series on porn stars and their relationships with Leone and partner Joe Friday obviously qualifying having been together for three years. They’re married but there seemed to have been some hesitation on the answer which Silver picked up. “To each other,” Friday qualified though Leone said she was on the hunt for a girlfriend.

Speaking from experience, the Silvers said the key to that was finding someone compatible to both parties. Asked how she would describe her relationship, Leone said, “A lot of laughs, pretty understanding and very Open. You have to have a really good communication if you’re going to work in this business and have a healthy relationship.”

Leone said they were married but she started working first in the business. “Then he [Friday] recently started working. He had to get used to me working with other guys.” Two years ago Leone said she was at AEE and walked by the Evil Angel booth.

“I got mesmerized by Belladonna’s luscious ass. I took pictures with her. She was like I have to shoot you. She shot me and that’s where it all started. She shot me in Bella’s Perversions 3 and it went from there.”

Friday said he was always into porn and when he met Leone she actually had a better porn collection than he did.

“Ii was pretty well stocked.” Friday said it was his suggestion to check out AEE and see what it was all about and have some fun.

“We were approached by producers, are you in the business? Do you want to be in the business? They just handed out opportunities to shoot. She took the opportunity to shoot with Bella first. I sat there for that scene.”

Leone remembers Friday making her not shower afterwards because he wanted to fuck her with all the pussy juices still intact. Asked what she did before she got into porn Leone said she worked at a hospital and still does.

“Porn to me is kind of fun. I don’t really rely on it as income. It’s a way for me to keep the sex life spicy and a way for me to experience fantasies and fuck hot bitches.” Friday, who also a regular paying job, said porn for them is an on-the-side thing. “We travel in from work and when it’s done we leave.”

Friday and Leone have worked together and started off that way. “Now we work independently from each other,” Leone states. Leone said she has jealousy issues because she’s a woman but that Friday, if he does, doesn’t talk about it. Friday says he deals with it well.

“There are certain things that are obvious,” he added. “She’s my queen so any guy’s going to have jealousy issues but it’s business. It really means nothing.”

Friday said the stipulation at work is when Leone shoots a scene, he drops her off. “That’s it. I go take care of things. Or I usually try to book myself a scene at the same time.”

Leone said doggie was her favorite sex position. “Because you can get really deep and pounded hard.” And she likes being submissive. Leone said she was currently rebuilding her website and that it should be up in time for Erotica L.A. “It will be” The site, according to Leone, is still under construction but should be up in a couple of weeks.

The couple was asked if they liked to meet the talent the other half is working with. Friday said that was a good question. “That actually comes up quite a bit. Generally we have found it easier if she doesn’t see who I’m working with, at least before. And she certainly won’t stick around and watch a scene.”

As far as guys, Friday said you pretty much know the name. “I don’t really care. She’s worked with familiar guys so far and they’re been really respectful. And it hasn’t been much of an issue.” But Friday also said if there was a guy that he didn’t like, or if Leone felt the same way about, they would both agree, out of respect to one another, not to work with that performer, the same rules applying to Friday.

Digging for dirt, Kent Silver asked Friday if he had any couples blow-up stories. “We kind of sit on the outside of the circle,” Friday said. “We kind of watch from the outside. We don’t have too many good stories.” Asked if he would blow the whistle on themselves, Friday said it’s all been good. “For instance I’m doing a scene tonight. It’s a sensitive one because it’s with somebody who I’ve wanted to shoot with even before I got into the business. I landed a scene with her. Reina, fortunately, was able to eat her pussy all day today [Wednesday]. Reina actually did a girl-girl scene with her a couple of weeks back. It was pretty hot but I didn’t get to see that one.”

Asked if they were swingers off camera, Leone said they weren’t hardcore swingers. “But I like to bring other girls into the relationship. Threesomes. Usually I have control of who I pick and what not. But we don’t include other men.” Friday said since they both have the same taste in women it’s a win-win situation.


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