Rob Black Compares Christian Mann to Joe Paterno; Free Speech has a Lobbying Group, Who Pays Them?

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Monday evening, Rob Black continued his assault on the Christian Mann letter which was printed on AVN’s website.

“It’s penmanship of the awesomemest bullshit and they proceeded to send it to Mike South in Arkansas,” Black related.

“South got this letter talking about Christian’s good deeds and proceeded to wipe his ass with it. Ten days later Christian Mann, like a dirty serial killer sent it to the only place he knew that would print his letter.”

Black called AVN part of a dirty incestuous family and concluded the thoughts he began in the afternoon.

“Christian seems to throw out things that are literally lies,” he said.

“He says he would welcome healthy debate but he’s a liar. He would never debate me in a simple webcam format. No attacking, no nothing. The basic questions are real questions.”

For one, Black suspected that Mann would quibble about ownership of Cutting Edge Testing when it’s long been suspected that Manwin had stewardship of the company.

“In theory I never owned Evolution Erotica but it was mine with Tom Byron’s name on it,” Black revealed.

“You have Christian Mann coming up with the idea that Free Speech makes no money off of PASS. Free Speech is a lobbying group with a lobbyist in Sacramento. I know this for a fact from working with AHF.

“How do you think Cameron Bay and Rod Daily are working with them? I talked to Cameron and Josh [Daily’s real first name] and talked about the pros and cons of life. Then they took the courageous step to get treatment so they don’t fucking die. They called Michael Weinstein and they all got together.

“When you sit there and split hairs of Free Speech this, PASS is only part of this, this is complete bullshit. We can dissect all you want but it’s crap. Free Speech has a lobbyist and they get paid by somebody. They raise this money for somebody. They take money from somebody. There’s money to pay the lobbyist.

“Christian Mann tells you that somehow Free Speech is a phantom entity. I don’t understand how he puts this altogether. Everybody dismisses this entire event- Diane Duke, Free Speech, Christian Mann they had a bowling event sponsored by Free Speech and LATATA, being the pimp agents that send the girls out on hazardous job sites to say the least and break every work safety law with bullshit that they’re a licensed and bonded agents.

“They had an event where they raised $6,000 to $8,000 that went to LATATA and Free Speech. None of the film stars got paid. They all volunteered their time to raise money for Free Speech and for Christian Mann to say they’ve never taken money from talent- like a girl performing services doesn’t count as work?

“For a girl to parade around a bowling event for four hours for Free Speech, Christian Mann and John Stagliano were at the bowling event. How do they them claim that Free Speech is a phantom entity that has this.

“And PASS is basically a database system, that is set up by a computer geek and it would be available online. Big fucking deal. PASS is a database system and it used to be called APHSS but there’s lawsuits coming and it will be a defunct corporation.

“Christian Mann in very plain English said that PASS is supported by many studios that require you to have it- the same organization that lied to everybody about Mr. Marcus, that unless you’re with PASS, these studios aren’t going to shoot you according to Christian Mann. Christian Mann’s company shoots through moratoriums.

“Kink shoots you with a bloody dick. says bloody dicks don’t matter, you all pass. Brazzers? Manwin, the people that own Cutting Edge testing? Christian Mann what you’re talking about is lawsuit material.

“You’re saying unless somebody goers through this system they’re not going to get work from these companies. Do you realize what you’re saying? You got to be arguably the stupidest motherfucker and you’re cutting deals with Sixto where he backs the PASS system when he on two different occasions said they were dog shit.

“You don’t see collusion and aspects of a stinky, smelly indictment coming? Are you out of your mind? The cherry on top of it is Christian Mann saying for this system you should be thankful.

“On the other hand, AIM owed the fucking clinics over a half million dollars for testing that one by one where adult performers used their cash. That money went to Sharon Mitchell and Nina Hartley and every other rapist piggy bank that saw nothing but money to play with.

“A friend of mine worked for Sharon Mitchell and told me that he never gouged them for artwork. He never gave Mitch a better-than-friend price and Sharon Mitchell at times advanced him money for ads. She would be, like, $800? I’ll pay you now.

“That money was coming and people were getting paid weeks and weeks in advance and Christian Mann lies and continuously paints the Aids Healthcare Foundation as renegade, hell bent on destroying this business and did it with AIM and Sharon Mitchell.

“The AHF came in and said these people are robbing from you and it was later shown in bankruptcy papers that AIM owed a half million dollars. So when the talent paid COD for their tests, Sharon Mitchell and AIM took the money and spent it.

“The clinics never got paid and eight years later we discovered that when it was thought the big bad queers closed AIM down. Our business shits on the very people that are taking care of the people our higher ups discard on a regular basis.

“Christian Mann talks bullshit and hides behind letters. The fact that nobody wants this dog shit is beyond comprehension. He’s a fucking disgusting animal. This piece of shit tries to tell everybody that Free Speech makes no money. Car washes? No Money. Sponsors on their website? No money.

“Somehow Free Speech gets no money and PASS has a database that can be hacked by any moron. I’m not real sure where Christian Mann has this whole separation-thing and how it seems that Free Speech are these homeless people that walk the earth in search of good adventures and help people.

“You have PASS, a database and CET which employs Dr. Miao. They draw your blood and test it for HIV. If they catch it in time they quarantine everybody then let everybody go back to work. I’m trying to figure where Christian Mann sees there’s no money coming in.

“The talent pays for testing. Where does the $4 million a year go? Cutting Edge? Each talent spends $330 a month. Would it be safe to say that a 1,000 people get tested a month? Five hundred? That’s $165,000 a month, $2 million a year.

“We’re either dealing with $2m or $4m, either way you cut it, Christian Mann creating a bogeyman of zero money is perplexing.

“If CET is getting $2M I wonder where that money goes. Christian Mann by painting himself as Robin Hood/Mother Theresa, if nobody gets any money, who the fuck gets $2 million, because we already proved that the testing you do the county offers for free.

“You got AHF. They do it for free, the same test we have. So where the fuck is $2 million? Did Christian Mann dive head deep in a pile of dog shit? The Free Speech Coalition has no stake in testing, in nothing, he says.

“We’ve now established that Manwin gets $2 million, and if they don’t own Cutting Edge who gets it? Bobby and her daughter? And Dr. Miao? Do you see how all this bullshit snowballs into more bullshit? And I guess Christian mann’s name isn’t on corporate paperwork, that makes it all clean?

“Christian mann in his letter implores you to listen to facts. He talks like he’s so pious. Christian Mann, you work for John Stagliano a man who is a degenerate piece of lying shit.

“He works with performers and does not inform them that he’s HIV and hides it. This is who you work for and you have the balls to question hillbilly South and how he can say mean things about Diane Duke. Christian mann, it’s true. It’s disgusting. Christian Mann also states in his letter that he receives no compensation.

“You are so full of your own BS,” Black added.

“I think the dope that has prolonged your existence has clouded your brain. You’re a self-absorbed, egotistical piece of shit. Hey, you fuck, have you ever called Katie Summers to tell her what your boss did is wrong?

“What performers are going to say you’re an awesome dude? [Mann says that in his letter.]

“I want to know what performers will go on record and say you’re an awesome guy. There’s nobody. You’re an idiot and you think people like you with that fake act you’ve been putting on.

“You’ve been an outright scoundrel and hide it. But you put on this act that you’re holier than thou when in fact you are a thieving, conniving snake. You talk like a 12 year old kid, hey man in 30 years everybody talks great about me, they would vouch for my integrity.

“Christian Mann, I’d love to find five people that will talk about what an outright awesome man you are and full of integrity and that you care about people in the business.

“I will see you in public, eventually, and people will ask if you have such great integrity. You have known that John Stagliano does not disclose is HIV status. You admitted it to Tom Byron. You say that you care about the talent in the business, but you are nothing more than Papa Joe Paterno who lived a vicarious life through Jerry Sandusky who raped boys under the guise of Penn State.

“Patero knew what was going on and died in disgrace. You will eventually die and that will be a welcome joy. That legacy you have of caring for the talent is the same legacy Joe Paterno left. You never once stepped in and told John Stagliano you need to let these women have a choice; and how can you sit there with your wife and write such a bold statement lie that you care about the talent and the industry?”


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