Rob Black Attacks Diane Duke’s Magic HIV Theory; Concludes That HIV is in the Talent Pool

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Wednesday afternoon Free Speech put out a press release that expects everyone in the business to believe that Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and Sofia Delgado acquired HIV outside the business through separate contacts with people not involved in the industry.

“All evidence points to private exposure to virus, which was identified before entering the performer pool by existing protocols,” the press release went on to say. Naturally, Rob Black tore the Free Speech statements apart. First, he had this to say:

“We have lying, corruption and performer Sofia Delgado having tested positive,” stated Black.

“I hope she’s seeking help and treatment. The jig is up, but nothing will happen until Diane Duke, Christian Mann, John Stagliano are all brought up on criminal charges. When that organization [Free Speech] is gone and there is no debate, we will flourish.

“But the number one focus right now is getting rid of PASS, the Free Speech Coalition, and having a district attorney investigate them.

“I say you talk to the people who are part of Manwin. Right now we could talk about everything, but after this is the second HIV performer from the same agent, Mark Sphincter [Schechter].”

Black who has been talking to people at AHF notes that the Feds are now actively involved in the Florida investigation reported on last week.

“We need to not shoot,” advised Black.

“I called for the moratorium before, but Vivid had to shoot their two movies, and, in the mean time, Ms. Delgado contracted HIV. This is the same woman who Diane Duke told us she was new to the business and not around many people. This girl was not relatively new. Cameron Bay I never saw. This girl I’ve seen. Even more bizarre, ATMLA still has Cameron’s pictures on the site. Why would you do that?

“Christian Mann, John Stagliano, Diane Duke, Marci Hirsch, Steven Hirsch they all just go on like nothing happened. Now you’re seeing stuff hitting home and Wicked’s involvement with Manwin and Wicked shooting non condom product for Manwin.

Black also wondered how much Dr. Miao of Cutting Edge was getting paid in all this. Last night Black did the math and figured Free Speech was easily taking in $1.2 million annually off the top in testing.

“It can’t be much,” said Black answering his own question. He then compared Dr. Miao to a “weed doctor” where he was either too stupid to practice real medicine or is shady enough to be involved in these kinds of enterprises.

“Right now Cutting Edge should be out of business because if every one of you performers stopped going there, they’d be done,” said Black.

“After all the information I’ve given you, if you are still going there, you’re a retard. We are in a land of fantasy. We now have another performer who is HIV positive. We know nothing because Diane Duke said she didn’t work with anybody? Remember?

“She didn’t work with people, but now they’re testing first generation people. Are people being notified this girl did off camera work? This performer has been out and about for over a week waiting for her re-test.

“This girl has been walking around with it for over a week. It doesn’t bother anyone, right? It doesn’t bother anyone that Diane Duke, the lot of them, knew about this girl before Vivid shot their movie, and why that moratorium was lifted is beyond me.

“You tell me this girl is from Arizona, and that’s the tie-in, that Arizona is diseased? And remember Diane Duke said she’s never worked with Cameron Bay and Rod Daily. Does this not bother anybody?

“How does Sofia Delgado have HIV? Who is ATMLA working with that their girls have HIV? Where did Sofia Delgado get the HIV bug from? If we kept that moratorium, we would have been able to sniff this out because she was positive about the same time as Cameron.

“Cameron and Rod, HIV; Sofia Delgado, HIV. They’re saying she did not work with them. So there’s got to be another HIV out there. We have HIV in our business. It’s like a cold. You work without a condom, you run the risk of HIV. This isn’t curable where you get a shot in your ass and you don’t have it.

“Cameron Bay and Rod Daily contracted HIV. If there’s no connection to them, where did Sofia Delgado pick up the bug, and what makes you think whoever gave it to her isn’t around to give it to others?

“HIV is in our talent pool,” Black declared.

“Manwin is also on borrowed time. Right now in Florida, the Feds are involved. They are getting involved in Florida and they will be involved in the Jim Lane/Devil’s Film situation.

“But I guess Xander Corvus’ little birdie dropped HIV on Sofia Delgado. I know everyone wants to believe this safety protocol exists and we got to rid these evil performers.

“Sofia Delgado did nothing more than be part of a system that fucks you over for $1.5 million a year. Congratulations, Christian Mann, and John Stagliano. Chalk up another performer you can have sex with in your harem. Add her to the list, John, good job. While you made sure Vivid shot Spiderman, Sofia Delgado got HIV. Good job.”

Black noted that a civil war will likely ignite Friday morning whether AB640 is passed or not on Thursday.

“Steve Hirsch and Christian Mann are now running the show,” observed Black.

“Steve Hirsch was successful because of Bill Asher, and Christian Mann bankrupted companies. Before Bill Asher, Steve Hirsch was nothing more than a successful pornographer. Steve Hirsch tried to come out with a Vivid extreme line and we had to sue them for a trademark infringement and they had to stop. That was Vivid.

“That was Mr. Visionary Steve Hirsch. He had more money than me because he was in the business longer, but he made piece of shit soft movies nobody wanted to see. Bill Asher made Vivid. Crazy Rob Black- you’re lucky I didn’t have a Bill Asher. You would have all been working for me.

“I had parties where David Lee Roth performed, fuck you. Steve Hirsch was a loser and right now he’s running our talent testing system with his loser-in-crime Christian Mann.”

Black then addressed Free Speech’s latest statement claiming that Bay, Daily and Delgado got HIV outside the system.

“So that means Sofia Delgado is a junkie crackhead like Cameron Bay and Rod Daily because they didn’t get it on set. You guys realize that Christian Mann and John Stagliano, who was beyond irresponsible, sits there with Christian Mann and sent out a letter stating: ‘In the meantime, as an industry, we should give what support we can to Ms. Bay, Mr. Daily and the third affected performer. No matter how it was contracted, they are members of our community and deserve our compassion, and respect for coming forward and helping to identify anyone who might have been exposed.’

“So what they’re saying, is, it doesn’t matter that they’re junkie crackhead faggots. Our three doctors have conducted their investigation and have concluded they got it from outside the business by hanging out, going to parties, Sardos, hanging out doing what performers do.

“You realize that Diane Duke, Christian Mann are saying none of these people got it on set. They got HIV from personal contact, privately. Who else would they be hanging out with, aliens?

“Explain to me who were these people privately with? I don’t know too many performers who hang out with people who are not part of our business. John Stagliano carries out private relationships with girls in the business, so this is the same thing.

“Free Speech in this official press release said they did it privately. Let’s do the math. Everybody in this business knows no one goes off with complete strangers. These personal private people, our performers, caught HIV from complete strangers out of the blue.

“Three adult performers happened to find three complete strangers they do not know and had unprotected sex, and those strangers by coincidence all had HIV in an unprotected situation. Do you believe that bullshit?

“How are you listening to this scenario that they’re spinning? Our industry leaders have put out a press statement and what they have said is that these three performers who contracted HIV, those three did not give each other HIV.

“They contracted HIV separately and privately outside of the set and outside of the adult business. That is what they’re telling everybody. The three PASS physicians said that no performers were exposed to any of these people, there’s no additional risks but right now they’re saying all evidence points to the outside, and all the protocols work.

“The doctors at PASS have conducted their investigation and the moratorium will be extended but be assured these three people caught it privately.

“What Diane Duke, Christian Mann are saying is that while these three adult performers were in the business, they never had sex with each other.

“Then, at individual times in the past month, these three performers went outside of our business and happened to find three complete strangers and had unprotected sex with them, and those three people happened to have HIV. What are the odds?

“Somehow we’re led to believe the magic HIV theory like the magic bullet theory. We’re being lied to because they know they’re going to jail soon, and this is the best they can come up with?

“Christian Mann and Steve Hirsch are at the fuck it phase. It must be Kate Miller from Manwin telling them this is what you’re going to say. But you don’t think people are going to say this story is bullshit?

“Even the lowest class of porn escorts would tell you I don’t do bare back with somebody I don’t know. Even the lowest garbage porn escort will tell you that. I guarantee you with their finger nails pulled out, these girls will not have unprotected sex with someone they don’t know.

“Every girl who would have contracted a disease privately got it from somebody they knew. If you’re going to tell me these performers are irresponsible junkie vagrant loser assholes who lived in a box under a bridge and let strangers cum in their ass, you’re lying to yourself.

“They got it from people in the business- either friends or workers. It’s now in our business and it’s being passed around. If you think performer #4 is a ghost then you have a bridge to sell.

“You realize how ludicrous this story is,” Black concluded.

“Three performers all got HIV out of the blue with three strangers who had HIV and got ejaculated in the ass. We got to imagine that because blowing someone is “low risk” so they all got infected in their bleeding rectums from three strangers who vanished in thin air.”


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