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Rob Black asks: If You Have No Social Skills, What is Derek Hay Going to Do For You?

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“Why the fuck does any girl in this business need an agent when there are four reputable companies left that, with an agent or not you deal with, regardless?” asked Rob Black,

“After that you have a bunch of bottom feeders that will find you, regardless, with a Twitter page and an e-mail. After that it’s a bunch of hooker jobs. If all you want is to be a hooker, I will help you and I will have some people help you with the brothels that are outside of Las Vegas. But today it stops.

“I’ve been asked when will I focus on the agents. Maybe today’s the day because Mike South got me so fucking upset with his little report that I’ve been saying forever. So maybe I have to break down the way the whole system works.

“I just laid out a whole system of why Bonnie Rotten is the star of Rambone. It doesn’t matter if she’s pretty or not; it doesn’t matter if she has tattoos or not, I just laid out the system of how it works.

“Here’s my question to all of the talent out there? Why do you need Derek Hay? Why do you need Spiegler? Why do you need 101 Modeling with Bud Lee and Robert Moran? Why do you need ATMLA which is Shy Love? Why do you need The Ideal Management which is T Reel whatever his fucking name is? Why do you need the guy at Vanguard? Why do you need any of these guys I don’t understand.

“Unless you are a complete, dumb, incompetent girl that thinks nothing more of themselves than as a piece of human garbage that is never going to amount to anything more than being a little cum dumpster. That’s fine.

“Raise your hand and say that’s what I am, Rob Black. But if you are not that girl, explain to me why you still are with an agent that gives you a contract and says I have you for three years and you actually believe that.

“And nobody will tell you different and everybody makes you believe that Derek Hay has some kind of power that he will call studios and they’re not going to hire you and if they do hire you they’re going to take your money and give it to him.

“Who tells you that? What male talent won’t give any of the girls honesty. Is it the same guys that are with LA Direct that have no fucking balls?

“Any guy that’s with an agent does escorting work. That’s the only thing I can think of because if you don’t have enough social skills that you can talk to Sharman at Hustler who’s the fucking booker- if you don’t have enough social skills where you can’t be social with Drew Rosenfeld over there. If you aren’t social enough where those two people don’t like you, then what the fuck is Derek Hay going to do for you?

“I don’t get it. If Axel Braun doesn’t like you and Axel Braun is the boss at Vivid and Shylar Cobi doesn’t like you and Marci doesn’t like you, then what the fuck is Derek Hay and LA Direct going to do?

“What is Mark Spiegler going to do? I’m completely baffled. If Axel Braun does not like you and I love Axe, if Axel says I don’t want to use that girl, what do you think? Derek Hay is going to march over to Axel’s trailer and say, ‘I’m going to kick your ass.’

“Who gives a shit? You think Spiegler’s going to roll up in his car. You think Bud Lee? What do you think any of these guys are going to do? As Axel Braun says I ain’t using that guy or I ain’t using that girl. What the fuck do you think is going to happen?

“Every owner already despises the fucking agents. And the only reason is they deal with them is you have producers and directors that are the buffers.

“You’ll have Shylar Schmoolie being the one who deals with Derek. So you tell me what the fuck is Derek going to do if Axel Braun sees Lexi Belle at a show, and she goes I want to work for you. And he goes, ‘I hate Derek- go fuck yourself and I’ll never use you if you’re with Derek.’

“And she goes back to Derek and says, ‘Axel Braun called me a bitch and said he’ll never use me if I’m with you.’ What the fuck do you think Derek’s going to do?”

to be continued


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