Rob Black Addresses Peter Acworth’s “Fast and Loose” Comments

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Peter Acworth wrote the following:

Rob Black on his Thursday afternoon show addressed Acworth’s “fast and loose” description with way the Aids Healthcare Foundation is characterizing his porn sets.

“Peter Acworth talks about generating hysteria around HIV and how the AHF is playing loose with the facts,” said Black.

“I said this before. Our industry seems to think we are an industry, and the day when our industry is regulated is the day we are an industry. ‘Till then we are thieves, pirates, felons and rag tag misfits that operate under the guise of moratoriums that only apply to certain people.

“Kevin Moore shot during the moratorium. Kevin Moore works for Evil Angel. That is it, plain and simple. So you hear a man named Peter Acworth tell you the Aids Healthcare Foundation plays it fast and loose with facts. The Aids Healthcare Foundation cares for our industry when performers have HIV. That’s the deal.

“Our industry that says we are an industry shoots during it’s own imposed moratorium. That’s not playing loose with facts. This loose thing is when people say gave Rod Daily and Cameron Bay HIV. Every other fact is truth, so I’m trying to figure which facts are loose. We didn’t see Cameron Bay get the bug. The loose part is saying Kink gave Cameron Bay HIV.

“The punctured tit? That’s true. Bleeding on the set? That’s true. Other women being bruised and assaulted by fans? That’s true. Christian Mann and Evil Angel shot during the moratorium so let’s call a spade a spade.

“I’m trying to figure how Aids Healthcare Foundation is playing loose with the facts. Here’s another fact that nobody seems to bring up. Rod Daily posts two months of negative tests before he tested positive. Everybody blew that off, but Rod got rebate money because he paid for his tests. Rod Daily tested negative for months and months and months long before the Kink incident.

“He went to Kink along with his girlfriend Cameron Bay and the rest is history. But Peter Acworth is playing loose with the facts. PASS is paying Rod Daily money, here’s $18 bucks back, thanks.

“All the bullshit you try to talk gets smacked back in your face. Every time you say loose with the facts, there are no facts that are loose. Evil Angel played with the moratorium, and no one’s talking about Sofia Delgado who vanished and no one ever admits that she was here.

“Somehow she doesn’t exist. And she’s the other girl HIV positive. She just vanished. Someone must have given Sofia a hundred grand and told her you be gone. Peter Acworth, the facts are plain and simple. What Aids Healthcare Foundation is saying is true. The only thing in dispute is whether Cameron got HIV on that shoot.

“Peter Acworth, are you serious? Why does nobody demand, ‘hey Christian Mann will you talk? Will you speak? Will you answer questions?’

“Same thing with John Stagliano. Why won’t you speak? Why will no one call Steve Orenstein. Doesn’t anyone think it’s about time that these owners start talking? Do you not see what’s going on?

“This isn’t an industry, it’s just a business. So as a business, will you guys just stand up and speak? Even people I thought were good- Adam & Eve are you that gutless? This isn’t just me now making fun of all of us. This is real. The entire world is looking at us and nobody will speak up and not in a general bullshit soundbite that makes us all look bad. When we have a fight you’re all the first to abandon ship.”


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