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Rob Black : Cal/OSHA Has Legitimized Us

“It’s 1:43 PM. You know what time that is? That’s the time where we talk about DISEASE!”

“I know that’s everybody’s favorite. When we do nothing but talk about disease.”

“I want to talk about the concept of the business and whether it can ever change on it’s own.”

“Cal/OSHA basically put together a list of guidelines and rules. Rules that explicitly separate our business from other occupational workplace mandates. It talks about blood borne pathogens, employers paying for tests. It will take effect whenever or however Cal/OSHA make their laws go into effect. It’s officially on the books and regulates our business from a worker safety standpoint.”

“You have all these new laws coming down. But if nobody enforces them it doesn’t make a difference.”

“The regulations in the Cal/OSHA guidelines talk about employees. And and you know, everybody tells you that everybody that works for them is an independent contractor. So you have issues of how is anybody gonna enforce them.”

“You can argue all day about independent contractor status for federal tax purposes, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the State of California and Cal/OSHA and workplace safety.”

“Let’s take Porno Dan. Porno Dan is in compliance. When Cal/OSHA comes down they don’t give a fuck whether he’s an independent contractor or not. The are there to inspect his workplace. His studio. He can’t say you can’t inspect us because we’re independent contractors.”

“Everybody’s an independent contractor in California. Nobody works for anybody.”

“So Cal/OSHA walks up to the producer Jerry Estrada on the set of the Breaking Bad parody and says where are the condoms? Oh, I’m an independent contractor, I don’t make these movies. I distribute them. Who makes these movies? That would be Rob King at Venom. Go talk to him. Hey Rob how you doing? Can you tell us if you’re in compliance? Yes, we don’t care about federal tax purposes, more power to you. We need to know if your workplace is in compliance. You’re an independent contractor too? So your actors can do whoever they want? You don’t have an assistant tell the girls what to wear and where to go? You do? When an actor gets a script are they allowed to read whatever they want? Oh, They’re not? Sir, you do realize the the definition of an independent contractor if the work within their own guidelines as long as the criteria is met. Meaning an independent contractor is contracted to to paint your house or pave your driveway. If they accomplish that the criteria is met and they get paid. Do you understand sir?”

“You people are fucking delusional. If you’re talking about some underground guy shooting somewhere in a house, that’s one thing. But when you talk about a movie and a set, that is a workplace and that falls under Cal/OSHA guidelines.”

“Who are we talking about that are going to be immune form these regulations? Because we’re only talking about regulations when push comes to shove. Well the only companies that pay their actors as employees are Vivid and Wicked. Again people are just clueless as to this business.

Adam and Eve. Is Adam and Eve going to be immune to these Cal/OSHA guidelines? Guys we’re not talking about tax purposes, we’re talking about labor issues. You need to put that through your fucking heads.”

“Sign a piece of paper that says you’re an independent contractor and present that to the California labor board and dispute whether they are employees or not and California will win it 10 out of 10 times.”

“Because if that were not the case you would have companies everywhere saying all my warehouse employees are independent contractors. Guy, do not be fucking stupid.”

“Cal/OSHA is not a proactive organization where guys are going to run around scraping cum off the floor. They are going to act on legitimate complaints. Not anonymous phone calls or letters signed Mr. Howdy Doody Blowjob.”

“What we have is laws that are now on the books that there is no way around it. So you don’t need a condom bill. That’s what Mike Gatto said to everybody. AIDS Healthcare foundation said we want this bill because tit makes things easier. We don’t want to have to go to all these areas and investigate and file complaints.”

“So that’s where we are now.”

“Regulation. I’ve experienced what it’s like to deal with something that is just there form working in my Dad’s bookstores. There is no way around it. It’s there. Plain and simple.”

“The Cal/OSHA guidelines are like an ordinance. Hey porn industry! You managed to get a bunch of workplace safety officials and healthcare professionals to sit in a room and craft a bunch of rules Then the lawyers went through it and said, yeah it sounds like we’re regulating fuck movies!”

“They said yeah, what we’ve done is basically worked out the framework of what can become a union. Hmm…”

“Now Cal/OSHA has laws on the books that will have a section in their code that regulates adult films.”

“They’ve put themselves in the position of creating a framework of what can become a union.”

“They have now put the adult worker in the position of being a employee with rights. The adult industry has its own page in the Cal/OSHA regulations.”

“Which means we are now part of the fucking labor force.”

“So ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the new era of the adult worker who is able to unionize and be protected.”

“Cal/OSHA has legitimized us.”


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