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Renee Pornero Visits KSEX

Porn Valley- A recent guest of the Howard Stern show, Renee Pornero practically had a German brass band introduction on KSEX Wednesday night, That’s because Pornero has an oompah documentary crew following her around. Pornero, who’s actually from Austria, told Wankus the Austrians and Germans get along and that the documentary is being shot for a German pay TV channel about European porn stars. The host of the show is a German performer named Conny Dachs, who was also a guest on the show. “He’s Elvis Costello meets Charlie Sheen,” said Wankus. “He’s got that mix.

Pornero, who mentioned that she’ll be leaving the country in three weeks to go back to Europe, said when she first met Conny she took him for Tommy Lee. Wankus, begging to differ, said Conny didn’t look anything like Tommy Lee.

Pornero, also reported that she was starting her own production company. “There’s no name for the company yet,” she said. Pornero said her most important project will be the start up of a POV line. “I’m actually doing the camera.” Wankus said he’s never seen a female POV. “Usually you see guys do that when they get blowjobs.” Pornero said she’ll be shooting the scenes while using a strap-on.

Asked if there were any particular scenes that she wanted to tout, Pornero mentioned the scene she shot recently with Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander for Otto and Audrey Destroy the World, a title coming out from Wildlife. Wankus also asked Pornero if she was still with the same guy from the last time she was on his show. “He looked like a punk rocker. A skinny guy. A nice guy.” Pornero said they still hang out together. Wankus said Pornero had pointed that they were into some wild shit with freaky parties. “You notice I never get invited to these parties,” he laughed.

“That’s true,” said Pornero.

Bringing on Conny, Wankus said he was a well known porn star in Germany. “A great personality. And he got his first American AIDS test today [Wednesday].” Though he didn’t see any Tommy Lee resemblance, Wankus asked on behalf of co-ho Michelle Lay if Connie were hung sizably. “Is there Tommy Lee in there,” Pornero also asked. Conny explained that he was host of a Premier pay TV show in Germany called Pure Lust, which is the rough American translation. Wankus and Conny then improvised a few bars from a German folksong. Wankus said he sang the same song for Dru Berrymore when she was on he show but she didn’t know it: “What the fuck kind of German are you !!?”

Conny, noting that his name was short for Conrad, attempted to describe his show. “Nothing happens.” Wankus said that sounds like a description of his own show. Pornero explained that Conny assumes a number of different ocupations in an attempt to woe women. Wankus said from his own experiences over there, he found Germans shy about that kind of outgoing humor. “I tried to pull a few things and people think you’re nuts. They call the police.”

Pornero said there had been an incident earlier in the day when they were in a car. Conny was goofing and the guy in the car next to them said, DeNiroesque, “Are you talking to me?” Wankus thought that Conny and Pornero had a litle bit of history. “You fucked around a little bit before.” Pornero said she had done her first scene in Germany with him.

Asked how he got his break in the business, Conny said he worked at a German holiday resort and did things like commercials. Judging by his performance at PSK, Wankus said he was a pretty good singer as well. Wankus said Conny was pretty animated in his performance but that it was a typical LA crowd.

Pornero noted that she was shooting for Kylie Ireland Thursday along with Arianna Jollee and Avy Lee Scott. Pornero then started talking about a bowling alley and sounded like she lost Wankus somewhere in the gutter. “So you got a lot of stuff going on,” Wankus said, attempting to sum that up.

Michelle Lay said her company, Insanity Pictures, www.insanity pictures. com had just released a movie with Pornero titled Anal Instincts #2. Pornero remembered that her ass had been bleeding that day.


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