Rob Black : Creepy and Stalker-ish Bill Margold is Obsessed With Me

Ladies and gentlemen I have a video. Here’s the scene.

It’s called Anal Ball. Evil Angel put it out. And (Thomas) Zupko did a thing called Zupko’s Lost Tapes. We used this scene that he wanted to put out because he narrates throughout the whole silly movie.

Montana Gunn comes into the kitchen and she’s being yelled at by a guy in a court jester outfit. He lays down on the ground and Montana Gunn pisses in a glass, but they censor the urine coming out of her cunt and the piss goes into a glass and the guy takes the glass and chugs down the piss. And it’s Bill Margold.

So Bill Margold is in the scene. Bill chugs down the piss and then they take the glass and put in in her asshole to show the inside of her ass. the Brian Surewood and this guy Jay come in and they fuck her in the ass and do all this crazy shit and Bill Margold’s in and out of the scene screaming like an idiot.

Then at the end they all jack off in her face, including Margold. I was sitting there encoding it and I said Is that Bill Margold?

OK what was Margold’s tweet for the day? @WilliamMargold

“Adultfyi’s ass-kisser supreme has apparently traded in his own useless endeavor for images of those who should demand to be removed quickly!”

Does he just tweet about me every day? Every day he tweets about me. Really? C’mon. So bizarre.

“Guess the prattling buffoon is angling for a janitorial job by obsequiously posting the contact info for some adult production companies.”

Dude, Bill Margold is just obsessed!

“He who tosses about the word “loser” frequently usually knows way too much about what he speaks. Guess that ADULTFYI’s dump has no mirrors.”

Then on the 18th he writes:

“Seeking anything remotely relevant from preening jackasses Rob Black or Mike South is like trying to find something edible in an outhouse.”

Do you guys realize that Bill Margold tweets about me every day to 211 people? Do you realize how pathetic this guy is?

The guy has a twitter account and tweets about me. That’s just weird. Since May 7th? Since May 7th he tweets every day about me?

Ladies and gentlemen, is this just the weirdest shit you’ve ever heard? Seriously. May 7th? Dude, that’s six months! That’s all this guy tweets about?

It’s obvious the guy listens to the show and reads AdultFYI every day. He listens or reads and tweets every single day!

Bill Margold. Do you realize that you say we’re not relevant, but you tweet about me every day? Are you out of your fucking mind you lunatic? Bro, do you realize that you live your life so that you can make a tweet about me? That is the weirdest, creepiest…I don’t even know what to say.

I think Bill needs an intervention. I mean, Bill, enough’s enough already! I didn’t mind it, but now it’s getting to be just creepy and weird that for six months your entire fucking timeline, bro. Everything you tweet is about me. That’s just creepy and stalker-ish.

Since May 7th, you basically don’t miss a day where all you do is just tweet about me. You take the weekends off because I don’t have a show.

Biil Margold, if you look at your Twitter, you don’t tweet anything else but Rob Black. You wake up in the morning, listen to the show, read the site 4 or 5 times, take a break, listen to the night show and makes a tweet and there are days where he tweets twice?

Even stalkers don’t obsess as much. A stalker doesn’t fill up his entire timeline with his obsession. He’ll tweet about other things from time to time. Bill Margold just sits there and tries to come up with different ways to call Rob Black an asshole.

This is a 60 something man who has been around the business for 30-40 years and he goes to bed and all he thinks about is me. That’s weird.

He manages an apartment building so he doesn’t pay rent and gets social security and very day he listens to The Rob Black Show and comes up with a tweet.

He wants to be me so bad. It’s like he wants to eat me. I guess he was the original loudmouth Rob Black troublemaker, and no one listens to him anymore. Sad.

Why is Bill Margold obsessed with me? That’s all I wanna know. It’s creepy and weird. I feel like he’s gonna rape me or something.

The guy with the teddy bears and that whole thing, it’s scary. The guy is unstable.

I might have to get a restraining order. Why is Bill Margold stalking me? I need help.

I need protection from a 60+ year old man who gets up, turns on The Rob Black Show at noon, reads AdultFYI, takes a nap, gets up for the show at 8pm, and then musters up the energy and brainpower to do his one or two tweets.

You’re a sick individual Bill, and I’m gonna try to work with some people to get you some help.

Bill, you do realize that most people tweet about other things, like they took out the trash or walked the dog or ate a nice dinner. You make one tweet a day about me everyday for six months straight. That’s fucking weird. That’s psychotic, my friend. That’s seriously certifiably insane.

If I were a woman, I could easily get criminal charges against you because you’re a stalker.

Bill Margold has tweeted about me well over 100 times. That’s stalking. That’s weird and that’s criminal, man.

Please get some help.

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