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Rob Black: A Number of Performers Are Carrying Notes That They’ve Been treated for Syphilis

Rob Black touched on this story yesterday:

“The talent is smartening up and some of the old guard know their time is up and they’re going to jail soon,” Black said on his show Friday afternoon.

“Some of the other companies are on the fence because they don’t want to lose their money to Frank Koretsky and Steve Hirsch, but they are owned by good people who are saying how do I make the condom switch where I don’t have Steve Hirsch, Frank Koretsky and New Frontier media cable up my ass.

“As lawsuit after lawsuit happens, more and more people are going to be exposed for the criminals they are,” Black predicted.

“As more people hear me they’ll go holy shit.

“This is another scandal that will bring down Christian Mann in a criminal capacity,” Black added.

“It really makes your skin crawl. This conversation I had was disturbing, and I say it in such a way that can only be described as unbelievable.

“The Mr. Marcus syphilis debacle- what we all remember about it is pretty simple. Mr. Marcus was faking his test that shows he was positive for syphilis.

“He was shooting and working with talent and circumventing the system. Somehow he proceeded to work with countless numbers of talent. He worked, and covering his penis were these white lesions.

“Marcus somehow circumvented the PASS system. Somehow this system that Christian Mann professes to his buddy Richard Abowitz at The Daily Beast how this system is flawless.

“Peter Acworth says we’ve never had a disease on set in ten years. They quote these lies. But somehow Marcus is running around with syphilis and they’re all saying the system works. How does that make any sense?

“If he had HIV he would have given it to 30 people. That’s how many people got dosed with Marcus’ syphilis. I want all the talent to explain- if you feel so comfortable with this system and don’t need to wear condom.

“This great system we have now we had a year ago when Mr. Marcus worked for weeks and weeks and infected countless numbers of people. You don’t hear that because Christian Mann is a liar. Diane Duke is a liar. Marci Hirsch is a liar.

“Talent, if you feel so at ease and so comfortable now that we got to the bottom of the HIV crisis, how is it this system that’s supposed to be flawless, how is it that more than a year ago Mr. Marcus infected a whole bunch of people and it was covered up, but somehow the system works?”

Black said there are girls sitting on the sidelines because of that outbreak but they’re not speaking up.

“Diane Duke, Christian Mann have hidden it. Mr. Marcus dosed a bunch of talent. That talent was notified by Dr. Miao. That talent had to be treated for syphilis. This talent has the syphilis in their system and it shows up on tests.

“About five months ago we discussed that if directors and producers wanted to have the true syphilis test, it would show all these people that have it. Diane Duke and Christian Mann had to give talent notes that say they have the syphilis antibodies in them and that they were cured and treated but they still have the antibodies in their system.

“Just like you will always have herpes. Talent have sick doctor notes that state the talent are positive with syphilis but have been treated though they have it in their system.

“Christian Mann and Diane Duke told everybody that Mr. Marcus didn’t infect one person,” Black continued.

“That is a lie. Mr. Marcus infected people and they dropped out. Those people weren’t going to carry around a note. Mr. Marcus dosed a whole bunch of people. Those talent will show they have syphilis in their blood and were treated for it and will always have it in their system.

“It shows that Mr. Marcus infected talent and Diane Duke is a liar. They’re giving notes to producers who are letting them lie. And you wonder why it’s not safe to work without a condom.

“They flat out lied to you about syphilis to the point where Christian Mann sits on stage with Mr. Marcus and say that he’s a cool guy though they covered it up because they couldn’t say Mr. Marcus infected people and got through a system Diane Duke and Christian Mann say is flawless.

“There are producers who know what I’m talking about. Federal investigators know what I’m talking about. There are so many people who know what I’m talking about.

“What you guys did was so criminal- to watch you die in a pit of lies and you suffocate because the oxygen is the truth you can’t get to. They told everybody that Mr. Marcus did not infect one person. That is a lie. Mr. Marcus infected a whole bunch of people. I know one, and I was told that everybody who worked with him is fucked. You can do the math and see what girls disappeared and reappeared mysteriously. There are tests to show that people have this in their system.”

Black says he has talent ready to speak and notes ready to produce.

“Are any of you disturbed by this?” he asked.

“Christian Mann and Diane Duke, Peter Acworth they all told everybody that Mr. Marcus didn’t infect anybody and that he was a rogue asshole. Everybody that got syphilis- a shitload of people- were give notes and told to shut the fuck up, take the medicine and fuck off. I know there’s talent out there who have it and when they’re tested it shows up. Christian Mann and Diane Duke have covered up a whole bunch of cases of syphilis.

“But no one wants to wear condoms? Any of you strong women directors with consciences you don’t want to wear condoms, right?

“This was covered up,” repeated Black.

“Mr. Marcus, thank God didn’t have HIV. All of you girls out there who have syphilis you should be pissed off and should line up with attorneys next week to take Christian Mann, Diane Duke and put them out in the street.

“What they did amounts to war crimes. It’s like gassing your people. How do you dodge this bullet? Now we have three people with HIV. If we went with condoms with Mr. Marcus this game would have been different. Why is it the leadership of this business isn’t smartening up?

“I don’t understand. The leadership is out to destroy the talent. How do you explain what they do. Syphilis is something this business had never seen and instead of doing the responsible thing they cover it up. Are any of you going to debate if Clover has syphilis? I bet it’ll show he was treated but still has it in his system. These people didn’t do the right thing.

“You have talent that go to sets with a note that says they’ve been treated for syphilis. It’s like a bad horror movie that just keeps happening and it never stops. And we’re listening to the Diane Duke and Christian Mann interviews saying the same thing over an over again that the policy works. The policy is you hide what happens and that’s how the system works.

“We also have to ask ourselves how many real cases of HIV come up. What else have they covered up? You can’t because they are hiding it. Here’s something else frightening. Syphilis can increase the risk for HIV infection. The frightening thing is Marcus had all those syphilis sores.

“You talk about Mr. Marcus and all those white spots- those were syphilis sores and it was in that stage of the infection. Anyone who worked with Mr. Marcus they got it and will all test positive for syphilis.

“All of that was covered up so Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Manwin, Cutting Edge all these people had to go about with this lie that Mr. Marcus didn’t infect anybody in this business. Do you find it coincidental that shit was covered up and now we’re getting cases of HIV, and I just read from a government document that syphilis increases the risk of HIV infection and anyone diagnosed with syphilis should be tested for HIV. Is this a coincidence or are we on to something?

“We had a syphilis outbreak that infected a shitload of talent. It was covered up and months later we had a guy named Clover that was covered up, and we had a guy [Alex Gonz] with Hepatitis C and that was covered up and now we have four cases of HIV.

“Is any talent a little scared yet or is anything I’m saying not ringing? I’m making stuff up, right?


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