Rob Black: AEBN Knows the Score and They Back Nica Noelle

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“Nica Noelle came out for condoms, and she’s very courageous,” Rob Black was saying on his Monday afternoon show..

“I’m looking to reach out to Ms. Noelle and have a conversation with her. I’m not going into an AVN spiel, and we’re all in agreement that AVN is nothing more than a propaganda piece for whatever position they want to take, whether it’s the HIV debate with condoms or 2257. Any of these things.

“Then it becomes nothing more than propaganda for Manwin. They [AVN] report on the Nica Noelle story and pepper it with snarky little comments.

“We could go as the day is long on their take of things, but it’s AVN. You have people that are saying silly things. Nica Noelle is a high profile woman with a real studio behind her. AEBN are the distributors for the Nica Noelle product, and they are the biggest VOD studio out there.

“They themselves seem to be selling condom product well enough that they have no problem with Nica Noelle going condom and the catastrophic sales plummet resulting from it.

“AEBN has this means to analyze data and I’m sure corporate would have advised Nica it was a death sentence to go condom and have a moral center,” Black pointed out.

“When you are homeless it amounts to a death sentence. But I’m sure AEBN told her there would be more publicity which in turn makes it more profitable for her and they got on board with her and her product. When you have a company worth hundreds of millions they care about the bottom dollar.

“Wicked has been excelling like that over a decade.”

Black suspected that if Steve Orenstein trimmed fat in his company he wouldn’t need the Manwin corporate dole and still could make money hand over fist.

“AEBN knows the numbers considering the fact they cut Wicked checks,” said Black.

“They know the climate, and AEBN one of the corporate giants said we support you and encourage you and we’ll get on board. Nica Noelle is not a dummy and it doesn’t matter how she arrived to where she got. Where we are going is for safety and an organized labor movement all under one roof. It doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we get there at the end. So people need to grow up in their statements because they have no leg to stand on.”


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